Chapter 35

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Chapter 35: Didn’t Expect to Be So Strong

After Zhang Jing threw Chi Jiao’s things into the trash bin, Xu Ye’s anger dissipated a little.

He was already in a terrible mood today, and now that he had encountered something that made him upset in school, his mood was even worse.

Finding the classroom stuffy, Xu Ye didn’t stay any longer and left.

Chi Jiao and the three girls had just come back from the concession stand. When they entered the classroom, they were sensitive enough to detect that something was off in the atmosphere.

Some students looked at Chi Jiao and wanted to say something but hesitated. They were full of sympathy.

Zhang Jing was originally slumped on the table. When his deskmate nudged him with his elbow and told him that Chi Jiao was back, he sat up straight abruptly and looked at her.

Chi Jiao was also sensitive enough to detect something wrong with the atmosphere in the class. She walked to her seat, only to see that other than the cup that had fallen on the floor, everything else had disappeared.

The three girls beside Chi Jiao looked at each other. They seemed to have guessed what had happened.

Zhang Jing walked to Chi Jiao.

“Student Chi Jiao, Student Xu Ye came over just now. He forced me to throw your things into the trash can. I’m really sorry.” Zhang Jing’s slim face turned red as he looked at Chi Jiao remorsefully.

“Xu Ye is too much!” Dang Nan said angrily.

“That’s right. How could he throw away Cotton Candy’s belongings!” Yi Lanlan was also furious.

Bai Weiyu looked worriedly at Chi Jiao. “Jiaojiao, don’t be angry. Xu Ye is used to being a bully. It’s not worth getting angry at someone like him.”

Chi Jiao nodded and gave Zhang Jing a sweet smile. “I’m not angry. This has nothing to do with you. You don’t have to apologize to me.”

On the way to the concession stand, Yi Lanlan had told her that there were two big shots in their high school that she couldn’t afford to offend.

One of them was Xu Ye, the tyrant of their class, and the other was Jian Manman, the president of the Disciplinary Committee of their high school.

Xu Ye had mania and was especially fond of fighting. He often interacted with the youngsters of society and his family seemed to be extremely rich. In short, he was remarkably like a second-generation heir.

Hence, no one in the class was willing to offend Xu Ye.

Therefore, Chi Jiao did not blame Zhang Jing.

Every injustice had its perpetrator, every debt had its debtor.

Of course, if she wanted to settle scores, she would have to settle it with Xu Ye.

Seeing that Chi Jiao didn’t blame him, Zhang Jing felt that she was like a little angel. How could there be such a nice girl in the world? Not only was she good-looking and adorable, but she also had such a gentle personality.

Zhang Jing heaved a sigh of relief and was about to say that he would help Chi Jiao retrieve her things when he heard Chi Jiao ask with a smile, “Where is Xu Ye now?”

“Cotton Candy, you’re going to find Xu Ye?” Yi Lanlan raised her intonation and looked at Chi Jiao in disbelief.

Looking at how soft and sweet Cotton Candy looked, she did not expect her to be so strong.

“Don’t panic. I’m just going to look for Xu Ye to connect with him as classmates.” At the same time, she was going to teach that Little Tyrant a lesson about abiding by the respect classmates should have for one another.

“If you want to look for Xu Ye, I’ll accompany you.” Dang Nan didn’t say much. She was worried that Chi Jiao would suffer.

“Me too, me too,” Bai Weiyu said.

“Then, I want to go too,” Yi Lanlan quickly said.

Chi Jiao’s heart warmed at the kindness shown by her three new classmates, but she still rejected them with a smile. “There’s no need, I can go by myself. If you know where Xu Ye went, tell me.”

Zhang Jing saw the smile on Chi Jiao’s face. Her dimples seemed to be filled with sweet wine as they rippled on either side of her fair cheeks. She looked completely harmless.

Faced with such a smile, he really couldn’t refuse to answer her question.

He believed that the Little Tyrant wouldn’t lay his hands on such a cute girl, either.

“He often goes to the rooftop of our high school building.”

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