Chapter 48 - Other Than Chi Yan, Who Else Would Do This?

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Chapter 48: Other Than Chi Yan, Who Else Would Do This?

Yan Zhengchen.

He was ranked as one of the top five golden bachelors in China. His net worth was over a hundred million, and he had a handsome face that could instantly murder teen idols. He led a well-disciplined life as there had never been any rumors about him.

He was one of Chi Yan’s future husband candidates.

If she wanted to marry, she would have to marry a perfect man like Yan Zhengchen.

Lan Yunhan was outstanding, but he was nothing compared to Yan Zhengchen.

When Lan Yunhan came out of the bathroom, he realized that Chi Yan was no longer in the room.

After being slightly taken aback, his thin lips curled into a bitter smile.

This was not the first time he had encountered such a situation.

There was a note from Chi Yan on the table.

Lan Yunhan walked to the table and picked it up.

[My dad called me and asked me to go home. I’m going back for a while.]

Chi Yan didn’t lie to him.

She had indeed received a call from Chi Mingwei.

Moreover, Chi Mingwei’s tone over the phone was unprecedentedly stern.

Chi Yan didn’t dare to delay, of course. She immediately packed up and went home.

The atmosphere in the living room was tense.

Zhu Limin sat opposite Chi Mingwei, her expression not looking too good either.

Chi Mingwei’s face was as black as ink.

“Hubby, do you not believe Yanyan at all?” Zhu Limin’s charming eyes were filled with tears of grievance as she stared fixedly at Chi Mingwei.

“Only our family and Jiaojiao’s god grandfather know about her kidnapping. Jiaojiao’s god grandfather will definitely not do such a thing. Besides Chi Yan, who else could it be?” Chi Mingwei said coldly.

He had just found out too.

Zhu Limin rarely saw Chi Mingwei treat her with such an attitude. She felt truly aggrieved, and the tears in her eyes seemed like they would burst at any moment.

“Yanyan would never do such a thing. Mingwei, I know you feel guilty towards Jiaojiao, but you can’t frame Yanyan for Jiaojiao’s sake. Isn’t Yanyan your daughter now? She has always been filial and treated you like her biological father.”

“I’ve always treated Yanyan as my daughter, too.” Chi Mingwei sighed. “But Jiaojiao has suffered so much over the years. What we need to do is make it up to her, not hurt her.”

Chi Yan had just reached home when she heard Chi Mingwei’s words. A dark glint flashed across her eyes.

However, it only lasted for a moment before her eyes returned to normal.

“Dad, Mom, I’m back.” Chi Yan walked up to Chi Mingwei and Zhu Limin with a tired expression.

She didn’t have a good night’s rest yesterday, and there was no need to pretend the fatigue on her face.

When Zhu Limin saw that Chi Yan’s petite face was filled with fatigue, she immediately said with heartache, “Did you work the whole night in the laboratory again? Why do you look so tired? You have to take care of your health.”

Chi Yan didn’t explain. Instead, she nodded casually and said, “I have a project recently, and I’m indeed quite busy. Daddy, why did you ask me to come back?”

“There was a thread on your school’s forum that exposed Jiaojiao’s kidnapping. Did you have anything to do with it?” Chi Mingwei was currently in a rage, so he couldn’t care less about his heartache for Chi Yan as he went straight to the point.

Chi Yan was stunned as she looked at him in confusion. “What thread? Daddy, I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

Although the posts on the forum had been deleted, Chi Mingwei had Chi Jiao’s post clarifying the rumors. He threw his phone directly at her.

“Look for yourself.”

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