Chapter 1138: Grand Completion Eternal Physique

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Chapter 1138: Grand Completion Eternal Physique


The majority of the crowd didn’t know what to feel while looking at the supreme corpse in the sky. Shock, confusion, respect, or maybe something else?

“The Black Dragon King…” Godkings couldn’t calm down at this moment. Seeing the corpse made them instantly think about the dragon king and the battle back then.

Even though no one saw it with their own eyes so no one knew the result, many people found out that both Immortal Emperor Ta Kong and the dragon king disappeared afterward.

Plenty of speculations arose, but none of them could be verified.

But today, all of these speculations could be put to rest. People finally learned the outcome of the battle with the appearance of Immortal Emperor Ta Kong’s imperial corpse.

An Immortal Emperor had fallen — anyone would be shocked and aghast upon hearing this. No one should have been able to kill an Immortal Emperor…

Another murmured: “Umm, umm… it must have been mutual destruction back then…” Since both of them disappeared in that year, the crowd thought that the Black Dragon King must have died during that battle as well.

“Imperial Corpse…” South Emperor slightly lifted his hand to recall his Sky Piercer. He licked his lips and was extremely excited as he laughed: “I have fought many supreme geniuses, true gods, and even an Immortal Emperor before, but not an imperial corpse! Very well, I shall do so today.”

South Emperor’s demeanor silenced the crowd. Even Godkings would want to run before an imperial corpse. After all, this was a terrifying existence. Once harmed by this creature, the injuries would last for an eternity. But right now, only excitement could be found in South Emperor.

“Boom!” At this time, the emperor suddenly gave an angry glare. The listless eyes shot out a horrifying light.

“Rumble!” The entire Mortal Emperor World trembled along with the stars in the vast expanse above.

A horrifying scene came next. Sunlight, moonlight, the stars of the celestials — all were devoured and had their power sapped the moment the corpse opened its mouth.

Refined Yang fire and Yin fire essence among other celestial forces were swallowed by the corpse. Their almighty power poured down from the sky like an endless flood.

Many people gasped before this shocking scene and couldn’t close their mouths for a long time. This was a forceful and tyrannical plundering of countless stars. A Godking absolutely couldn’t do this; it was a feat reserved for Immortal Emperors.

The entire Mortal Emperor World plunged into a terrifying darkness. The world had lost its light and sent into a permanent eclipse.

Many panicked and wondered in astonishment: “Will we have to live in darkness from now on?”

“Boom!” Another loud explosion echoed. Immortal Emperor Ta Kong’s corpse illuminated the entire world. With him as the center, an endless amount of light continued to spew out along with a boundless flame that appeared behind his back. In the blink of an eye, these wondrous forces engulfed the region.

The brilliance emanating from the corpse carried the six dao and refined the Yin and Yang. By doing so, it unlocked the wonders of the heaven and earth.

People felt as if this corpse was holding the universe in its palm, a universe seemingly fragile. By clenching its fist, the corpse could crush anything and everything.

Despite only being a corpse, its imperial aura still suppressed the heavens. Many people under the God-Monarch realm in the Mortal Emperor World were kneeling. They couldn’t withstand the pressure of an emperor.

“Immortal Emperor!” Some experts were chanting in awe while kneeling on the ground.

“Good!” The excited South Emperor laughed and roared: “Let me see just how powerful you are!”

With that, he no longer restrained his blood energy. It swallowed the sky and quaked countless stars. What was more frightening were the fate palaces that jumped into this world.

“Eleven fate palaces!” Someone shouted in horror after seeing his palaces: “A miracle across the eons!”

Those with eleven palaces earned the phrase “a miracle across the eons.” This was an Emperor Candidate with eleven palaces, someone who was only one step away from being an Immortal Emperor — a truly formidable being.

People who knew about his legends finally realized why others called him the most extraordinary genius. His talents were exceedingly rare, even across the long trek of time!

People watched with bated breath. Very few people in history could challenge an Immortal Emperor successfully. The corpse ahead could easily slay a Godking.

However, they also knew that this South Emperor before them was qualified to challenge an Immortal Emperor!

Suddenly, Li Qiye raised his brows and told South Emperor: “Little Guo, get back. Someone else is here to deal with him.”

South Emperor’s eyes flashed. He sensed something and gazed over at the corpse to say with emotion: “What a shame!”

Then he quickly retreated without further objections.

This new development came as a surprise to the spectators. Who else here was qualified to challenge Immortal Emperor Ta Kong’s corpse besides South Emperor? But now, Li Qiye told South Emperor to retreat — this was quite unbelievable.

“Bang!” The void shattered. Before people caught on to what was going on, the corpse suddenly turned around. The world turned with him while the stars pulsed unstably. Even the slightest shift of this body could shatter space and time.

Such power left people speechless. They slowly came to understand what a real invincible being was.

In the blink of an eye, a figure emerged at the Heavenly Dao Academy in the Eastern Hundred Cities. This person took one step to cross the eastern region and another to cross the Grand Middle Territory before appearing in the sky above Cleansing Incense.

Even the corpse became serious after seeing this newcomer that seemingly appeared out of thin air.

A woman, one that couldn’t be described by the brush. If being ordinary was a type of beauty, then it has vividly culminated in this woman to the extreme.

Regardless of whether she was ordinary or beautiful, the moment she appeared before everyone, the world could only look up to her without any profane thoughts.

Her body slowly emitted a radiance that was gentle and visually pleasing. This light illuminated the entire Mortal Emperor World. Everyone felt an eternal power — warm and everlasting.

While bathed in these rays of light, people felt as if they were being reborn. Time did not flow, so it did not age people. Everything returned to the ancient period before time itself. The crowd went back to the origin of life, the beginning without an end.

“Eternal Physique!” A Godking eventually woke up while bathing in this soft light. He understood the mysteries inside and screamed in horror: “This is a legendary grand completion Immortal Physique, the Eternal Physique at grand completion!”

“Grand completion Eternal Physique!” From vagrant cultivators to Godkings, everyone was shocked to hear this. It was even more astonishing to hear this compared to the coming of an Immortal Emperor.

“Eternal Physique at grand completion…” An ancient Virtuous Paragon murmured: “Could it be that she has reached the mythical state of everlasting life?”

In just a short period of time, the world was stupefied. Even Bu Lianxiang and Mu Shaodi were dazed. A grand completion Eternal Physique was too unbelievable and even more shocking than seeing an imperial corpse.

In history, there had been many grand completion Immortal Physiques. The world had seen grand completion Hell Suppressing and Indestructible Diamond among other physiques. However, no one had heard of the Eternal Physique reaching grand completion.

There was a belief in the cultivation world, and it was that reaching grand completion Eternal Physique was a million times more difficult than becoming an Immortal Emperor. In fact, this was proven with time. One Immortal Emperor appeared after another, but never has the world seen a grand completion Eternal Physique.

Today, everyone stood witness to a one and only miracle across the eons — a grand completion Eternal Physique.

“Is she truly immortal?” Many people were lost, especially the older generation. They were stimulated by their greatest desire.

All along, many had pursued eternal life, especially the stronger cultivators. All would have to face one problem in the end — death!

Death was the one thing powerful existences weren’t willing to face. Despite the ultimate pursuit, it was a fruitless endeavor.

However, seeing this physique today made the experts catch a glimmer of hope towards true eternal life.

While looking at the woman in the sky, no one truly knew whether this physique at grand completion could grant eternal life or not.

“Who is she?” They glanced at each other. No one knew who she was or her origin because no one had seen her before.

This unidentified woman had reached grand completion — this was completely inconceivable to the spectators.

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