Chapter 49 - This Is a Conflict Between Sisters

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Chapter 49: This Is a Conflict Between Sisters

Chi Yan took the phone and had a look at it.

The forum post was posted by Chi Jiao, and it was not anonymous.

The title of the post was even more simple and crude. “I’m Chi Jiao, and I’m here to explain some things.”

There was no nonsense in the thread. Chi Jiao admitted bluntly that she had indeed been kidnapped, and a girl had indeed been kidnapped with her. In the end, she survived, but that girl died.

Chi Jiao didn’t use words to explain herself. Instead, she simply uploaded a video.

The video showed precisely the five minutes before Chen Xiaoyun died.

The kidnapper pointed a gun at Chi Jiao and forced her to kill Chen Xiaoyun.

Chen Xiaoyun had also been begging Chi Jiao to kill her. She had an innate genetic illness and did not have much time to live in the first place. Moreover, every time her illness acted up, it would be torture worse than death for her.

She felt that death might be a relief for her. Moreover, she wanted Chi Jiao to continue living.

She wanted Chi Jiao to walk out of this alive so that she could research ways to cure her genotype illness in the future and save more people from the pain.

Chi Jiao was naturally unwilling. In the video, she had also told Chen Xiaoyun clearly.

She, Chi Jiao, did not believe that the lives of others were less than hers. Therefore, she would not let anyone die for her.

In the video, Chen Xiaoyun had begged Chi Jiao for almost five minutes. The kidnapper was getting impatient from waiting. In the end, a dramatic scene unfolded.

Chen Xiaoyun placed the dagger in Chi Jiao’s hand. She held Chi Jiao’s hand tightly and aimed it at her heart, before jabbing it down hard.

Chen Xiaoyun’s actions were too fast and too sudden. Chi Jiao didn’t even have the time to react before the girl before her collapsed.

The video was only five minutes long, but it was enough to prove Chi Jiao’s innocence.

That girl had committed suicide.

After watching the video, Chi Yan’s lowered eyes glistened with sinister light.

She had really miscalculated.

Why would Chi Jiao have a video of the abduction scene?

Could she know something else?

“Are you done watching?” Chi Mingwei’s stern voice was heard from above her.

Chi Yan looked up at him, her eyes already red. “I’m sorry, Daddy. I didn’t know things would turn out like this. I didn’t post the thread that started the rumor about Jiaojiao. It must have been posted by my friend.”

“Your friend?” Chi Mingwei frowned.

“That’s right. I met Jiaojiao at school yesterday and greeted her, but she ignored me. My friend was curious as to why Jiaojiao was so unsociable. I didn’t think too much about it for a moment, so I explained to my friend about Jiaojiao’s previous kidnapping. I think it was because Jiaojiao had been kidnapped before and was traumatized by it, that’s why she can’t accept others so easily. I didn’t expect my friend to actually post this incident on the school forum. I’m very sorry,” Chi Yan said as her tears fell, looking equally guilty.

Chi Mingwei was almost angered to death, but seeing Chi Yan shed tears of guilt, he really couldn’t flare-up.

“Hubby, Yanyan didn’t do it on purpose. Although she did do something wrong, Jiaojiao was also in the wrong. How could she ignore her sister?” Zhu Limin’s heart ached for Chi Yan as she looked at Chi Mingwei angrily. “This is a conflict between sisters. All of them have responsibilities.”

In other words, she didn’t want Chi Mingwei to only blame Chi Yan.

“Mom, this isn’t Jiaojiao’s fault. It’s my fault alone. I… I’ll go apologize to Jiaojiao right now.” As Chi Yan spoke, she stood up and wanted to run outside.

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