Chapter 839 - She Knew She Qi Wasn’t That Easy to Deal With

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Chapter 839 She Knew She Qi Wasn’t That Easy to Deal With

She Qi approached and Chi Jiao retreated. Wherever she went, the nearby candle flames would be extinguished.

The candlelight extinguished one by one, and the remaining light elongated their shadows. Chi Jiao turned around and walked behind the


She Qi’s eyes were filled with interest as he approached with a smile.

However, the moment he stepped into the darkness, Chi Jiao, who had been preparing for a long time, stabbed a knife into his heart!

Chi Jiao didn’t feel like she had made contact with anything. The knife felt as if it had pierced through empty air. It felt very unreal.

Chi Jiao drove the blade firmly into She Qi’s body and sighed regretfully. “What a pity. If only this wasn’t a dream but reality.”

Because the man in front of Chi Jiao was just a piece of his consciousness and not his real body, even if Chi Jiao pierced She Qi’s heart, she hadn’t really killed him.

Even so, She Qi was still shocked. A humiliated expression appeared on his face. He opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of poisonous fog at her. “Chi Jiao, you dare to get in my way!!” Chi Jiao bent down and dodged it. Her petite figure was extremely fast as she charged towards She Qi. She raised her hand and smacked his chin with the heel of her palm.

With a dull thud, She Qi screamed and staggered two steps back.

Pain. The intense pain almost made She Qi go crazy. He had bitten his tongue and his mouth was instantly filled with blood.

Large scales instantly rose on She Qi’s arm as he swung at Chi Jiao’s head!

Chi Jiao leaned back and watched as the snake-scaled arm swept past her nose.

The attack contained an extremely powerful force. Even though it did not make contact, the wind created by it was like a knife slicing her cheek!

Chi Jiao had long known that She Qi wasn’t that easy to deal with. She quickly retreated and distanced herself from him. She tapped the ground with her toes, and a wave of mental power swept out, striking She Qi between his eyebrows.

She Qi twisted his body in pain and landed heavily on the ground with a dull thud.

“Chi Jiao, you ruined my plans. I’ll kill you!” he roared angrily. His anger caused the entire ground to tremble violently. The huge palace shook because of him.

Seeing this, Chi Jiao quickly chased after him. She continued to cast her mental power out to hit She Qi between his brows.

This was She Qi’s dream realm. He could control it as he wished.

What Chi Jiao needed to do now was to take advantage of She Qi’s injury to continue attacking and chase his consciousness out of this space as soon as possible!

Then, she could occupy this space and find Chu Wennan to bring him and Xu Ye away!

As Chi Jiao calculated her moves, her full-power attacks landed on She Qi.

She Qi immediately screamed. He didn’t resist and was chased out by Chi Jiao!

Chi Jiao was surprised when she saw She Qi’s figure disappear into thin air. “Is he that easy to chase out?” Chi Jiao was stunned and couldn’t believe it for a moment.

Even if She Qi was injured, according to his character, he would definitely fight her to the death. He would make sure to severely injure her before leaving.

But just now, She Qi had no intention of resisting at all and was thrown out by her.

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