Chapter 40

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Chapter 40: Quan Jue, You’re Probably Crazy

The phone in her pocket suddenly rang.

Chi Jiao stood in place and took out her cell phone to answer the call.

“Master Jiao, we’ve caught that person. We’re at the usual place now. Do you want to take a look?”

Chi Jiao acknowledged the caller softly before hanging up the phone. She looked at Quan Jue’s back view as he walked away and sighed.

She shouldn’t rush it.

Quan Jue walked for a distance before he suddenly stopped and turned around.

That little tail did not chase after him this time.

A self-mocking smile appeared on his exquisite face.

He actually cared if that girl was chasing after him or not.

Quan Jue, you’re probably crazy.

The district of famous apartments was located in the most prosperous district of White City. Every inch of land there was worth gold.

Furthermore, the famous apartments belonged to the Quan Corporation in Shang Jing. Hence, the property prices there were slightly more expensive than in the surrounding districts. Those who could afford an apartment in the area were all high in social status.

Chi Jiao was still wearing her school uniform, except that she was now wearing a hat on her head. Her face was covered by a scarf, revealing only a pair of bright eyes.

She walked lightheartedly to the entrance of the district and was stopped by a security guard.

“Young lady, who are you looking for?” The security uncle examined her.

Chi Jiao took out a thin gold card from her pocket and handed it to him.

The security guard glanced at it and immediately let her in.

The thin gold card Chi Jiao showed him was the Supreme VIP card. In other words, she had to have at least three houses in this district, and one of them was the most expensive penthouse with a garden.

The security uncle looked at Chi Jiao’s back view as she left happily, feeling a little sour.

This girl was truly rich.

Coincidentally, a low-profile black Mercedes-Benz that was about to drive out of the neighborhood passed by Chi Jiao.

Lan Yunhan, who was sitting in the car, glanced out of the window from the corner of his eye and caught Chi Jiao walking past the car.

At first glance, he felt that the familiar girl who was fully covered up looked very similar to Chi Jiao.

After all, Chi Jiao’s looks and figure belonged to the type that could leave a deep impression on people with just one look.

“I must have seen wrongly…” Lan Yunhan muttered.

The Chi family didn’t own a house here, so how could Chi Jiao have a gold card? Even the Lan family wasn’t that rich to earn a gold card in this area.

He must have seen wrongly. That girl was definitely not Chi Jiao.

After entering the elevator in Block A and inputting her fingerprint password, Chi Jiao went straight to the top floor.

This was a high-class apartment with an elevator straight to the door. When the elevator door opened, it was instantly the entrance hall.

The man waiting for Chi Jiao in the living room hurriedly got up and walked towards the entrance hall when he heard the elevator door open.

The room was decorated in a Chinese style, and there was an ink and wash painting screen facing the entrance hall. On the screen was a painting of the Thousand Beast Phoenix, and the signature was by AN.

Chi Jiao had just walked past the screen when she met the man who came to welcome her.

Na Yankun was dressed in a black suit. He was tall and burly with a bald head, and he looked like a fiend that could give children nightmares.

“Master Jiao, you’re finally here.” Na Yankun unconsciously bowed when facing Chi Jiao, his attitude indescribably respectful. “That brat has a tough mouth. He’s only willing to tell the truth to you.”

Chi Jiao took off her hat and scarf, before taking off her coat and handing them all to Na Yankun. “Where is he?”

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