Chapter 33

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Chapter 33: Little Tyrant

Xing Yue pushed the classroom door open and walked in, with Chi Jiao following closely behind.

Instantly, all the students’ eyes were on her.

The girl was wearing a spotless white school uniform. The smoky-gray knee socks perfectly accentuated her long and straight legs. Her slightly curly and thick black hair was tied into a ponytail with a strawberry hairband. As the girl walked, her ponytail swung around nimbly.

Her skin was as white as milk and her facial features were exquisite, like a carefully carved doll.

Looking at Chi Jiao, everyone couldn’t help but think of a sweet and delicious snack: Strawberry Cotton Candy.

Xing Yue asked Chi Jiao to go onto the podium and introduce herself.

“Hello, everyone. My name is Chi Jiao. Please guide me in the future.” Chi Jiao stood on the podium gracefully without any stage fright.

Applause could be heard from below. Clearly, the students in this class were very welcoming of this transfer student.

“Chi Jiao, please choose any empty seat,” Xing Yue said to her with a smile.

Chi Jiao nodded and walked towards the fifth row near the window.

She liked places with sunlight.

When the other students saw Chi Jiao sitting down by the window in the fifth row, many of them couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

Why did Cotton Candy choose that position?

That was the Little Tyrant’s seat!

Although Little Tyrant often skipped classes, he was a clean freak and very domineering.

Usually, no one dared to touch his seat.

After Chi Jiao had sat down, Xing Yue started her lesson.

Although Grade 11 students weren’t as busy as Grade 12 students, their studies weren’t considered easy.

As Chi Jiao listened to Xing Yue’s lecture seriously, she took out her notebook and pen.


She felt someone poking her back with a finger.

Chi Jiao turned around and saw a cute girl with short hair sitting behind her, who handed her a note.

Seeing Chi Jiao turning her head to look at her, the girl smiled and winked. She didn’t seem to have any bad intentions.

Chi Jiao quietly reached out to take the note. She turned her head back and quietly opened it again.

There was a sentence written on the note.

— You are sitting in the seat of our class’s bully. He is not to be trifled with. Be careful. A friendly reminder from the one sitting behind you, Yi Lanlan.

Chi Jiao smiled and kept the note.

She didn’t care about some bully. She liked this position, so she wanted to sit here.

The time passed quickly when they were focused on their lessons.

Xing Yue didn’t have the habit of dragging lessons. Once the bell rang, she instantly left with her textbook.

“Chi Jiao, let’s go to the concession stand together!” Yi Lanlan, who was sitting behind her, said to her eagerly.

“I want to go too. Let’s go together.” Two girls who were captivated by Chi Jiao at first glance also surrounded them.

Yi Lanlan had a good relationship with the two female students. She smiled and introduced them to Chi Jiao.

The girl with short, neat hair who looked as cool as a boy was the sports committee member of their class. Her name was Dang Nan. The other person who looked a little shy and had a virtuous appearance was called Bai Weiyu.

Being surrounded by three girls, Chi Jiao could feel the youthful energy that she hadn’t felt in a long time.

In her previous life, not long after she returned to the Chi family, she went straight to a pharmaceutical university in a high-profile manner. There, she started her repetitive life of laboratory research.

She had never come into contact with the youth that she should have experienced at her age.

In this life, she had to make up for what she missed out on in her previous life.

Brilliantly smiling, Chi Jiao stood up. “Let’s go. It’ll be my treat.”

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