Chapter 838 - Come Up, I’ll Tell You a Secret

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Chapter 838 Come Up, I’ll Tell You a Secret

If Xu Ye could resist, he would have immediately kicked She Qi’s head.

But Xu Ye knew very well that he couldn’t.

Just She Qi’s grip on his arm was enough to make him feel completely helpless. Xu Ye glanced at Chi Jiao from the corner of his eye. Seeing no reaction from her, he steeled his heart and nodded in agreement. “Alright, I’ll go with you!”

Xu Ye was disgusted by She Qi, but he believed that Chi Jiao would never let him come to harm.

Chi Jiao really wouldn’t. She quietly noted Xu Ye’s sacrifice before following him to the hot springs.

Seeing that She Qi was going straight for the prize the moment they arrived at the hot springs, goosebumps appeared on the back of Xu Ye’s neck. He quickly found an excuse and told him that he was going to change his clothes before accompanying him.

Although she Qi was anxious, he was not unreasonable.

He quickly nodded in agreement and obediently waited.

Xu Ye had an awkward and polite smile on his face, but his heart was filled with fear.

Too scary! Too scary!

Xu Ye wanted to slip away, but Chi Jiao quietly came over and patted his shoulder.

Xu Ye was so frightened that he almost jumped. Turning around and seeing her, he was so happy that he almost cried. “Chi Jiao, you have to help me!”

Chi Jiao nodded and handed the palace maid’s clothes to him. “Change your clothes and wait for me outside.”

“What are you doing? Are you going to fight that monster head-on?” Xu Ye looked at her worriedly.

Chi Jiao’s expression was indifferent. “Don’t worry. This isn’t the first time I’ve faced She Qi. I know what to do.”

Seeing her determined expression, Xu Ye chose to believe in her. “I’ll wait for you outside. I won’t leave until you come out.”

Xu Ye knew very well that Chi Jiao was very powerful. The fact that she was so calm when facing She Qi was enough to explain many things. He couldn’t ask for too many details. The only thing he could do was not to disturb her.

Chi Jiao smiled and nodded. After Xu Ye changed his clothes, she watched him leave.

After Xu Ye left, Chi Jiao changed into a snow-white inner shirt and disguised herself as the queen.

To successfully confuse She Qi, Chi Jiao cleared her throat and immediately turned her voice into that of She Qi’s beloved sweetheart. “Servant, bring me to see the Emperor.” Chi Jiao had specially put a veil on her face. Coupled with the dim lights in the palace, the palace maids did not notice anything amiss.

Chi Jiao’s expression was calm as she strode toward the hot springs.

She Qi had already entered the water. Half-naked, he was especially happy to see her. “My beloved, you’re finally here. Come, come down quickly.”

Seeing that he didn’t notice anything amiss, Chi Jiao heaved a sigh of relief. She smiled and said, “Emperor, it’s so boring to bathe in the hot spring. Come up and I’ll tell you a secret.”

She Qi treated Chi Jiao as his beloved. He had endless patience when dealing with her. He got up from the hot spring with a smile.

She Qi’s skin was very strange. There was a strange green tint to it.

A thin layer of snake scales covered his body. He walked towards Chi Jiao clad in his underwear.

“My beloved, what secret is this that you want to tell me?” She Qi smiled back at Chi Jiao as he walked towards her.

Chi Jiao didn’t answer his question. She just continued to smile and curled her finger at


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