Chapter 45 - She Really Overestimated Chi Yan's Means

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Chapter 45: She Really Overestimated Chi Yan’s Means

Chi Jiao nodded quietly.

While Yan Qingqing was cooking in the kitchen, Chi Jiao was sitting cross-legged on the sofa with a pillow in her arms. She was reading the WeChat messages on her phone.

Dang Nan created a WeChat group that included her, Yi Lanlan, and Bai Weiyu.

Fifteen minutes ago, Dang Nan had forwarded a forum thread and sent it to the WeChat group with an angry expression.

Yi Lanlan and Bai Weiyu had also seen the post and asked Chi Jiao what was going on.

Chi Jiao opened the thread and took a look.

It was an anonymous forum thread from the school forum. The title of the thread was very eye-catching.

[Analyzing the unknown secret of the little white flower who has transferred to Grade 11, Class Three.]

The content of the thread talked about how Chi Jiao was kidnapped when she was 16 years old. At the same time, another girl was kidnapped with her. However, in the end, that girl died but she survived. This hinted that the girl died for Chi Jiao.

The most eye-catching thing was a photo posted in the thread.

In the dilapidated warehouse, the young girl’s white dress was stained with blood. She held a knife in her hand, and the knife was still dripping with blood. On the ground in front of her was another girl. The girl’s eyes were closed, and the fabric in front of her chest was dyed red with blood. She looked like she was dead.

The girl with the knife was Chi Jiao.

The thread had already exploded with thousands of replies.

Watermelon Who Loves Eating Jellies: “F*ck! The image of the little white flower holding the knife is so scary! Did she kill that girl?”

Fairy 7777: “The person above is telling the truth. Perhaps the kidnapper asked that only one person could survive, so she killed that girl.”

Student Know-It-All: “She’s such a beautiful girl. How can the kidnapper not have any evil thoughts? You guys understand.”

Gu Yanyanyanyan: “She’s pretty like a delicate flower. Perhaps she’s not a virgin anymore?”

Most of the comments were unsightly. They were either discussing whether the young lady was killed by Chi Jiao or whether the kidnappers had done anything to her.

Looking at the photo, Chi Jiao suddenly curled her lips and laughed softly.

She had really overestimated Chi Yan’s means.

In her previous life, she had indeed been kidnapped. The kidnappers had somehow obtained news that the Chi family’s Second Miss was recuperating in Mount Li, so they tried to kidnap her to extort money from the Chi family.

At that time, Chen Zishun’s younger sister, Chen Xiaoyun, was often with her. Unfortunately, she was implicated and brought away by the kidnappers as well.

Later on, before Chi Jiao died, she found out that Chi Yan and Zhu Limin were the ones who arranged for the kidnappers. Initially, they had planned to let Chi Jiao die and the kidnapping was just a formality. However, they didn’t expect the kidnappers to back out at the last minute and use her to blackmail the Chi family.

Only the Chi family and her god grandfather knew that she had been kidnapped.

Her god grandfather and senior brothers and sisters all doted on her, so it was naturally impossible that they would expose this matter. In that case, the only person in the Chi family who would expose this was Chi Yan.

The fact that she had spilled the beans so hurriedly was enough to prove that she was currently desperate.

“Jiaojiao, what are you looking at?” Yan Qingqing had just walked out of the kitchen with a casserole when she saw Chi Jiao smiling at her phone. Her smile made her a little afraid.

“Nothing.” The moment Chi Jiao looked up at Yan Qingqing, she turned back into her sweet and adorable self. Her nose twitched as she asked, “What did you make? It smells so good!”

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