Chapter 837 - I’ll Do Whatever You Ask Me to Do

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Chapter 837 I’ll Do Whatever You Ask Me to Do

Xu Ye never had the chance to perform in front of Chi Jiao. Now that such a good opportunity had suddenly appeared in front of him, he nodded excitedly. “Alright! I will do whatever you ask me to do!”

Seeing him being so cooperative, Chi Jiao smiled like a little imp.

Half an hour later, Xu Ye regretted his words.

He wanted to go back to half an hour ago and strangle his past self to death.

Xu Ye never expected that Chi Jiao actually wanted him to seduce She Qi!

According to her, now that his consciousness had merged with the queen’s appearance, he was as good as the original person.

Xu Ye would be able to easily make that old pervert fall head over heels for him.

Chi Jiao guessed right. Ever since Xu Ye took the initiative to have dinner with She Qi, the latter’s mood improved.

However, She Qi wasn’t content to just look happy, every cell in his body was expressing his love for Xu Ye. He would either stroke Xu Ye’s hand or personally pick up food for him.

“Come, my beloved sweetheart. Open your mouth and try this dish.” She Qi was extremely considerate. He picked up the food with his chopsticks and brought it to Xu Ye’s mouth.

Xu Ye’s scalp exploded! He really didn’t want to eat it! Could he not eat it?!

Xu Ye couldn’t. He really couldn’t.

Chi Jiao stood nearby and kept gesturing at him


Xu Ye steeled his heart and opened his mouth to eat the food that She Qi was feeding him.

“Is it delicious?” She Qi asked expectantly.

“Yes,” Xu Ye answered stiffly.

She Qi thoughtfully wiped the sauce from the corner of Xu Ye’s lips with his finger. “Then, what should my precious love say to me?”

Xu Ye felt hopeless. He said miserably, “Thank you, husband. You’re the best. I love you so much.”

Chi Jiao felt nauseous just watching the scene.

Poor Xu Ye for making such a huge sacrifice. After they leave this place, she would have to treat him to a meal to comfort his battered male dignity.

She Qi was very satisfied with Xu Ye’s answer and continued to feed him delicious food dotingly.

Chi Jiao didn’t stop him and waited for She Qi to lower his guard.

This was She Qi’s realm. It was very difficult for her to attack here. Therefore, she had to ensure that she could severely injure him in one blow.

But now was not the time.

In order to cooperate with Chi Jiao, Xu Ye could only continue to endure.

When She Qi finally finished eating, Xu Ye was so happy that he almost cried.

However, before he could leave, She Qi’s cold hand reached out and grabbed his arm. “My beloved sweetheart, where are you going?”

Xu Ye turned to look at him, wanting to shake off this bastard’s hand. “Isn’t dinner done?”

“That’s right. After dinner, it’s time to take a shower and change your clothes. Have you forgotten, my beloved sweetheart? We’re very loving and always shower and change our clothes together. Come, let me bring you to the Fragrant Hot Spring so that we can play with each other. How about that?” She Qi invited him enthusiastically.

Xu Ye felt like his entire body was cracking.

Was there an end to this?

Not only did he have to eat with him, this damn pervert even wanted to drag him into the shower together!!

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