Chapter 1039: Seeing Mei Suyao Again

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Chapter 1039: Seeing Mei Suyao Again

After leaving the temple, Li Qiye went to another part of the city. It seemed to be quite impoverished.

It seemed to be a mortal town without anything special. Li Qiye entered a house with no one trying to stop him.

After taking the first step inside, the scene immediately changed. In this place was a vast realm with bridges and green sceneries that belonged in poems.

His intrusion was met with the eruption of several powerful auras. One of them was even of the God-Monarch level. Without a doubt, this inconspicuous little house had extremely powerful Virtuous Paragons protecting it.

“Immortal Emperor Xiu Shui is truly amazing. Not only did she establish a heavenly grotto here, she also managed to shield it from the Buddhist affinity of the plateau. Such keen insight is truly admirable.” He took his time walking through this place to enjoy it fully.

The powerful auras surged; their owners wanting to attack Li Qiye. However, a voice that resembled an immortal hymn resounded: “He is a guest, do not be rude.”

Li Qiye only smiled and strolled through the place to reach a particular pavilion. It was built in the middle of a lake with a woman sitting on a stone chair. She was looking at the pretty view of the lake.

Anyone would marvel at the sight of this woman ahead. She was beautiful beyond words. It was not enough to call her a goddess.

Mei Suyao! The woman praised as a goddess in the Mortal Emperor World. She was sitting quietly with an indifferent demeanor, like a fairy detached from this mundane world. She also had this appearance in the past, but the current Mei Suyao was completely different from before.

In the past, her steps were accompanied by visual phenomena like a deity descending to this world. But now, she had returned to the origin and held a simplicity far from striking visuals and hymns of the grand dao. Nevertheless, she was still a goddess removed from the pollution of the world and was about to fuse together with nature.

Her core remained unchanged, but she now used a different attitude to deal with the world, resulting in a different style.

She stood up the moment she saw Li Qiye walk into the pavilion. She looked at him and, with a slightly surprised expression while her forehead flashed with a glimmer, she inquired: “Is it you, Young Noble Li?”

She was not completely sure of this either.

“Not bad, an Immortal Bone is worthy of its prestige. To be able to see the truth and communicate with true gods.” Li Qiye nodded his head and praised. He revealed his true form and freely sat down on another stone chair.

After seeing his form, Mei Suyao bowed her head gently with a respectful demeanor: “Please excuse me for not personally greeting you.”

He waved his sleeve and interrupted her: “Okay, little girl, there’s no need for cumbersome formalities.”

Goddess Mei Suyao was always the focus of the show regardless of the time and place. Even peerless geniuses like Jikong Wudi’s group would always show their best side in front of her. Only Li Qiye didn’t pay her any mind.

She was not angry and sat down. She poured some tea into a jade cup for him while speaking: “Please have this simple cup of tea.”

He accepted her jade cup and took a sip before commenting freely: “It seems like you have finally understood, this is Immortal Emperor Xiu Shui’s Alaya Heavenly Fragrance Dao.”

“This is thanks to you. In recent years, I was enlightened and spent time meditating before understanding the profundities within.” She spoke with sincerity: “If you didn’t wake me up from my dream, my path would have been even longer.”

Li Qiye smiled and enjoyed his tea as well as the charming beauty before him. He was relaxed and carefree; everything else became insignificant.

She didn’t speak and only quietly kept him company, pouring more tea for him in a demure and natural manner.

He closed his eyes to feel the calm rhythm. After a while, he gently nodded: “Mmm, it is this feeling. You have truly understood the core of the fragrant dao and will be able to enter the heavenly dao. This will be a grand dao that belongs to you, allowing you to eventually embark on one that is unique to yourself.”

Mei Suyao subtly smiled like an apricot bud slowly blossoming. It was quite a scene to behold. 1

She was neither arrogant nor proud; everything was natural and in accordance with her will.

“May I ask the reason for your visit? This little sister is all ears.” She softly asked while pouring more tea.

Li Qiye lazily glanced over and spoke: “Girl, can you confirm that you are here for the ascension of your school’s senior?”

She answered his inquiry calmly: “I understand your skepticism. The truth is that I am indeed here for my senior’s ascension.”

“And then what?” He tasted the tea once more while freely looking at her.

“Young Noble must have met Vedas Vajra.” She was extremely smart. At birth, she received a soulbone of the immortal level and was capable of seeing through everything directly to their essence. This was amplified after she truly understood the fragrant dao.

“Mmm…” Li Qiye hummed in agreement. He waited for her to continue.

She went on: “I won’t hide it from Young Noble. The real reason for me coming to the plateau is for the ascension. Obtaining the treasure from Vedas Vajra was a spur of the moment idea.”

“What happens next?” He smiled leisurely.

She replied: “I thought that you would surely come to the plateau, and if that was the case, the Lesser Deva World would open for sure, signaling the appearance of the Nihility Temple. After being guided by my ancestor, I learned the language of this lesser world, so I went to the Vajra to trade for his treasure.”

“Kind of interesting.” Li Qiye laughed: “It seems like an old geezer from your school has finally appeared. What else do you know besides this?”

Mei Suyao looked at him and spoke: “The truth is that I want to know more about you. Your battle at Godwar Mountain made you famous, so my school’s ancestor immediately ran here.”

“Among the old geezers in your school, I know very well that only one of them knows the runes from the Godwar Mountain.”

He narrowed his eyes to stare at her: “What did he say to you?”

“Not much.” She gently shook her head: “I know that the ancestor knows something about you. I am very curious as well, especially about your identity. Unfortunately, the ancestor didn’t want to reveal it.”

“Is that right?” Li Qiye smiled as if he was at home.

She met his gaze in a straightforward and natural manner and spoke without guilt: “I wouldn’t dare to hide it from you.”

After looking into the deepest depths of her eyes for a long time, Li Qiye finally nodded satisfyingly.

“Your school’s old geezer is still not senile. I suppose this wiseness will last forever.” Li Qiye withdrew his gaze and spoke calmly: “Girl, since I am here, I don’t need to say more.”

Mei Suyao took out an old box and slowly handed it over to him: “One half of the treasure is here, please take a look.”

Li Qiye opened it and glanced at the item inside before nodding his head: “Where is the other half?”

“It was taken back by the ancestor.” Mei Suyao calmly answered: “My Immortal Bone still has difficulty understanding this thing, so I asked the ancestor to bring back one half so that the other ancestors could take a look. Maybe they will be able to see through its mysticisms.”

“I have consulted Vedas Vajra as well about this issue. He didn’t know either, the only thing he said was that the item is extremely unfathomable.” Mei Suyao told the truth.

“If Vedas Vajra could comprehend it, then he wouldn’t be Vedas Vajra.” Li Qiye said dismissively: “This thing is connected to an ancient mystery. People who don’t know about the ancient legends would never be able to understand the item’s secrets.”

She asked curiously: “Young Noble is referring to the era before the Desolate Era? The mythical Legendary Era?”

Coming from the Eternal River School, a sect with three emperors, she was an erudite person with few peers. However, she didn’t know if the item came from the Legendary Era.

“It may be even older.” Li Qiye only smiled without saying much.

Mei Suyao was dazed for a moment. In the minds of common cultivators, the Desolate Era was the oldest. She knew about the existence of the Legendary Era that came before it, but what kind of era was even older?

Li Qiye put away the box and said: “I want the whole thing. Half of it is tantamount to trash.”

“Don’t worry, Young Noble. I have sent a message to the ancestors and told the school to immediately bring it to you without delay.” She was very open and agreed right away.

Li Qiye looked at her and chuckled: “Girl, if I didn’t know that you have understood the fragrant dao’s essence, I wouldn’t believe it either. Such a great change in a short period of time, you can even call it a metamorphosis! Before coming, I expected you to make bargains. It seems like I have underestimated you.”

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