Chapter 36

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Chapter 36: I’m Going to Find My Brother

Xu Ye was indeed on the rooftop at that moment.

With his phone in his hand, he paced back and forth irritatedly while talking on the phone.

The young man’s voice was low and beautiful, yet it was filled with violence.

“I told you to get Quan Jue to come to the rooftop to see me. I have to ask that f*cker what’s wrong with him… What? You can’t invite him? Do you want me to invite that b*stard personally?! F*ck!”

After hanging up, Xu Ye was so angry that he almost smashed his phone.

There was a reason why he was so irritable today.

His only sister was in Grade 10 this year, and she liked Quan Jue.

She had confessed to Quan Jue two days ago but was rejected. Therefore, she had been crying at home for two days.

Anyway, he couldn’t let Quan Jue off. Xu Ye decided to personally invite him over.

He had to teach Quan Jue a lesson and tell that lad not to be too arrogant.

Just as Xu Ye was about to walk towards the entrance of the rooftop, the door was pushed open and a young girl wearing a white school uniform with a down jacket walked up.

When Xu Ye first saw Chi Jiao, he felt that this girl looked really d*mn sweet.

It instantly hit the softest spot in his heart.

She was not short, but because of her small frame, she looked rather young and skinny. This was his favorite type.

Almost instantly, Xu Ye could hear his heartbeat accelerate.

“You’re Xu Ye?” Chi Jiao asked as she walked forward and looked up at him.

Xu Ye was nearly 1.9 meters tall. His handsome face was well-defined, with thick eyebrows and big eyes. He had a wild, cool look to him, and his whole body emitted a strong hormonal aura.

Chi Jiao looked even smaller standing in front of him.

Although she was small, her aura was not weak.

“Who are you?” Xu Ye asked, looking at Chi Jiao with interest.

“I just transferred here. My name is Chi Jiao,” she said with a smile.

Looking at the dimples next to Chi Jiao’s cheeks, Xu Ye was jabbed in his soft spot again.

D*mn, this was the feeling of liking someone.

But before he could read the meaning behind her smile, the young lady before him suddenly grabbed his arm.

Before Xu Ye could react, Chi Jiao threw him over her shoulder.

Xu Ye’s body fell heavily onto the concrete floor. A sharp pain shot through his back, which almost sent his soul back to his hometown.

“I hope that today’s lesson will make you remember that classmates should get along with each other in a friendly and respectful manner,” Chi Jiao said coldly, before turning around to leave.

Xu Ye was left behind, lying on the ground in a daze.

This world was too f*cking crazy!

When Chi Jiao returned to class, the lesson had already started. However, as it was her first day after transferring, the teacher didn’t make things difficult for her and let her into the classroom.

Yi Lanlan, Dang Nan, and Bai Weiyu, who were initially worried about Chi Jiao, heaved a sigh of relief when they saw her return unharmed.

Time passed quickly. When school ended, Dang Nan, Bai Weiyu, and Yi Lanlan invited her to walk home with them.

“I’m going to find my brother and go back with him,” Chi Jiao said with a smile.

“Alright, then. Be careful on the way. Weiyu and I will leave first.” Dang Nan smiled and waved at her.

Bai Weiyu smiled and waved at Chi Jiao as well before leaving with Dang Nan.

The Grade 10 to 12 students were not on the same floor. Instead, they shared a small, independent building. The environment was more secluded, and it was very suitable for students preparing for their final sprint for the college entrance examinations.

As Chi Jiao walked alone on the cobblestone path, she had her headphones on playing French music.

Her head was lowered. Therefore, she did not notice a group of people walking towards her.

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