Chapter 44 - She Liked the Current Jiaojiao More

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Chapter 44: She Liked the Current Jiaojiao More

“Jiaojiao, are you alright?” Yan Qingqing looked at her worriedly.

“I’m okay.” Chi Jiao nodded slowly.

After Na Yankun confirmed that she was alright, he walked towards Chen Zishun with a cold expression.

Chen Zishun was instantly shrouded in Na Yankun’s shadow and stiffly shifted his gaze to Na Yankun. When he saw his fierce face clouded with ominosity and the popping veins on his forehead, he knew how furious Na Yankun was.

“Brother Kun, let’s talk calmly…” Chen Zishun had just finished speaking when he was kicked in the stomach.

It hurt so much that he screamed, sounding like a pig being slaughtered. In an instant, he felt like his organs had been displaced.

Na Yankun was once a fighter. After meeting Chi Jiao, he had turned over a new leaf and sworn to be a good person. However, the viciousness in his bones was still present. When beating people up, he didn’t show any mercy.

Under Na Yankun’s hands, Chen Zishun was like a fragile doll that had no ability to resist. He could only hug his head and be beaten up.

Chi Jiao watched the show unfold in front of her calmly.

In the beginning, Chen Zishun would still beg for mercy, but in the end, his begging became curses.

He scolded Chi Jiao for being too harsh.

He finally knew how Chi Jiao was different from before.

In the past, her soft innocence came from the bottom of her heart. But now, when she smiled, it didn’t reflect in her eyes. Instead, her eyes were so cold that they made one shiver.

It was a coldness and ruthlessness that seeped out of her bones.

When Chi Jiao heard Chen Zishun’s screams getting weaker and weaker, she waved at Na Yankun. “Send him to the police station with the evidence. It’ll save the police uncle the trouble of finding the evidence.”

Na Yankun felt as if he had vented his anger as he grinned. “Sure!”

The evidence was sufficient to send Chen Zishun to prison.

Chen Zishun simply fainted. Na Yankun lifted him with one hand and strode out of the room like he was carrying a little chick.

“You really scared me to death just now.” Yan Qingqing caressed her voluptuous chest with a look of lingering fear. She then looked at Chi Jiao with a leer and said, “You’re really bold now.”

She knew how developed Jiaojiao’s tear glands had been in the past.

But for some reason, Jiaojiao’s personality had changed drastically recently. Sometimes, she herself couldn’t understand what Jiaojiao was thinking.

However, Yan Qingqing was relieved that Jiaojiao was no longer as soft-hearted as before.

She liked the current Jiaojiao more.

“Let Yankun continue to check Chen Zishun’s communication records and recent whereabouts.” Chi Jiao patted the dust on her dress. “Find his buyer.”

In her previous life, Chen Zishun had also betrayed her. However, she was too soft-hearted and let him live in the end.

In return, Chen Zishun and Chi Yan had colluded to deal with her.

In this life, she would definitely not let Chen Zishun off.

Chen Zishun’s boss wasn’t Chi Yan, but that person was inextricably linked to her.

In her previous life, the reason why Chi Yan could become the final victor was also that there was a mysterious power supporting her from behind. Therefore, Chi Jiao decided to find the person behind Chi Yan and Chen Zishun as soon as possible.

Yan Qingqing saw the cold glint in Chi Jiao’s eyes, and a chill ran down her spine.

Although she was very curious about Jiaojiao’s changes, she was rational enough to not ask further. She went forward and hugged Chi Jiao’s arm intimately. “I’m hungry. I’ll make some delicious food. Let’s eat together, okay?”

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