Chapter 1037: Mythical Immortal Monarch

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Chapter 1037: Mythical Immortal Monarch

“Immortal Monarch..” South Emperor’s eyes flashed for a moment before he looked at Li Qiye and murmured: “I’ve heard of it before.”

Li Qiye gently sipped his wine and leisurely said: “What kind of generation do you wish to see? Do you just want to become an Immortal Emperor, to be at the starting point?”

South Emperor stared at Li Qiye with disbelief: “Sacred Teacher, are you really commencing the plan? You aim on going all out to the very end in this generation?”

“We have been waiting for this day for too long.” Li Qiye continued to drink: “The truth is that I’m a bit tired of living. I want an answer.”

South Emperor batted his eyes and became a bit excited. There were a few secrets that others did not know. They were not qualified to know. However, he, who was so close to Immortal Emperor, knew these secrets that even Godkings couldn’t touch.

After a while, he couldn’t help but ask: “That place, what is it like?”

Li Qiye chuckled in response: “Immortal Emperor Yin Tian is your junior so you should have learned a little bit when he was at his peak. Others aren’t qualified to watch, but you were definitely an exception.”

South Emperor was a bit dazed as he replied: “That moment, it was indeed a big storm…”

He sat there absent-mindedly. Those who were allowed to watch back then would never forget that shocking scene. It gave people an entirely new goal.

After seeing that, they would come to understand the phrase — Immortal Emperor is only the beginning!

Li Qiye grinned after seeing the dazed emperor: “What do you think now? Do you wish to fulfill your dream of becoming an Immortal Emperor or fight above the nine heavens?!”

“Immortal Monarch…” South Emperor pondered for a moment. Immortal Monarch was not a title of the nine worlds; no one here knew what it was. However, he had always wanted to become an Immortal Emperor, so he was hesitant on the prospect of becoming a monarch instead.

“Little Guo, you were a bit arrogant before, but after being polished by the river of time, your value has increased. You are now over thirty; just like the polishing of jade, your gloss will become eternal.” Li Qiye spoke.

“Is it possible?” South Emperor wondered. If Li Qiye wasn’t here, then he was certain of becoming the Immortal Emperor. However, before going to an unknown place, he needed guidance.

“It wasn’t possible in the past, but it is now. I can guarantee this.” Li Qiye drank more wine: “However, you need to be prepared. Becoming an Immortal Monarch is different from becoming an Immortal Emperor, so you need to be sure. Let go of your pride and I can show you the way.”

“This particular shift is allowed?” He asked Li Qiye. After growing older, he no longer had a rash and willful temperament. In the past, even though he didn’t act arrogant, he felt it inside. He was confident that he could become an emperor even without the Dark Crow as his teacher.

Because of this, he never asked the Dark Crow for help. Otherwise, he could have been an emperor already by letting go of his pride.

“Oh? You are not confident this time?” Li Qiye laughed and shook his head: “Even though you were wrong for four generations, things really aren’t that serious. Remember, you are among the top ten of all the geniuses across the eons. You satisfy all the conditions right now — firm dao heart with an understanding of the grand dao’s origin as well as being recognized by the Heaven’s Will. No matter which generation it may be, you are still the most outstanding genius.”

He looked at South Emperor to say: “As long as you are willing, you will definitely be able to do it. The only question is your own desire. To test your might in this generation, or to become an Immortal Emperor. Of course, each has its own merits. They are different paths leading to different worlds.”

“I will test my might in this generation then!” South Emperor took a deep breath and said solemnly: “I’m also tired of evading one generation after another, so this generation it is! Just like Sacred Teacher said before, I’m also tired of living!”

“You are only thirty years old, what is there to be tired of!” Li Qiye smilingly shook his head: “You are at your prime, so you should be high-spirited. To tell the truth, I’m a bit envious of you. Unburdened and without restrictions, this is how one should be when seeking the grand dao.”

South Emperor chuckled awkwardly after hearing this. Even a top character like him became a bit embarrassed: “Not loving anyone and having nobody to love me, is this still considered lucky?”

“It’s because your standards are too high. Back then, countless fairies and goddesses adored you, but you simply didn’t like them.” Li Qiye smiled and paused for a moment: “Not knowing love is also a kind of blessing.”

He gently sighed: “When you live for a long time, you will have to watch some people leave, both those whom you love and those who love you. The real pain is never being able to see each other again!”

“I no longer care too much after my master’s death…” South Emperor replied: “That’s good, I suppose. No regrets when it is time to part.”

“Let us not talk about this sad topic.” Li Qiye gently shook his head and smiled while drinking.

South Emperor took a deep breath and bowed like a junior: “For this journey towards the grand dao, Sacred Master, please show this junior the way.”

“How can I refuse if you put it this way? Even without being considerate of Xue Xi, I can’t say no after you have asked, considering your talents.” Li Qiye smiled.

In this undisturbed location, the two of them talked for a long time about many secret matters unknown to the world!

After the talk, Li Qiye smiled and told South Emperor: “I asked the Radiant Bodhisattva earlier, they will open that place soon. If you are interested, you can come take a look. It is absolutely a fun and interesting location.”

“One thought to become Buddha, another to become Devil — this is definitely worth taking a look.” South Emperor praised.


Outside of the Rainflower Terrace, many people were waiting for Evil Buddha and South Emperor to reappear. In the present times, these two were the most famous at the Buddhist Funeral Plateau. They even overshadowed Jikong Wudi’s group.

“Buzz!” Before the eager crowd, space finally shook and the pavilion reappeared on the terrace. Both Evil Buddha and South Emperor were still sitting there.

Many people held their breaths and were curious about the conversation between the two and whether a battle would occur or not.

However, contrary to their expectations, neither attacked. There were no wounds on either of them. Both had natural expressions, so it didn’t seem like they fought at all.

Eventually, they saw South Emperor getting up; he clasped his fist towards Li Qiye before disappearing. As for Evil Buddha, he continued to sit there, drinking his wine.

“They didn’t fight at all? Maybe they are acquaintances?” Many people whispered in private.

Someone speculated: “Perhaps Evil Buddha is also an Era Evader?”

Regardless of the speculations, no one bothered Li Qiye during the next several days at the terrace. Outside of Jikong Wudi’s group, other people would need to think twice about their own abilities before provoking Evil Buddha.

Li Qiye waited several days at the terrace, but Li Shuangyan’s group didn’t come. He gently shook his head and said: “It seems like there is some trouble.”

However, he was not worried. Li Shuangyan and the others were quite skilled now; it wouldn’t be easy to kill them. If something big had happened, they would have already asked him for help.

He paid for the drinks then left the terrace to enter the streets of the city once more.

The Buddhist City was large. Even if it wasn’t the largest in the Barren Earth, it would at least be among the top three. It spanned for tens of thousands of miles with countless temples.

Li Qiye walked along the streets before finally arriving at a huge Buddhist temple. It was quite magnificent with a grand atmosphere.

It was not particularly eye-catching in this city, however. There were many temples that were even more extravagant than this one.

“I want to see Vedas Vajra.” Li Qiye casually stated outside of the temple.

“Amitabha, Benefactor, the Vajra is not seeing guests.” The monk at the door shook his head.

“Amitabha.” Li Qiye placed his palms together, causing his Buddhist light to bloom. He turned into a Buddhist Lord.

The monk couldn’t stand straight anymore and immediately prostrated on the ground, kowtowing.

“Please excuse this little monk, I didn’t know Bodhisattva was coming.” He bowed three times before going inside to report.

Soon after, the monk came out and placed his palms together to say: “Bodhisattva, the Vajra will see you, please come inside.” With that, he led the way for Li Qiye.

Li Qiye recalled his Buddhist light, making him resemble an ordinary man again, and followed the monk inside the temple.

Eventually, the monk took him to a building and quietly left. Li Qiye gave it a quick glance before entering.

A vast Buddhist aura could be found inside the room, an aura that would drown any newcomer in an ocean of Buddhism. They would instantly have the urge to convert and become a Buddhist themself after feeling this aura.

Of course, this aura had no effect on Li Qiye. He leisurely walked inside.

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