Chapter 47 - The Yan Family's Big Shot, Yan Zhengchen

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Chapter 47: The Yan Family’s Big Shot, Yan Zhengchen

Chi Jiao didn’t have much concept of money. Although she wasn’t a tycoon and didn’t have a company, the income that one laboratory and two workshops brought her was enough to prevent her from worrying about money in her life.

However, since Chi Mingwei had said so, Chi Jiao did not shy away and nodded obediently.

“Also, Jiaojiao, you can’t tell anyone else that you still have the Nine Star Flowers, got it?” Chi Mingwei’s expression turned a little stern.

Chi Jiao acknowledged obediently.

Seeing her being so obedient, Chi Mingwei’s fatherly heart warmed beyond words. “I don’t have anything else to talk about. Head back and rest, you have school tomorrow.”

“Goodnight, Daddy.” Chi Jiao yawned.

When she returned to her room, Chi Jiao took a shower. She had just walked out of the bathroom when her phone rang.

Chi Jiao poured a cup of water first before walking to the bed with the glass of water. She picked up her phone by the bed and answered the call.

“Jiaojiao.” A low, magnetic male voice came through the phone, sounding as pleasant as a cello.

“Brother Chen,” Chi Jiao called softly.

On the other end of the line, a man sat on a sofa with his legs crossed elegantly like a king. He instantly covered his heart with his hand when he heard her voice.

Every time Jiaojiao called him Brother Chen, Yan Zhengchen felt as if his heart was melting.

Yan Zhengchen sat up straight and coughed dryly. “I’ve already deleted the thread on your school’s forum and found the person who posted it.”

Chi Jiao was silent.

She didn’t expect Yan Zhengchen to know about this so quickly.

However, Chi Jiao was not surprised that he had resolved the matter in such a short time.

Yan Zhengchen had always been like this. His methods were swift and decisive.

“It was done by a person named Gu Xiaoyan. She will personally apologize to you tomorrow.” Yan Zhengchen’s deep voice continued through the phone. “Jiaojiao, if you’re unhappy living in the Chi family, you can consider coming to the Yan family.”

That Gu Xiaoyan said that she had been instigated by Chi Yan to post on the forums.

People like Chi Yan and Gu Xiaoyan were originally not worthy of Yan Zhengchen’s attention.

But those two people had bullied their little princess.

This matter naturally couldn’t be let go just like that.

Sensing the anticipation in the man’s tone, Chi Jiao pouted. “No, Brother Chen. Thank you for this.”

Hmph, this big bad wolf sure was constantly thinking of abducting her to the Yan family.

“It’s my honor to be able to serve the little princess.” Yan Zhengchen’s deep voice was tinged with a smile.

After hanging up the call with Yan Zhengchen, Chi Jiao thought for a moment before sitting down at the computer table and opening the school forum.

She had to explain herself with regards to that thread. Otherwise, it would be bad if Brother Quan saw and misunderstood her.

The next morning.

The hotel room was filled with an intimate atmosphere, and clothes were scattered all over the floor.

Lan Yunhan pulled himself away from Chi Yan and reached out to pat her cheek. “What a demoness. You’re seducing me so early in the morning.”

Chi Yan was so tired that she didn’t even want to move her fingers. She said to Lan Yunhan perfunctorily, “Go and take a shower first.”

Lan Yunhan kissed her forehead before getting off the bed and walking towards the bathroom.

Chi Yan looked at Lan Yunhan’s lean back and smiled.

The thing she was most satisfied with about Lan Yunhan was his stamina and energy.

As for marrying him? That was impossible.


The sound of a text message notification rang across the quiet room. Chi Yan reached out lazily and took her phone from the bedside table.

The moment she saw the message, she instantly became energetic.

“Yan, I’ve received reliable news that the big shot of the Yan family, Yan Zhengchen, will be attending the mayor’s wife’s birthday banquet tonight.”

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Big Shot Little Jiaojiao Breaks Her Persona Again