Chapter 1036: South Emperor Seeking Guidance

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Chapter 1036: South Emperor Seeking Guidance

The crowd took a deep breath from astonishment. They were quite perplexed by the gigantic gap between the two.

“How are people in the current generation going to compete for the Heaven’s Will?” A powerful youth lost his confidence right away. The Mortal King was strong enough in the eyes of the younger generation, but he was not worth mentioning when it came to South Emperor.

“The word ‘emperor’ alone is enough to tell the tale. Not just anyone can claim to be an emperor!” Another murmured.

“That’s an Era Evader for you.” A paragon spoke: “If the current geniuses don’t grow to the point where they are recognized by the Heaven’s Will, they simply can’t compete with him.”

One person even went as far to say: “Is that an Emperor Assailant? To blow the War God away with just one finger, truly unstoppable.”

Li Qiye didn’t look twice at what was happening. He was still nonchalant in his own world.

South Emperor approached and sat in front of him. He smilingly said: “Let this junior drink with you in this busy mundane world.”

With that, he casually flipped his palm and they instantly teleported away.

In the blink of an eye, the pavilion that Li Qiye was sitting on disappeared. Many people on top of the terrace looked over and realized that the South Emperor had teleported the entire building.

Somewhere in the southern region, there was a waterfall running with green pine trees everywhere as if it was a paradise.

At this time, the emperor took some of Li Qiye’s wine and began to drink even faster than Li Qiye, as if he wanted to compete with him.

Li Qiye sat there in contemplation. After a while, his mind returned and he glanced at South Emperor who was gulping down cups of liquor.

“Little Guo, if you want to drink, go take out your imperial brew from your mountain, don’t steal mine.” Li Qiye said slowly.

South Emperor’s name was Gu Guo. In the present times, no one knew his name and of course, no one would ever dare to call him “Little Guo”. Even Immortal Emperor Yin Tian was his junior, so who at Mysterious Bamboo would dare to call him Little Guo?

South Emperor didn’t really want to put the aged wine down. He felt the urge to pull on his hair with a suffering grimace.

“What’s wrong, Little Guo.” Li Qiye revealed a rare smile after looking at the emperor.

The emperor let go of his hair and waved his hands in front of Li Qiye: “I want to suicide, Sacred Teacher. You, you are pushing me to the edge right now.”

“Pushing you to the edge? I don’t think it has anything to do with me.” Li Qiye looked at the fella and laughed.

South Emperor reluctantly explained: “Can I get any unluckier? At fifteen, I met Empress Hong Tian. Fine, I accepted defeat. I evaded one era and came out at twenty. Oh well, I met Immortal Emperor Bing Yu. I’ll just attribute that to bad luck again, so I evaded another generation. At thirty, I made another debut only to meet Immortal Emperor Qian Li, so I hid again and finally came out now. My god, Sacred Teacher, you are personally doing it this time.”

“Teacher, are you purposely doing this to ruin me? Empress Hong Tian was your direct student, Immortal Emperor Bing Yu was given a new fortune by you. And as for Immortal Emperor Qian Li, you were her dao protector!” South Emperor bitterly spoke: “Every time I come into being, I just happen to come by you. I should just buy a bunch of noodles so I can hang myself already.”

South Emperor was indeed very unlucky. The first time he came out, he met Empress Hong Tian. Even the most brilliant geniuses would be finished, so he chose to run.

The second time, the Dark Crow granted a great fortune to the young Immortal Emperor Bing Yu. Others didn’t know about the existence of the Dark Crow, but South Emperor did. This was because the second emperor of Mysterious Bamboo was groomed by the Dark Crow!

At a certain level, the Dark Crow granting a fortune was akin to determining Immortal Emperor Bing Yu’s right to the Heaven’s Will, so South Emperor hid again.

The third time was even worse. The Dark Crow personally became the dao protector of Immortal Emperor Qian Li. South Emperor knew better than everyone else that no one would be able to bar the Dark Crow’s path. Thus, he evaded another generation.

This was his fourth time coming out, and worse turned to worst. The Dark Crow himself came out! Even if he was stronger, he wouldn’t have the chance to become the Immortal Emperor.

Having to evade four generations was a kind of torture to South Emperor, enough to drive him crazy.

Li Qiye laughed and gently shook his head: “Little Guo, this has nothing to do with me. It is all about your inner demon.” Li Qiye pointed at his heart: “If you don’t come out from the shadow of Empress Hong Tian, how are you going to compete for the Heaven’s Will?”

“Sacred Teacher is right, I do have a shadow looming in my heart.” South Emperor bitterly smiled: “But this inner demon is not from losing to Empress Hong Tian, it is you, Sacred Teacher. I cannot defeat this inner demon, so when you take action, I can only retreat!”

Li Qiye chuckled and stated: “If that’s the case, it isn’t hard for you to defeat it. Just kill me, then it will no longer loom over your conscience.”

“Sacred Teacher, please don’t scare me.” South Emperor shook his head: “Even if I wanted to, it wouldn’t be my turn. I wouldn’t be among the top ten of those who want to kill you, no, not even the top fifty. The number of giants across the ages that want you dead is too numerous to count.”

South Emperor was very powerful and he went very far back. It could even be said that he was extremely close to being an Immortal Emperor. However, he knew himself very well. It was impossible for him to kill an existence like Li Qiye. Otherwise, the Dark Crow would have disappeared from this world long ago, there wouldn’t be a need for him to take action.

He became quite sad at this point. He wanted to drink more aged wine to become drunk. Alas, he failed at this too.

“Sacred Teacher, I’m so sad right now.” He said helplessly: “I have evaded four generations, should I do it again or just be satisfied with this one?”

Li Qiye smiled in response: “That depends on what you want. Your chance of becoming an emperor is greater than anyone else. If you give up this generation, there will be bigger opportunities later. Avoid me and you can definitely become emperor in the next generation.”

He spoke forlornly: “Sigh, but I have given up on so many already.”

Li Qiye replied: “Era Evading isn’t anything to be ashamed of. Immortal Emperor Mu Zhuo, Di Yu, and Qing He all evaded eras. If you manage to evade four generations and come out in the fifth, then it can be considered a miracle. It is not your dao heart that is lacking, and the same is true for your talents. The only thing I can say is that your luck is quite bad.”

“Sigh, this is why I’m sad, it’s as if I was born to be hapless.” The emperor smiled wryly: “Unlucky for four generations.”

“Who told you to do so well in your youth? You nearly reached the Heaven’s Will at fifteen years old, what more do you want? If we were to make a list of all the top geniuses across the ages, you definitely would be among the top ten. Consider this as a test from the heavens.” Li Qiye laughed.

With a painful expression, he moaned: “It was indeed smooth early on, but do you need to torture me like this?”

“What do you think? Even though you are among the top ten geniuses, look at the list. How many of them actually had an easy life or peaceful ending?” Li Qiye shook his head: “The heavens granted you such great talents, so it has to harden your willpower first.”

“Fine then, the old villainous heavens can continue to torture me.” South Emperor complained before becoming serious: “Sacred Teacher, I came this time just to listen to your opinion.”

Li Qiye looked at the guy and laughed: “Gu Guo, I know you are very arrogant. The truth is that you had a chance of becoming the Immortal Emperor, but you couldn’t let go of your pride and were too reluctant to come ask me.”

“I know.” The emperor chuckled weakly: “I know that Sacred Teacher would remember old sentiments. If I asked you on my ancestor’s behalf, you would become my dao protector. Just like you said before, I nearly reached the Heaven’s Will at the age of fifteen, how could I not become arrogant? Even though the empress was more heaven-defying than me, in terms of our accomplishments at a young age and cultivation speed, she was not my match…”

“So, I couldn’t resist my pride. I always thought that I could still become the emperor without relying on you. Sigh, who would have thought that I would have to evade one generation after another. It seems like you are right, I have to let go of all posturing to come and ask you!” South Emperor was very honest at this moment.

He didn’t need to hide anything before an everlasting existence like Li Qiye. Moreover, as the Dark Crow, Li Qiye had always watched over their Mysterious Bamboo Mountain.

“You are right this time. In fact, even now, you could still become an Immortal Emperor without my help. However, due to your bad luck, you always chose the wrong generation.” Li Qiye smiled.

South Emperor took a deep breath and solemnly asked: “Sacred Master, I have seen through the past. In this generation, I am sincerely asking you, should I evade this generation or go all out?”

“That depends.” Li Qiye chuckled: “Do you want to live brilliantly for one generation, or do you only want to become an Immortal Emperor?”

“If you only want to become an emperor, then evade this era and you will definitely become one in the next after I leave. No one will be able to stop you. However, if you want to see this generation’s brilliance, then go all out.” Li Qiye looked at the emperor and said: “Remember, Immortal Emperor is only the beginning.”

“I know that.” South Emperor gently nodded: “Emperor is only the beginning. However, Sacred Teacher, if I can’t become an emperor, how can I even talk about starting…”

“There is another choice.” Li Qiye revealed a mysterious smile: “You don’t need to become an Immortal Emperor since you can be an Immortal Monarch instead! This is another option.”

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