Chapter 966 - Do You Mean I Will Get Married More Than 10 Times?

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Chapter 966: Do You Mean I Will Get Married More Than 10 Times?

“Nonsense! Do you mean I will get married more than 10 times?” Jiang Ruoxin’s face turned green. “I think you’re just a fraud!”

“Miss, in your family, your grandfather is the family’s pillar of support. The person you like now, your grandfather also likes him very much. You lost your mother when you were young, and your father couldn’t protect you, so you’ve always relied on your grandfather. Oh, right, you had an accident when you were in your teens and almost lost your life, right?” Chi Jiao smiled.

Jiang Ruoxin’s face turned pale. “How did you know?”

Of course, Chi Jiao knew.

She was also very interested in the Xuan Sect. Jiang Ruoxin held a certain status in the sect, so Chi Jiao had already read up on some of her personal information.

Otherwise, if someone from the Xuan Sect didn’t know what was good for them and wanted to harm her Brother Quan, she wouldn’t be able to deal with them. Wouldn’t she be at a disadvantage then?

It was said that one could win a hundred battles by knowing one’s enemy. Therefore, she had gathered all that information.

“Miss, I know how to read fortunes. It’s only natural that I know all these. Of course, if you don’t believe me, you can leave now. Treat it as if I didn’t say anything just now.” Chi Jiao stood up to leave.

“Wait a minute!” Jiang Ruoxin hurriedly pulled her back. “Master, I was wrong. But why do I have to marry so many times before I can meet true love?!”

“Miss, you’ll be able to meet the true love of your life after getting married more than 10 times. Most people never get to meet their true love in their entire lifetime. Miss, you’re already very lucky.” Chi Jiao sighed.

“Who wants to meet their true love like this? I want to meet my true love directly! I don’t care, help me change my fate. I’ll give you money!” Jiang Ruoxin was very sure that her true love was Quan Jue. It would be better to kill her than to have her marry more than 10 people! She didn’t want lousy lovers. She only wanted Quan Jue.

“It’s a huge physical strain to change the will of the heavens. My health isn’t good, and I don’t like to perform such exhaustive tasks,” Chi Jiao said after letting out a long sigh.

Seeing that she had been looking at her from the corner of her eye, Jiang Ruoxin immediately understood her hint. “Master, don’t worry. I understand the rules of your profession. Tell me, how much do you want?”

Chi Jiao curled three fingers.

“Three thousand?” Jiang Ruoxin asked carefully.

Chi Jiao frowned and shook her head.

“30,000?” Jiang Ruoxin asked with a trembling voice.

Chi Jiao shook her head. “300,000.”

Jiang Ruoxin almost fainted. “This is too expensive!”

300,000 yuan! Her grandfather had always been strict. He only gave her 10,000 yuan a month. She would have to save up for almost three years!

“Miss, I’ve already given you a good price. You will have at least 10 failed marriages, so it’s only 20,000 yuan each. Besides, don’t you want to meet your destined one?” Chi Jiao raised her eyebrows, deliberately setting a trap for Jiang Ruoxin. “To be honest, I can tell that the man you like seems to have another lover. If you don’t act now, how can you have a chance?”

Seeing that Chi Jiao could even deduce this, Jiang Ruoxin admired her even more!

“Alright, I’ll transfer the money to you now.” She was going all out for Quan Jue!

As long as she could get him, it would be worth it even if it was 30 million yuan!

Chi Jiao smiled and waited for her to transfer the money.

Jiang Ruoxin soon transferred the money.

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