Hoarding 2 – A shortstack’s weaknesses [Erotic Content]

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They sealed up the window, closed the door, got the fire going, ate, talked, and then suddenly a single word was uttered by the slime. “Strip.” The authority imbued in that single word made all three of them shudder, Aclysia and Korith more so than Reysha.

“Yes, darling,” Aclysia responded readily, rising to her feet. Quickly, she undid the cords and buckles that kept her casual dress secured in place. Reysha undressed even faster than that, only having some loosely sitting pants to slide out of. Unlike the metal fairy, the tiger girl remained on the ground and immediately started masturbating to the show.

Korith knew that this had been inevitable, yet was still overwhelmed by how fast it happened. The hard blue eyes of the humanoid chimera landed on her and the sensation they conveyed made the kobold shudder again, harder and lustfully. Hunger and desire were written into them, a duality of emotion that usually preceded unwanted advances. With him, such advances were certainly wanted and there was more beyond those two emotions. A gentle inquisitiveness, care, and domineering authority. To her, the slime’s body language communicated that he demanded her obedience.

In part, this was something he had acquired due to Aclysia’s submissiveness. Even Reysha, who generally preferred to remain in charge of her own actions, was endeared by the confidence he radiated. It also aligned with his own natural inclinations. Giving the directions came naturally to him and he loved proving both physical and mental dominance. Despite that, it was not his goal to force Korith into anything. He didn’t repeat or emphasize the order and would have paid her no further mind if she had excused herself.

Both of them were distracted by Aclysia’s dress falling around her ankles. The pale skin of the fairy took on the characteristics of the flickering gold in the fireplace, cascading shifting shadows around her bottom-heavy curves. Swiftly, she removed her undergarments as well. After moving her clothing to a dry corner of the house, she stood before her beloved, eyes downcast in sexual surrender.

“May I undress you?” she asked her darling, who still wore his pants.

The question made Reysha moan with voyeuristic glee. Two fingers curved into her hairless cunt. She writhed, lying on the nearby sheets they used as their bed, and pinched her brown nipples. Her eyes darted between Apexus’ chiselled body, Aclysia’s perfect, round ass, and the kobold who stared with flustered eyes at the entirety of the scene.

“Yes,” Apexus gave permission. Aclysia dropped to her knees, undid the cord in front of Apexus’ pants, and then pulled them down. He did a quick shuffle, allowing the metal fairy to take the pants off the ground, orderly fold them, and put them aside. Then he placed a hand on her backwards combed, silver-white hair. Green eyes stared up adoringly. “Use your mouth.”

Korith was currently looking with disappointment in her eyes. She had imagined Apexus to be truly hung and thought she had caught glimpses of that fact before. What she saw at first was barely existent, in terms of a manhood. Then the slime started to fill the faux-penis he had made with additional biomass, and the kobold’s eyes went wide.

Within five seconds, the tiny thing grew to a size that outstripped even what she remembered. Her lips parted, in awe and in mimicry of Aclysia, who gave the tip of the cock an eager kiss. Several more followed, as the grace Aclysia usually carried herself with was channelled into worshipping her way down the girthy shaft and then licking back up. Her white, black-spotted wings quivered with excitement.

“Ya should know that he’s got as many as we want,” Reysha purred into the kobold’s pointy ear. That she was able to crawl over unnoticed even while moaning and masturbating betrayed just how focused Korith was. That she didn’t jump at the surprise, in turn, proved how much it excited her. “Size, number, cocks, tentacles, a large variety of them, Apexus can even do a vibrating thing and that’s sooo goooooooooood.” The tiger girl pushed both hands between her thighs and bit her lower lip. Just the memory made her sensitivity surge.

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to,” Apexus assured Korith, once more directing his eyes to her. There was a visual disharmony between the understanding in his eyes and the hand demandingly placed on the head of Aclysia. “Mate selection is to be taken seriously.”

“Mate selection?!” Korith squealed.

“He’s just being awkward,” Reysha assured. “He’s inferti- ah fuck-“ her own fingers distracted her mid-sentence.

“I-I know!” the kobold responded. She had been informed about the safety of the sex already, otherwise she wouldn’t have agreed to stay – not without taking her own precautions anyway. She stared at the redhead, who had her eyes closed and was fingering her pussy feverishly. Wet sounds and rapid breaths accompanied the movements.

Reysha was gorgeous and unashamed of her own erotic display. On her knees, right next to Korith, and still matching the kobold in height, Reysha presented herself openly. Her spine was curved, chest pushed forwards and squished between her arms, while her hourglass curves, deliciously brown and covered in darker stripes, trembled with mounting pleasure. Her upper fangs protruded over her reddish-brown lips, until an ecstatic shout forced her mouth agape.

The redhead’s eyelids fluttered, while she came for the first time that evening. Her fingers only stopped rubbing her clit and penetrating her cunt when the pleasure became too strong to control her motions. The corners of her lips curved in something similar to a smile, on her otherwise ecstatically blank face.

It was the first time Korith saw another woman orgasm, and it made her legs weak. The shortstack’s thick thighs rubbed together, causing her to gasp involuntarily. Aclysia’s voice reached her ears.

“You should decide soon,” the metal fairy advised, her tone that of deep excitement. She was only half turned towards Korith, looking at the kobold with one eye, while her darling’s cock lay across her face. “Apexus is withholding his scent while you ponder.” The advice wasn’t entirely benevolent. Selfishly, Aclysia wanted the exciting, sweet smell to fill her lungs.

‘There’s no way you can walk out here!’ her thoughts raced, while her body moved slowly. She nodded and grabbed the lower edge of her shirt. She stopped for a moment, as the entirety of the room’s attention shifted to her. Of the trio, Aclysia had seen the most of her skin. When Korith had passed out in the aftermath of the storm, the metal fairy had stripped her down to her underwear and dried her using magic. The other two caught nothing of that. All three were curious to see the fullness of Korith’s curves revealed.

She pulled the linen shirt over her head and revealed a worn-out bra. They were difficult to come by, especially at her size, but it was the best she had for keeping her breasts from jiggling all over the place whenever she moved around. Reaching behind her back, she undid the metal hook that kept the thing in place and breathed a sigh of relief when the pressure was off her breasts.

Everyone else inhaled in awe as the mounds drooped a few centimetres. Her breasts were massive, that much had been clear from the start, but now their size was truly revealed. They were as large as her head, of the same light brown as the rest of her skin, and crowned by erect, brownish pink nipples. They sagged a bit, courtesy of their size, yet were definitely on the firm side of squishiness.

Korith pushed her thumbs under the waistband of her pants. Before she could push them down, Apexus ordered her, “Turn around.”

The kobold gulped, feeling hot waves of embarrassment and excitement wash over her as she obediently presented her rear. Part of her loved every second of the attention, another wished they wouldn’t ogle her just so intensely. The former won, and she raised up her tail, getting it out of the line of sight of the trio. Ass thrust backwards, she pushed her pants downwards.

Her ass was a squishy, fat and jiggly manifestation of glory. For Apexus’ tastes, a tad too large to be as perfect as the rear of his first love, Aclysia, but fantastic beyond a doubt. Her thighs extended flawlessly from that massive derriere, evidently just as grabbable and soft.

When her pants were down at the level of her ankles and her ass a display of two globes of smooth, tanned flesh, the trio could see her two holes. She was every bit as hairless as Reysha was, and her pussy was visibly drenched. A gooey strand had drawn between her pinkish labia and her panties, broken by distance for everyone to see.

The blond kobold turned back around, struggling not to try and hide her breasts with her arms, and presented her entirety to the group. Beyond her tits and ass, the rest of her was gorgeous as well. Her midriff was flat, even somewhat defined. Red scales started shortly above her knees and covered everything below, ending in reptilian feet. Her arms were covered from the elbows down and a couple of the red spots decorated her neck as well. All of her was in pristine condition and clean, even if she had started to sweat a little bit.

“So, this is me,” she said, trying to break the silence. “Hope you like it?”

“Like it?!” Reysha grabbed Korith by the shoulders and turned the shortstack towards her. “Girl I… absltl lve t….” The second half of the confession was barely audible, as the redhead disappeared into Korith’s cleavage. Grabbing the massive tits from both sides, Reysha pressed as much of the funbags against her as she could, kneading them in the process.

It all happened so fast, the only reaction Korith could have to someone else touching her breasts for the first time was to moan. Loudly. “Ah!” her voice echoed in the room. Her mind went blank, while she watched, and was watched, as Reysha played with her breasts. Hands sinking into the enormous tits, the softness under and spilling around her fingers urged the tiger girl to continue. Korith’s continuous moans motivated her further, made her find her way to Korith’s nipples and start playing with them. Circling them, pinching them, pulling them softly, then a little harder. Each step along the way, Korith kept moaning, intertwined with pleasantly pained gasps towards the end.

Korith hadn’t known that she could enjoy a bit of torment to such a degree. She’d been distantly aware that she was submissive, that she was attracted to a larger, muscular man who could pin her down at will let her come to that conclusion easily. Masochistic was not something she could have found out on her own. When the soft biting of her nipples sent an ecstatic shiver down her spine, she had already accepted that.

One step away, Aclysia decided that she had seen enough. Further motivated by the first inhale of Apexus’ pheromones, wafting straight from the cock still lying across her face, the metal fairy licked her way up the shaft again. Apexus made his enjoyment audible with a deep groan, and clawed demandingly into her hair. Once she was at the glans, mouth wide open, she half descended, half was pulled down, on his cock.

The humanoid slime did not let her stop, until she reached the base. Once all the way down, Aclysia’s pink lips formed a tight seal around his cock. He didn’t let her go back up, but the angel had no need for air anyway. Gladly, she let her head be manhandled, angled, and rolled to her dominant’s enjoyment. When he decided to move her up and down like a cocksleeve, that was her joy as well.

“You can touch yourself,” Apexus allowed and Aclysia quickly took that offer. The reverberation of her moans around Apexus’ girthy member only increased his enjoyment.

Reysha decided to reposition herself.  She stopped biting the nipples and instead moved behind the kobold. Placing her chin on her shoulders and groping Korith from behind, she whispered into her ear. “You can touch yourself too, ya know?” the perverted tiger girl asked, licking Korith’s neck and tasting the hot sweat. Both of them could smell the sweet aroma of the aphrodisiac pheromones too.

“I woulllld,” Korith whined in pleasure. Continuous groping of her tits made it difficult to think or say something that wasn’t unabashedly lewd. “I need a toy thouuuuugh.”

“Toy? why would-” Reysha’s eyes fell on Korith’s hands, at the claws and scales, and she realized that they did not allow for a pleasurable self-treatment. “Aww, ya poor thing!” she swooned, delighted at the prospects. “Do ya need someone to help ya out?” She let a hand travel over the midriff of the shortstack and stopped just shy of her drenched cunt.

“Y-yes?” Korith’s uncertain voice quivered.

“Hmmm, sounds like ya don’t want me,” Reysha teased.

Apexus picked up on what was happening and made wordless eye contact with his second love. A silent agreement formed, between the dom and the switch, and the humanoid slime suddenly pulled Aclysia off his cock. “On all fours,” he ordered and the metal fairy hurried to oblige.

“However I please you, darling,” she voiced her submission, once in the demanded position. Apexus got behind her and gave her bubble butt a swift and strong smack. Delighted, Aclysia yelped. A shouted moan followed, when he pushed inside her. Penetrating her soft, dripping wet pussy, Apexus bowed over his bottom-heavy angel and wrapped an arm around her neck. He pulled her up against his chest.

“You always please me, my melody,” he told her, the gentle words contrasting with the chokehold. A happy smile spread on Aclysia’s face, soon parting in a silent shout. Apexus fucked her, slowly pulling out of her and then ramming back in hard enough that the clap of his groin against her rippling ass bounced through the single room of the house.

‘I WANT THAT!!!’ Korith’s mind screamed, almost collapsing where she stood. Horniness so intense it overrode her motor functions had her pant and squirm in Reysha’s arms. The Rogue had to strain herself a fair bit to keep her contained. “…I-I want you to touch me,” Korith settled for the next best, watching Aclysia’s eyes rolling up from being absolutely railed.

“Ooooh?” Reysha played the ignorant and inched a little bit closer to Korith’s ready cunt. “But I am touching you? What do you mean?”

“My pussy, please…”

“Please do whaaaaaat?” the tiger girl kept teasing. “How about you spell it out for me? I’m sawwy, I’m stawpid… say ‘Reysha, mistress, I beg of you, touch my needy little cunt’.”

Korith trembled, humiliated in every way she enjoyed. “R-reysha, mistress, I be-eeeee-“ The sensation of her ear getting softly bitten interrupted the shortstack. Her legs did give in for a moment, but she barely remained standing. “I beg of youuu, touch my needy little cuuuunt.”

“Attagirl,” Reysha purred and curved two fingers into Korith’s cunt.

Pleasure hot as lightning rushed through the blonde’s excited curves. On the border of hyperventilating, her breath pushed and pulled air through her clenched teeth. The first few moments were ecstatic relief of feeling any direct pleasure at all. Then there was a semi-desperate lull. Reysha had no idea where Korith was the most sensitive, so the initial impression was that her dildo felt better. Quick on the uptake and borderline nymphomaniac, Reysha swiftly figured out what to do. That and the difference in having someone else work her pussy, particularly someone she trusted, gradually transformed the impression. Soon, the work Reysha’s fingers were doing was the greatest Korith had ever felt.

Apexus helped that sensation by making a mess off Aclysia. From the chokehold, to pushing her head and petitely breasted torso to the ground, he transitioned from slow and hard to fast and harder. He kept her pinned down. The snow-white softness of her ass rippled with every impact. She screamed, so happy that she could be as loud as she wanted out here in the woods. Her pussy gushed. Multiple orgasms drowned her thoughts. A small tendril had attached to her clit, continuously stimulating it with a myriad of tiny touches. Without Apexus’ hand on her head, dishevelling her hair, she would have screamed at the ceiling, spine curved.

The shouts of the tall angel, the moans of the short kobold and the scent of pheromones impregnated the air with a deeply lustful atmosphere. Korith’s first orgasm came swiftly. Willingly surrendered to Reysha’s whims, she came so hard the overflowing pussy juice ran down the inside of her smooth thighs. A second eventually followed. Then a third.

To her it was a wonder that she kept standing throughout all of that. Apexus, with his heat-based stamina, continued fucking Aclysia without ever tiring. That, to Korith, was absolute insanity and she couldn’t help but anticipate her turn to get pounded. Pounded and pounded until she, like Aclysia at the moment, lost her voice and was a twitching, orgasm-wrecked mess on the ground.

Apexus was quite enjoying the show that Reysha was putting up for him. The redhead grinned at her lover, over the shoulder of the blonde she kept in a hazy state of pleasure. Although he wished to play with those plump tits himself, Reysha cupping them one after the other and letting them drop, bounce, and jiggle was a second-hand compromise he could agree with, for the time being.

When his orgasm was approaching, he lowered his gaze to the metal fairy. Her gushing cunt came into view each time he pulled out of her fantastic bubble butt. That wonderful balance between roundness, width, and sheer size her pear-figure struck in the lower half was a cushion to his every thrust. Still, there was enough force in every thrust to crumple the sheets under them. He wrapped an arm around her again, by the chest this time. He pulled her up against him, not to choke her, but to claim her lips during the final few thrusts.

When his hot semen unloaded inside her, Aclysia found the strength to let out a few lustful sounds. Their tongues intertwined and wrestled in a sloppy kiss. Apexus dominated her mouth just as much as the rest of her body, doing with her however he pleased. He groped her petite breasts and twisted the nipple. Approvingly, Aclysia yelped and pressed her ass against his groin. Her hips gyrated, trying to stimulate the production of semen even more. All that Apexus pumped into her, a load several times that of a normal man, was made at the moment of orgasm.

“Tshank you, darling,” Aclysia slurred, when the stream of semen finally abated.

“You are a good girl,” he responded, petting her head gently while lowering her to the ground. Korith didn’t really register what happened, until the slime pulled out and the thick white excess of his cum poured from the metal fairy’s swollen cunt.

“Great thing about our big man,” Reysha whispered into Korith’s ear, while the humanoid slime turned his attention to them. “His cock stays hard as long as he wants to.”

“I do have a limit,” Apexus reminded her. “It does cost biomass.”

Reysha clicked her tongue. “I’m trying to impress the newbie here.”

“Oh,” the slime had failed to pick up on that. “Sorry?”

Korith would have chuckled, had she not been entirely entranced by the massive cock that was, one step later, one forwards lean away from going into her mouth. She wouldn’t have to get on her knees to suck it either. She was at the perfect height standing. Her pussy twitched with anticipation – and because Reysha pulled her fingers out.

“It ain’t your turn yet,” Reysha teased, kissing the kobold on the cheek. “Seniority rights, and all that.”

Teasing the kobold a little bit more did feel like fun, so Apexus gave an agreeing nod. The desperate look on Korith’s face following that announcement was exactly what the dom and the switch were after. “B-but… what am I supposed to do?” the kobold asked, squirming.

“Watch,” Apexus ordered her, while he lay down next to them. Grinning wildly, Reysha climbed on top and swiftly impaled herself on his cock.

“FUCK YES!” she screamed at the top of her lungs and laughed. It sounded somewhat insane, in the hottest way, and the tiger girl immediately started bouncing on his girthy manhood. Her decently sized breasts bounced, her athletic curves stretched and her hair flew left to right. Arms raised above her head, she stopped in the wild up and down, the entirety of his dick inside her, and performed a belly dance. Her hips circled, her excited breathing was controlled, her insides clenched the cock that was stretching her tight walls. “Oh fuck, stud, you make me feel so good,” Reysha groaned. There was no need to act for any of that, he truly did. Especially once he grabbed her hips thrust up into her. With a manic laugh and a depraved cry, she returned to the reckless riding.

Korith's eyes darted around the room for something she could use to pleasure herself. All she found was Aclysia, but the metal fairy was still twitching and moaning from the afterglow of her thorough pounding. ‘You’ve been told to watch anyway,’ her submissive side reminded the near-mad, horny kobold. She swallowed and watched, as ordered.

“Come on, show Korith all you can do to me,” Reysha challenged. “Mess me up, stud!”

“All?” Apexus asked, just to be certain.

“Fuck – me – up!” Reysha made it extremely clear and cackled anticipatingly when several tentacles sprouted from Apexus’ back and curved around his torso.

It was an alien sight to Korith, but not to an alarming degree. Reysha had talked about them earlier and she reacted with such utter delight that no alarm bells could go off. Two of them wound around her tits, the tips formed like suction pads that attached to her nipples and teased them with several dozen tiny endings. Same happened with her clit. A second cock formed, pressing against her asshole. It started small, smeared lubricating precum over the tight hole, penetrated her and then gradually became larger. Two tentacles wrapped her upper arms. Not to restrict her, more so to make their presence known. They were almost as thick as the cock in her cunt and she grabbed both of them, masturbating the slippery ends.

The expression Reysha made was pure, perverted delight. Eyes rolled up, tongue lolled out, she was made to bounce on the two cocks that filled her lower holes. She only ever focused long enough to lean towards one of the tendrils and suck it off. The other she masturbated at an extreme pace. Whenever she felt like it, she switched, or just gave both a handjob while she tried to match the rhythm of her lover.

“Hamena, hamena, hamena,” Korith rambled. “I want that too. Please tell me he fucks me next. Oh, Hoard, I want to be ruined toooooo…” She only realized that she was talking out loud when Apexus shot her an amused glance. The kobold was embarrassed. Luckily for her, Reysha was too far gone to have heard any of that.

“I fucking love your cocks!” were the only words Reysha said, thought, and could perceive. Anything else was wiped out due to said cocks and tendrils. Each and every one of her sensitive areas was being assaulted by specialized tendrils, hard cocks, or girthy tentacles. “YES, FUCK ME, YE---” Her words stopped when she wrapped her reddish brown lips around a tentacle and pushed her head down until it was in her throat. The flexibility made that easy, the size did not. Her throat bulged visibly, all three of her holes were completely filled, and she squirted all over Apexus’ groin.

Using this many tendrils multiplied the pleasure he felt. While the slime was built to last despite this, he reached his second climax noticeably faster than the first. Part of that was also Reysha’s uncompromising pace, seeking constant, savage ecstasy. She got that, her brown curves bouncing and smacking loudly down on his hips until the very last moment. Large hands on her hips grabbed more intensely, pressed into her round ass, and kept her down while he came.

All three of her holes were filled with hot cum, and the second tentacle covered her face, hair and tits in even more of it. She enjoyed the sensation of being cum-coated, especially with Korith watching, so much that she pulled the first tentacle out of her mouth and let the second half of the orgasm entirely unload over her. “Yesssss, shower me,” she hissed, grinning and gasping in the middle of her orgasm. There were no qualms about showing just how much of a sex fiend she was.

On her depravedly contorted features, wave after wave of semen landed. The outstretched tongue caught some of it. Laughing from the depth of her throat, Reysha wiggled her hips. Her insides twitched and clenched around the girthy cocks. Both were shaped to fit her tastes specifically. “You’re gorgeous,” Apexus groaned, while the last of the orgasm unloaded over and over in her.

“Of cou-rrrrrse, I a-ahm,” Reysha responded, moaning from the afterglows. “Fuuuuck, you messed me up gooooood.” The tentacles slithered away. Nipples and clit being suddenly exposed to the air made her head fly back. A cascade of red hair, partly covered and soaked with semen, and a half-cackling cry emphasized her continued pleasure. Tilting her head slightly, she looked over to Korith.

The kobold stood and panted. Several strands of gooey pussy juice dripped between her legs. Her breathing was so intense, it sent small ripples through her massive tits. She wrung her hands in front of her abdomen, trying and failing to find a distraction in the gesture.

“Yourrrrr turrrrn,” Reysha purred and raised her hips off the dual cocks. Globs of excess semen started leaking out almost immediately. Insatiably, the tiger girl walked over to where Aclysia, barely recovered, had managed to sit upright. Tiger girl and angel started making out the moment the dominant of the two grabbed the submissive’s head.

Korith could only glance at that. A much larger and interesting distraction came her way. Unmaking the lower of the two cocks, Apexus stepped up in front of Korith. The one that was left glistened with the mixture of Aclysia and Reysha’s pussy juices. When he stopped, it was right in front of her face, in all of its magnificent size. “Should I make it smaller?”

“No!” Any doubts Korith had about her virgin sexual skills were drowned in lust. She needed it large. Many of the shorter humanoid races were created with bodies capable of taking comparatively enormous cocks. It had started as a compromise to allow the omnipresent ability of crossbreeding. Generations of mortal perversions had emphasized that trait in every way, to the point where size queens were more common than not.

Although her curves were far beyond the average kobold, in this specific aspect Korith followed the norm. There was a second adaptation that was common in the females of short species across the Omniverse. One that Korith did not know she possessed, until Apexus grabbed her by the horns and pulled her towards his cock.

Her lips made contact with the massive member, and a hot shudder went through her. Jaw slackening, she let him push into her tiny, tight mouth. He slowed down, when he was merely a fifth in, expecting her gag reflex to kick in at any moment now. All she reacted with were moans – incredibly intense moans, that only grew louder as he pushed into her slimy throat. A bulge progressively travelled down her neck. Korith’s eyelids fluttered. Her pussy twitched. Eagerly she leaned forwards, taking more of him in. The way his hard manhood stretched out her throat was incredible. Beyond incredible even, it beat masturbation and Reysha’s fingering. It made her feel hot and tingling. Then it made her feel ecstatic.

Hands clenched in front of her, throat stretched, lips pressed against his groin, and hard cock sheathed completely inside her, Korith’s pussy gushed as she came harder than any time before in her life. Many generations of mortal perversion had made females of the short races not only able to take enormous cocks without problems, but had made their throats extremely sensitive as well. A species whose mouth was practically on groin height when they stood often came to give this service.

Korith had no idea how easy and how incredible it would be for her to take the entirety of his cock. The remainder of the trio were similarly surprised. This was not widespread information in public circles. Reysha felt a deep-seated respect. Aclysia felt some envy at her obvious ability to orgasm from her throat alone. Apexus felt both excitement and a twinge of disappointment that he would not get to see her gradually learn to handle his ‘regular’ size.

The excitement won out and tightened his grip on her upper pair of horns. They were just long enough to fit in his hands and their texture was almost too perfect as handles. Without hesitation, he started fucking her throat and indulging in the screams of the submissive shortstack. Muffled by his cock, they competed with the delighted moans of the two women engaged in mutual masturbation.

Hard and fast, Apexus hammered in and out of her face. What had started as the strongest orgasm of her life so far quickly transitioned into a series that left her mind empty. All of her felt floaty and distant, aside from the ecstasy that she felt both in her throat and her clenching pussy. Her legs did little to keep her standing, it was almost entirely the strength of Apexus’ arms and the depth his cock reached that were responsible. She was being used, like Aclysia had been used, just like she wanted it.

Time was a distant concept to her. The best measurement she had was when Apexus stopped in his steady pounding to let her breathe. Those gasps of air were the sweetest she had taken in her life and yet she so readily stopped and opened her mouth again the moment his cock was pushed in the direction of her lips. Spit and precum dripped from her chin and fell on her bouncing tits. Her nipples brushed against his legs sometimes, adding another variety of hot tingle to the storm of bliss.

Korith could taste the other two women on that cock. Her tongue instinctively pressed against the hard shaft, wanting more of that sweetness. The smell of his pheromones filled her mouth, nostrils, throat and lungs. The insides of her thighs were completely drenched. The rest of her body glistened with a sheen of sweat.

“Do not swallow,” three words reached her ear. The tone, an order of sexual dominance, forced the meaning in her mind.

Apexus pulled back, leaving only the head of his fat cock in her mouth. Her throat felt empty for a moment, but she was quickly distracted by the hot stuff flooding her tongue. The humanoid slime observed closely, while the massive load pumped the kobold’s mouth full. A deep satisfaction filled him, knowing that she obeyed. Some of it ran down her throat involuntarily. Korith remained true and as still as she could, with fading orgasms making her voluptuous curves tremble.

Once he was done, he removed his cock completely. A dribble of cum made it past Korith’s lips. White dominated the insides of her mouth and her tongue instinctively swirled what filled it. “Good girl,” Apexus complimented her, two words that alone made Korith squirm. “Swallow.” With some difficulty, she gulped down the entirety of the load. Then Apexus softened the strength of his hold. Her legs gave in readily and he placed her on her back.

Just how curvy Korith was became emphasized when Apexus placed his hands on her hips. Their size difference seemed to diminish, judging by how much he had to hold onto alone. Lecherously, he stared at her massive tits and how they fell towards her face when he raised her lower body up to align his cock with her virgin cunt. “Are you ready?” he asked.

“I want all of that big dick inside me!” That conveyed her feelings better than a proper answer to that question. “That’s the best first I could ask for!”

Without further delay, Apexus pushed forwards. Her slippery thighs pressed against his sides. Her legs wrapped around him. Her feet barely managed to meet at the back, after he was halfway inside her. His cock stretched her out in all directions. The tightness was extreme, yet he could sink deeper inside her with little issue. He stopped, worried he might tear something.

“Deeper… you can go deeper,” Korith encouraged him. Her hymen had been torn with toys years ago and her pussy would have been grippingly tight around a shaft that girthy in any case. “I can take more, give me mooooooreeeee!”

Resuming his movements, Apexus gave her what she wanted. The outline of his cock was a visible bulge, going up her abdomen. He hit the entrance of her womb, something that would have caused a rather severe adverse reaction in regular women. All Korith did was scream in raw bliss.

Short races achieved their tolerance for massive cocks through two ways: extremely stretchy pussy walls with five times the fold density of taller races and internal organs that did not mind the displacement necessary to accommodate a dick a fifth of their total size. When her womb was pushed deeper into her body, all that did was stretch out the dense folds. The process exposed more nerves to the rigidity of the manhood penetrating her. The bigger the dick penetrating a kobold, goblin, gnome, or other such species, the larger the erogenous zone that was stimulated.

And so the taking of her virginity made Korith orgasm three times before the entirety of his cock was sheathed in her. She squirted all over his cock. The lubrication was so overabundant that had it not been for her incredible tightness, moving in and out of her would have barely provided any friction. He pulled out, then slowly pushed back inside. Only after several slow thrusts, did the reshaped form of her insides start to stabilize. Her pussy became moulded, for as long as he kept fucking her, to the dimensions of his dick. Each time he fully sunk inside her, the tip kissed her womb.

Gradually, he accelerated. Soon, he pounded her just as mercilessly as he had Aclysia and Reysha. Again and again, he smashed against her plump ass. His eyes followed the hypnotic swing of her massive breasts. The ripples were a visual feast that matched that of ploughing the metal fairy’s perfect ass. Back and forth they swung, nipples cutting ovals in the air. On the extremes of each jiggle, Korith could have caught them with her mouth, had she not been so busy screaming. The sweet tones of her ecstasy caressed Apexus’ ears.

‘Plap, plap, plap,’ the sounds of the wet slaps of flesh against flesh echoed through the room. Korith’s hands gripped the sheets under her. Both were taken by the other two women in the room.

Aclysia and Reysha had stopped their lesbian engagement and come to join them. Angel to his right, tiger girl to his left, Apexus saw them smile at him, while they each held one of Korith’s hands. Their asses were not quite in his field of view, the kobold was just too short to allow both the handholding and that sight, but that was no problem for the humanoid slime. Tendrils extended from his back, soon finding their pussies and pushing inside.

The pleasure from tentacles was lesser than from a proper cock. They lacked the force of impact, as they slithered in and out, and that rigidity. They were a close second though and the small tendrils teasing their other areas more than made up for the shortcomings.

Apexus was in complete charge of the situation. Three gorgeous women went cross-eyed because of him, going insane with lust. He concentrated on Korith, for her novelty and to make their first mating an occasion to remember. Her glistening, bouncing tits were incredible to behold. He reached out with one hand and greedily grabbed as much of one as his hand could encompass. His fingers almost vanished in the flesh spilling around them. Korith’s back arched, presenting the full size of her feminine spheres to him.

He pulled his hand back, needing both to properly hold her hips as he pounded her. It was replaced with Reysha’s mouth. The tiger girl once again sucked and lovingly bit the kobold’s tits. Aclysia followed the example, with gentle kisses and licks replacing the roughness of the switch.

Although in thoughtless ecstasy, Korith was under the impression that she had hit the pinnacle of bliss, surrounded by affectionate lovers and filled with a giant cock. Then a tentacle wound around her throat. It only did so for support, but the mild pressure alone was enough to set her off further. Then that very same tentacle prodded her lips. Apexus recognized that the kobold was in no state to exchange words, so he presented the question through action.

The answer was an eagerly opened mouth. Korith squirted again, when the depth of her sensitive throat was filled with a girthy tentacle. From both ends, she was being ravaged. Her jiggling tits caressed. Sanity was far out the window, all she cared for was to indulge in this for as long as it lasted.

“This is the last,” Apexus groaned, recognizing his own limits approaching. The words fell on deaf ears, all three women were too far in the depths of depravity to notice anything other than moans. Aclysia was on the border of hyperventilating, Reysha giggled madly, and Korith’s screams were muffled. Apexus saw in their rolled up eyes and ecstatic expressions a duty to continue for as long as he could.

His sensitive sexual organs did not stop, did not slow, as he made it past the point of no return and held back his final release. Held it back, as he pumped into their tight cunts. Held it back, as he listened to their depraved cries. Held it back, as he watched their bodies shake and spasm. Held it back, until he couldn’t any longer, and came. Came inside Aclysia’s eager pussy. Came inside Reysha’s perverted cunt. Came pressed against Korith’s womb, filling it directly. Came all over her tits and face, after pulling out of her throat. White seed marked her tanned skin and blonde hair. He came and came, his humanoid body rigid with the dominating ecstasy that was more prominent than anything else in the room.

Spurt for spurt, pleasure subsided. The smaller tendrils retracted first. The larger ones stayed, while there was still cum to be spurted over and into the gasping women. Then they too gradually pulled back, leaving agape holes behind.

A last reasonable action was taken, after Apexus pulled his deflating cock out of Korith. The slime helped all three of his women into a lying position. Tiredness took the place of lust, a deep, satisfied desire to sleep and restore the energy expended. All that prevented the three women from passing out immediately was the remaining aftershocks making them twitch and moan occasionally. By the time Apexus himself lay down, that had diminished to such a degree that they fell into an uncertain slumber. Soon, that was replaced with a deep sleep.

The fire kept them warm through the night.

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