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Novel Desert Survival: I Take All The Fate - Author: Exploding Angel
# DESERT # COUNTRY FATEIn a world that was plagued by a lack of resources and natural disasters, a game appeared out of nowhere, as if it was a joke.A player would be randomly selected from every country to enter the game, where they had to survive in a desert world.Players would look for oases to build their bases.The biggest challenge any player would face when they first entered the game was locating a water source. That was the only way to survive.Everyone thought it was merely a game until what happened in the game made a great impact on fates in the real world.If one were to receive the spring, their country would have a balanced rainfall throughout the year.If one were to conquer a forest, their country would thrive in farming and plantations.If one were to find a treasure, their country would prosper.Due to the actions of these players, the world began to change drastically.Shen Fei transmigrated to this world by accident and became a player.Fortunately, he had the help of the system.[Under the dead tree on top of the sandhill, you’ll find a treasure.][There’s a Fate Slate 300 meters ahead. Mystical magic may be recorded on it.][You have found an oasis. Be warned, one misstep and you’ll become the prey of its guardian, the Desert Snake.]…Just like that, Shen Fei became the most successful player ever. back<<

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