Chapter 840 - That Old Monster Has Been Defeated by Jiaojiao!

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Chapter 840 That Old Monster Has Been Defeated by Jiaojiao!

Such behavior did not seem like something She Qi would do.

No matter how puzzled Chi Jiao was, it was pointless now. She Qi’s consciousness had already left. The huge palace was empty, with only an empty shell left.

Without time to dwell on the details, Chi Jiao quickened her pace and left the hot spring to find Xu Ye.

Xu Ye suddenly saw that the palace maids and eunuchs had disappeared. Worried that something had happened to Chi Jiao, he rushed over and bumped into her. “Jiaojiao! What happened?” Xu Ye looked at her worriedly. “I’ve already defeated She Qi. We can leave this damn place now. Do you know where Chu Wennan is?” Chi Jiao asked.

Xu Ye looked at her in admiration. “Jiaojiao, you’re really amazing! Your friend is locked up in a prison! Let’s go, I’ll bring you there.”

With that, he quickened his pace and walked towards the prison with Chi Jiao.

The prison was also deserted. When they arrived, they that Chu Wennan had already relied on his mental power to break free from half of his restraints.

“Boss!” Chu Wennan’s left hand was still tied up. He couldn’t help calling out when he saw Chi Jiao.

Chi Jiao quickly stepped forward and immediately helped him undo the restraints.

Chu Wennan had been injured earlier and looked a little pale now. He coughed weakly. Chi Jiao patted him on the back. She soothed him and asked, “Are you alright? Sorry, I came a little late.”

Chu Wennan shook his head and said with a smile, “I knew you would come! Boss, where’s She Qi? What happened to him?”

At the mention of She Qi, a cold glint flashed across his eyes.

“That old monster has been defeated by Jiaojiao! Jiaojiao disguised herself as a palace maid and sneaked an attack on She Qi!” Xu Ye said excitedly as if he was afraid that Chu Wennan wouldn’t know how powerful Chi Jiao was.

Hearing this, Chu Wennan did not express any admiration but instead frowned gloomily. “Boss, didn’t She Qi notice you when you came in?”

Chi Jiao’s heart tightened. “What do you mean by that?”

“She Qi’s proficiency in controlling the dream space far exceeds my expectations. Anyone who enters his dream realm will attract his attention. I didn’t know this, that’s why I was immediately discovered and injured after entering,” Chu Wennan explained.

“So, you’re saying that She Qi already knew that Jiaojiao had entered his dream realm, but he deliberately went easy on her? Why did he do that?” Xu Ye asked in confusion.

In a flash, Chi Jiao realized that something was wrong. “Oh no, we’ve been tricked.”

As Chu Wennan and Xu Ye looked on, a cold aura quickly swept out from Chi Jiao’s body as she tried to bring them out of the dream realm.

Before the three of them could leave, an invisible barrier enveloped them, blocking them from leaving

“Realm lock… She Qi actually locked his dream realm to trap us here?” Only then did Chu Wennan realize what was wrong. His expression turned grim.

“I was wondering why She Qi was so easy to deal with today. It turns out that this old monster has been thinking of trapping me here since I entered this place! That old monster was putting up an act right from the beginning!” Chi Jiao said angrily.

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