Chapter 50 - The Big Shot Before Him Did Not Seem to Be in a Good Mood

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Chapter 50: The Big Shot Before Him Did Not Seem to Be in a Good Mood

Chi Mingwei looked at her with a sunken expression.

Before Chi Yan could run to the entrance of the living room, she coincidentally bumped into Butler Zhou, who was walking through the entrance.

Butler Zhou seemed not to have seen Chi Yan as he walked up to Chi Mingwei in a hurry and said, “Sir, President Yan is here. He wants to see you.”

Chi Mingwei was stunned for a moment before asking with a frown, “Which President Yan?”

“The president of the Yan Corporation in Shang Jing,” Butler Zhou answered, trying to control his excitement.

When Chi Yan heard what Butler Zhou said, surprise flashed across her eyes. She turned to look at Butler Zhou and asked, “Is it really President Yan?”

Butler Zhou nodded vigorously.

Chi Yan instantly became excited.

She and Zhu Limin quickly exchanged looks.

“President Yan is here. Yanyan, go and tidy your appearance. It’s not appropriate to meet the guests like this,” Zhu Limin said to her with a smile.

Chi Yan nodded and hurriedly ran towards the cloakroom.

“Hurry up and invite him in.” Chi Mingwei didn’t dare to slight a big shot like Yan Zhengchen, either.

After Butler Zhou went out, Zhu Limin smiled at him and said, “Hubby, President Yan is probably here because of Yanyan.”

Chi Mingwei turned to look at her, confused. “Why?”

“Do you remember when Yanyan went to Shang Jing for a period of time in March? During that time, Yanyan coincidentally saved President Yan’s mother,” Zhu Limin said to him with a smile.

Chi Mingwei raised his eyebrows in surprise. “Why haven’t I heard you mention this before?”

“Yanyan never liked to publicize her good deeds, so she only told me,” Zhu Limin said with a smile.

Although Chi Yan had saved Yan Zhengchen’s mother, she only gave her a sum of money as a token of appreciation on the spot. Moreover, she did it with a cold attitude.

They couldn’t figure out the Yan family’s attitude, so they would naturally not spout nonsense.

The Yan and Chi families had never interacted much. Therefore, Yan Zhengchen must be here for their Yanyan.

At this thought, the smile on Zhu Limin’s face became even smugger.

However, Chi Mingwei felt that something was off. If Yan Zhengchen was really here for Chi Yan, then why did he only come now after such a long time had passed?

A series of footsteps could be heard coming their way.

Chi Mingwei hurriedly stood up from the sofa and walked towards the entrance hall.

Zhu Limin also resisted her excitement as she stood up from the sofa and looked towards the entrance hall.

A man emitting a cold aura was dressed in a tailored, black suit. His clean and neat clothes did not have a single crease on them. In addition, he emitted a coldness that made him seem a thousand miles distant.

His handsome face was well-defined. His pitch-black, slightly upturned eyes were as deep as the abyss, making it difficult for anyone to look at him directly.

Yan Zhengchen’s appearance caused the atmosphere in the living room to turn cold.

Such a powerful aura. As expected from the head of the Yan family.

Zhu Limin’s legs trembled slightly. This was the first time she had seen such a powerful big shot.

Chi Mingwei had seen Yan Zhengchen once by chance when he was talking to the Shen family about a collaboration. At that time, Yan Zhengchen had nodded and greeted him very politely. Therefore, Chi Mingwei had a deep impression of this young man.

“President Yan.” Chi Mingwei had seen many things in his life. Therefore, he could still maintain his basic composure in front of Yan Zhengchen.

Yan Zhengchen glanced at Chi Mingwei indifferently and nodded expressionlessly.

From just a faint glance, Chi Mingwei could tell that this big shot before him seemed to be in a bad mood.

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