Chapter 32

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Chapter 32: Extraordinary Ability

In the teacher’s office.

Chi Jiao stood in front of the teacher’s desk obediently.

Sitting in front of the desk was a woman in a black business suit. She looked to be in her twenties, and her hair was neatly tied into a bun behind her head with not a strand loose.

She sized up Chi Jiao with a rigid gaze. Seeing that the little girl was clean and cute, her expression softened.

“The school rules have already been sent to your phone. Have you seen them?” Xing Yue looked at Chi Jiao and asked.

Chi Jiao nodded. “Teacher, I’ve seen all of them.”

The rules of Xing Teng Academy were very strict. If a student violated them more than three times, they would either be transferred or expelled.

Therefore, every student had to familiarize themselves with the school rules.

“It doesn’t matter if your grades are not that good now. In the future, work harder to improve your grades so that your parents won’t have wasted their efforts to transfer you here.” Xing Yue pushed the black-framed glasses up her nose bridge.

Xing Yue didn’t dare to have high expectations for Chi Jiao, who was a transfer student from the mountains. She only hoped that the girl wouldn’t drag the class down.

Chi Jiao nodded obediently once again.

“Alright, I’ll bring you to class now,” Xing Yue said as she picked up the teaching materials on the table.

Chi Jiao tailed behind her and walked out of the office.

Xing Yue had just pulled open the office door when she happened to meet the man who was about to open the same door from the other side.

“Teacher Jin, why are you here so early today?” Xing Yue asked with a smile.

Jin Yiming was an art teacher. He was wearing a very decent suit, which made him look scholarly, in addition to his elegant and handsome appearance.

He was the gentle type of man that many women liked.

Even Xing Yue, who usually did not smile, couldn’t help but greet Jin Yiming with a grin.

Usually, teachers who taught auxiliary subjects would rarely arrive at school so early when they had no classes or meetings.

When Chi Jiao looked up at the handsome male teacher, her refined brows furrowed slightly.

This teacher had such a strong aura of death.

No one knew that Chi Jiao had such an extraordinary ability.

She could predict a person’s future by touching their blood.

In addition, her god grandmother was the successor of divination techniques. From a young age, she had been influenced by what she heard and saw. By combining the divination techniques that had been passed down for thousands of years and her special ability, she had developed a set of predictive reasoning skills.

After a long period of research, she could feel the subtle changes in a person’s aura.

When a person was about to die, the aura of death would appear around them.

Of course, there were exceptions.

When a person often came into contact with corpses, their body would inevitably be contaminated with a deathly aura.

When Chi Jiao looked at Jin Yiming, Jin Yiming stared at her as well.

A strange glint lit up in his eyes.

“Is this a new transfer student? Why haven’t I seen her before?” Jin Yiming asked with a smile.

“Yes, I was just about to bring her to class. Class is starting soon, so we’ll be leaving first.” After Xing Yue said that, they walked out of the office.

Chi Jiao followed behind her.

After walking out of the office, Chi Jiao could still feel a gaze following her from behind.

Jin Yiming stood at the entrance to the office and watched Chi Jiao’s back as she gradually walked further away. His thin lips curled into a delighted smile.

Chi Jiao’s class was Grade 11, Class Three.

At this moment, the students in the class were doing morning self-study.

The disciplinary committee was in charge of the morning self-study order, and the classroom was a little messy.

The student sitting by the window saw Xing Yue and hurriedly shouted, “The old witch is here.”

The initially noisy classroom immediately fell silent.

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