Chapter 34

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Chapter 34: Sorry, Student Chi Jiao

“Hahaha, that’s great. Then, I want to eat a popsicle.” Yi Lanlan was a little foodie, so she cried out happily.

“You should be careful of menstrual cramps if you eat popsicles in the middle of winter,” Dang Nan teased her.

“You’re so bad!” Yi Lanlan punched her with her little fist.

Chi Jiao and Bai Weiyu smiled as they watched Dang Nan and Yi Lanlan fight playfully. They walked out of the classroom together.

Not long after they left, the back door of the classroom that was originally closed was kicked open. Shortly after, a sleepy and frustrated teenager slowly walked in.

The originally lively class immediately became much quieter. The originally high atmosphere had also cooled down a lot.

Xu Ye didn’t seem to care about the fearful looks the others were giving him. He reached out and rubbed his fiery red, short hair as he yawned and walked to his usual spot.

His gaze froze in an instant.

Not only were there books on the desk that belonged to him, but there was also a pink Hello Kitty thermos flask on it.

“Four-Eyes Zhang.” Xu Ye moved his thin lips and spat out.

The boy who was already hiding under the table heard Xu Ye calling him. He crawled out from under the table with a sullen face and slowly walked to him.

“Student Xu, what’s wrong?” Zhang Jing pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and looked at Xu Ye with twinkling eyes.

Xu Ye did not speak. Instead, he pointed at the things on his desk that obviously belonged to a girl.

It had only been a week since he came to school, yet people were already disregarding him?

“This… this belongs to a newly transferred female classmate. She… she didn’t know that this is your seat.” Zhang Jing had a good impression of Chi Jiao and subconsciously put in a good word for her.

Xu Ye raised his thick eyebrows and looked at him with a faint smile. “You’re the class monitor. If she didn’t know, why didn’t you remind her?”

Just as he said that, he kicked the table beside him.

Two tables that were originally placed side by side scraped against the ground, releasing a loud and ear-piercing screech.

The pink cup on the table fell to the floor.

Xu Ye’s sudden rage caused the classroom to fall so quiet that even a pin drop could be heard.

“What are you guys looking at? Have you not seen me before?!” Xu Ye realized that all the students in the class were looking at him, and his well-defined and handsome face was full of impatience.

The students who had been staring at him immediately looked away obediently.

No one wanted to offend Xu Ye, this Little Tyrant. He had mania, so he would really fight if he wanted to.

Zhang Jing, the closest to him, was almost scared to tears by his mania. “Student Xu… it’s… it’s my fault. Don’t be angry.”

“Get lost.” Xu Ye spat out.

Zhang Jing quickly slipped away as if he had been granted amnesty.

However, before he could take two steps, the irritable Little Tyrant’s voice was heard faintly from behind him.

“Four-Eyes Zhang, come back.”

Zhang Jing had no choice but to return to Xu Ye’s side. With a sad face, he asked, “Student Xu, is there anything else?”

He felt like a little eunuch being tortured by a tyrant.

Xu Ye pointed at Chi Jiao’s things on the table. “Throw those things into the rubbish bin.”

Zhang Jing suspected that he was hallucinating and stood rooted to the ground.

Xu Ye raised his eyebrows again. This was a sign of his anger.

“What? You don’t understand what I’m saying?” He clenched his fists so tightly that they made cracking noises.

Zhang Jing didn’t dare to challenge Xu Ye’s fists. “Okay, okay. I understand.”

He was no match for the Little Tyrant at all.

Sorry, Student Chi Jiao.

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