Chapter 46 - With Her Big Brother Taking Action, The Chi Family Would Definitely Give Them Face

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Chapter 46: With Her Big Brother Taking Action, The Chi Family Would Definitely Give Them Face

“Your favorite clay pot chicken.” Yan Qingqing smiled and said, “Go wash your hands. Then, let’s eat.”

Chi Jiao nodded and quickly replied in the group chat that she was fine and that they didn’t have to worry. Then, she jumped off the sofa and ran towards the washroom.

Yan Qingqing placed the casserole on the dining table, her eyes darkening.

There was something wrong with Jiaojiao’s expression earlier.

When she thought about it carefully, Jiaojiao’s personality had started to change subtly the day she announced that she was returning to the Chi family.

Could it be that the Chi family had done something that caused their Little Jiaojiao’s personality to change so drastically?

If that was the case, then the Chi family was really unforgivable.

When she thought about this, a dark expression flashed across Yan Qingqing’s exquisite face.

When she heard Chi Jiao coming out of the washroom, a gentle smile instantly reappeared on her face. “I’ll bring out the other dishes. Sit down and wait for me.”

In the kitchen, Yan Qingqing took out her phone and sent a text message.

[Big Brother, the Chi family might have bullied Jiaojiao. I think there’s something strange about her.]

She had just sent the message when she immediately received Yan Zhengchen’s reply.

[I’ll go find Chi Mingwei personally tomorrow.]

Yan Qingqing was instantly relieved when she saw this.

With her big brother taking action, the Chi family would definitely give them face.

Don’t think that their Jiaojiao was easy to bully. She had strong backers behind her.

When Chi Jiao returned to the Chi family after dinner, it was already 9 PM.

Chi Mingwei was sitting in the living room waiting for her. When he saw her return, he waved at her, gesturing for her to come over.

Chi Jiao walked to his side and sat down. Chi Mingwei asked with a smile, “Today was your first day at school. How do you feel?”

“Not bad,” Chi Jiao answered with a faint smile.

Chi Mingwei didn’t know what had happened to her in school and nodded slightly. “If you encounter any problems in school, you can look for your sister for help.”

Chi Jiao kept a smile and nodded.

“Jiaojiao, there’s something else.” Chi Mingwei rubbed his hands together in embarrassment.

“Daddy, just tell me what you want to ask.”

“Where did you get those Nine Star Flowers?” Chi Mingwei asked.

“Daddy wants Nine Star Flowers too?” Chi Jiao looked at him with her clear eyes.

Chi Mingwei was a little embarrassed by her gaze and his face began to heat up.

He knew it was wrong to be thinking about his daughter’s belongings. However, Shen Yin had come over today and said that he needed Nine Star Flowers to treat their old master. The Chi family had business dealings with the Shen family, and it wouldn’t be good for the Chi family if they offended the Shen family.

That was why he had shamelessly asked Jiaojiao about it.

“It’s Daddy’s business partner. He’s asking about the Nine Star Flowers. Their old master is sick and needs the Nine Star Flowers for treatment,” Chi Mingwei explained.

Chi Jiao nodded. “I have a lot of Nine Star Flowers with me. I can give them to him.”

Chi Mingwei was stunned by her nonchalant tone.

Did his dear daughter know just how precious the Nine Star Flowers were?

How could she give them away just like that?

“Daddy, is there a problem?” Chi Jiao asked curiously when she saw Chi Mingwei looking at her blankly.

“Jiaojiao, you know how precious Nine Star Flowers are, right?” Chi Mingwei asked.

Chi Jiao nodded.

It was precious in the eyes of others, but in her eyes, it was just an ordinary object. She could cultivate as many as she wanted.

Chi Mingwei felt that his daughter was too pure and adorable. She clearly knew that they were precious, but she still gave them away without hesitation. She was really as kind as her mother.

“The Shen family is willing to pay for it. Daddy will give you how much they paid when the time comes,” Chi Mingwei said.

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