Chapter 38

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Chapter 38: I Will Officially Woo You

Chi Jiao had just reached the entrance of Quan Jue’s class when she coincidentally bumped into Quan Jue, who was just about to leave after finishing his class duty.

Beside him was a baby-faced youth.

“Brother Quan.” The moment Chi Jiao saw him, her signature sweet smile appeared on her face. However, unlike usual, her eyes seemed to be filled with stars as they shone with a gentle glow.

This wasn’t the first time Lin Ye had seen a girl looking for Quan Jue. Hence, he tactfully said to him, “I’ll leave first. Have a nice chat with the girl.”

With that said, Lin Ye slipped away as if there was oil on the bottom of his shoes.

“Brother Quan, let’s go home together.” Chi Jiao smiled at him.

“You can go back yourself. I’m not going back,” Quan Jue said coldly as he walked forward.

Chi Jiao quickly caught up with him. “Daddy isn’t home tonight. Let’s have dinner together.”

Her father wasn’t going to be home, and she didn’t want to have dinner with Zhu Limin and the rest, either. That was why she came to find Quan Jue.

Quan Jue glanced indifferently at the girl beside him. Seeing that she was looking at him expectantly, he sneered. “I’m not free. You can eat by yourself.”

Rejected once again, Chi Jiao’s eyes instantly dimmed.

From the corner of his eye, he saw the dimness in the girl’s eyes. A profound look flashed across Quan Jue’s eyes. “I have work to do.”

Chi Jiao knew he was going to work to support himself, but she didn’t expect him to take the initiative to explain to her.

The disappointment from earlier was swept away. Chi Jiao couldn’t help but smile again. “That’s alright. I can wait for Brother to get off work.”

Seeing Chi Jiao smile again, Quan Jue didn’t say anything in response.

Since she wanted to follow him, he would let her be.

They walked toward the school gate.

Chi Jiao kept talking the whole way like a little sparrow. Quan Jue remained expressionless throughout, but it didn’t seem to affect her interest in talking to him.

At the school gate.

Xu Ye was sitting on his trendy red motorcycle with a bouquet of red roses in his hand.

He looked at the school entrance expectantly.

Today, Xu Ye was moved by a girl for the first time in his life.

People called that feeling “love at first sight”.

He had never believed in love at first sight in the past. But today, he did.

There was really such love in this world.

That girl had all the characteristics that he liked.

Xu Ye felt that Chi Jiao was sent by the heavens to be his true love. Since it was true love, he would naturally seize every second to capture her.

Under Xu Ye’s expectant gaze, Quan Jue and Chi Jiao appeared before him one after another.

Xu Ye was stunned when he saw Chi Jiao following behind Quan Jue with a sweet smile.

Quan Jue and Chi Jiao did not notice him at all. They walked past Xu Ye without sparing a single glance at him.

“Chi Jiao, stop right there!” Xu Ye got off his motorcycle and shouted when he saw that Chi Jiao was about to walk away with Quan Jue.

When Chi Jiao heard the yell, she stopped and turned around.

Quan Jue stopped as well.

Xu Ye quickly walked in front of Chi Jiao and threw the roses in front of her. “These flowers are for you. Also, from today onwards, I will officially woo you.”

His father had once told him that if he met a woman he liked, he must not hesitate. Instead, he had to chase after her immediately.

He shouldn’t care if his target was attached, either. As long as he swung the hoe well, there was no wall that could not be dug.

Xu Ye felt that what his father said made sense.

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