Chapter 37

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Chapter 37: Was This Considered as Meeting Enemies on a Narrow Road?

Chi Yan was like the moon surrounded by stars as she walked in the middle of a group of fashionable girls. She spotted Chi Jiao from afar.

When she saw that Chi Jiao was walking with her head lowered, Chi Yan’s lips curled into a cold, fleeting smile.

Was this considered as meeting enemies on a narrow road?

“Jiaojiao!” Chi Yan perfectly concealed her emotions and pretended to be enthusiastic in the next second as she went up to Chi Jiao.

Hearing the pretentious voice, Chi Jiao stopped in her tracks and looked up at Chi Yan.

Behind her were several girls dressed in bold and fashionable clothes; they looked like students from the university department. One of them even had her hair dyed and tied in a messy braid. She was dressed in hip-hop-style clothes and held a cigarette in her hand, making her look like a social miss.

The junior high and high school departments of Xing Teng Academy had very strict rules regarding the attire of the students, but the university department didn’t care about that. As long as you didn’t run around naked, no one would care how you dressed.

However, Chi Yan was wearing her school uniform today. She looked different from the other girls, and her aura also crushed theirs.

“Jiaojiao, where are you going?” Chi Yan stood in front of Chi Jiao and asked with concern.

Her enthusiastic expression made it seem like she had completely forgotten about the unhappiness between them.

“It has nothing to do with you,” Chi Jiao said coldly, walking past her.

However, her path was blocked by the social miss.

The social miss held a cigarette in her hand as she sized Chi Jiao up while taking a puff.

“Yanyan, who is this?” A girl wearing a fur coat and carrying a Chanel bag asked Chi Yan.

“This is my younger sister, Chi Jiao,” Chi Yan said with a gentle smile.

The social miss scoffed at that. “Your sister is this arrogant? I thought it was someone else.”

Chi Yan once again walked up to Chi Jiao. Smiling, she looked at her and said, “My younger sister just returned from the mountains. She grew up in Mount Li, so her personality is a bit strange. But she’s still very obedient and adorable.”

So, she was a country bumpkin from the mountains.

The girls instantly looked at Chi Jiao with even more disdain.

Chi Jiao wanted to find Quan Jue as soon as possible. Otherwise, if he escaped later, it would be difficult for her to find him again.

As for the girls in front of her, she didn’t care about them at all, much less pay any attention to them.

Hence, without saying a word, Chi Jiao walked past the social miss standing in front of her and strode away.

The social miss had never been disregarded like this before. She was just about to teach Chi Jiao a lesson when she was stopped by Chi Yan.

“I just can’t stand how arrogant she is. She’s just a country bumpkin from the mountains. Teach her a lesson and she’ll know how sinister our society is.” The social miss sneered as she looked at Chi Jiao’s back.

“Gu Xiaoyan, that’s my younger sister. You’re not allowed to touch her.” Chi Yan looked at her in a panic.

Gu Xiaoyan looked at her exasperatedly. “Aren’t you angry at her attitude towards you earlier?”

“Yanyan, you can’t spoil your sister like this. Otherwise, what if she bullies you in the future?” The fur-clad girl echoed.

Chi Yan sighed. “You can’t blame Jiaojiao. She was kidnapped before when she was 16 years old. Maybe because of that incident, her personality became weird.”

“Kidnapped? What happened?” Gu Xiaoyan and the other girls immediately became gossipy.

“Actually, I heard about this from my mother too. Back then…” Chi Yan walked forward as she spoke softly to the girls beside her. However, her tone was still loud enough that the people passing by them could still hear her.

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Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again