Chapter 43 - I'll Kill Chi Jiao If You Dare to Come Over

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Chapter 43: I’ll Kill Chi Jiao If You Dare to Come Over

The coldness in Chi Jiao’s tone was like an invisible hand grasping Chen Zishun’s neck tightly, causing goosebumps to appear on his skin.

“Hahaha, you’re right. Chi Jiao, you can only blame yourself for being too stupid. You don’t even know the seeds’ true value! It’s a waste for the seeds to be in your hands. You might as well hand it to me to help you sell it for a good price. In the end, it’s all because you’re too stupid. Chi Jiao, you’re a fool. Other than doing research every day, you don’t know how to do anything else. If it wasn’t for Yan Qingqing and the rest protecting you, would an idiot like you have lived until now?” At this moment, Chen Zishun couldn’t see Chi Jiao’s expression, so he couldn’t even see the bloodthirsty coldness pumping in her pitch-black eyes.

Yan Qingqing, who was suddenly called out, glanced at Chen Zishun.

Jiaojiao was trash? This was the most ridiculous joke she had ever heard in her life.

In the past few months, Jiaojiao had used a month’s time to learn the Grappling Wrestle Technique, and the effects were amazing.

This was Jiaojiao’s biggest advantage. No matter what she learned, as long as she put her heart into it, she would always be better than others.

Na Yankun was so angry that he wished he could pounce on him right now. “Shut up! You ungrateful fellow. If it wasn’t for Master Jiao promoting you, would you be where you are today?”

“Hmph, who asked Chi Jiao to cause the death of my younger sister? She helped me because she owed me! It serves her right!” The moment Chen Zishun mentioned this, his gaze became even more sinister. “In the end, it’s because you only know how to cry when you encounter problems! Otherwise, when you and my younger sister had been kidnapped together, my younger sister might not have died because of you.”

“Stop talking nonsense here. Hurry up and let go of Master Jiao, or else I won’t spare you!” Na Yankun had a fiendish appearance, to begin with, and when he revealed his ferocious appearance, he seemed even more terrifying.

“As long as you dare to come over, I will dare to kill Chi Jiao! Anyway, I have nothing to lose!” Chen Zishun seemed vindicated as he let out a long sigh and said, “Chi Jiao, if you say something nice now, I might still let you off.”

Yan Qingqing’s lips twitched.

What did courting death mean? What Chen Zishun was doing was the perfect example.

“Let’s not talk about whether to beg for mercy first. Even if I die, you have to let me die knowing the truth. Who is the one who wants to buy the seeds from you?” Chi Jiao asked faintly, “My men have searched everywhere in your place, but they still haven’t found the buyer behind this.”

“Hmph, it’s none of your business. As long as I can get out of here, I’ll have a way to contact him.” Chen Zishun snorted coldly, clearly not planning to say anything.

“Is that so? Since you’ve made your choice, don’t blame me for this.” Chi Jiao sighed. With that, her small hand grabbed Chen Zishun’s arm, and her fingers quickly pressed an acupuncture point on his arm.

Chen Zishun was initially curious about what she wanted to do, but in the next second, his arm went numb.

Immediately after, he was thrown out by Chi Jiao.

Although Chi Jiao’s arm was thin and weak, its explosive power was shocking. It instantly threw Chen Zishun out.

He didn’t even have the time to react to what had happened before his vision spun and he fell heavily on the ground.

His knife also disappeared. After a moment of daze, Chen Zishun looked at Chi Jiao in horror.

The thick curtains only emitted a faint light, and the room was dim. Only Chi Jiao’s beautiful eyes shone with a cold glow so bright that Chen Zishun trembled.

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