Chapter 1188: Shallow Beach

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Chapter 1188: Shallow Beach

Shallow Beach was surrounded with blue skies and white clouds as well as a green sea laden with underwater shoals. Occasionally, some peaks would be exposed on the surface of the water. One side was a cliff while the other was a beach with white sand wetted by the undulating waves.

There were also seabirds flying in the air while fishes leaped out of the water. It was a peaceful and beautiful scene.

The truth was that the beach was not actually quiet. This was only on the surface of the sea. The undersea was where it was lively.

Mountains ran next to chasms while seaweed swayed to the current among the forests of coral. Some sea trees towered from down below as well…

The name “Shallow Beach” didn’t mean that it was a shallow sea. It was because this place was close to the surface, hence the name.

Pavilions and palaces were built below the beach, coming together to form an underwater city. Streets and bridges led to all the corners of the city. It was very prosperous and busy, a beautiful world under the sea.

The structures were immersed in water. Some expelled water and formed their own space just like the mainland.

People came and went to Shallow Beach. Some rode seahorses straight through the water without being stained at all while others rode their silent shuttles with great speed. Those who were part of the sea rode gigantic whales and glided through the water without losing their elegance.

Among the crowd were elegant charming spirits, treants with oppressive wood affinities, and many bizarre sea demons.

Some walked through the city completely unstained by the water so they looked quite graceful. Some avoided the sea and chose passages with invisible walls that pushed the water out. Others were completely soaked by the water and some sea demons maintained their demonic form to move even quicker.

This beach was a property of the Void Imperfection Three Schools. To be more exact, it was part of the Void Imperfection School. Because of this, the city was very peaceful; sea demons and treants wouldn’t dare to cause trouble here.

The Void Imperfection Three Schools weren’t only famous in the Jade Sea, they were even renowned across the entire Heaven Spirit World. They were monsters that could cause a huge flood with one stomp.

The Void Imperfection School was created by Immortal Emperor Wu Gou. In future generations, it was divided into three different schools: the Void Imperfection School, the Evil Devourer School, and the Sacred Spring School.

Even though it was divided into three separate schools, it was still a singular heritage. More often than not, they still communicated with outsiders as one sect.

This was the lineage with the greatest amount of Immortal Physiques. Someone once said that in terms of having the most Immortal Physiques, there was no sect but the Void Imperfection Three Schools, even when taking into account all of the nine worlds. The progenitor of the school was Immortal Emperor Wu Gou. Not only was he an emperor, he had also cultivated the Void Imperfection Physique to grand completion! Later on, they had another two grand completion Immortal Physiques. These two didn’t cultivate the Void Imperfection Physique but the Heaven Devourer Evil Physique and the Sacred Spring Physique respectively.

In order words, the school once had three different people with different grand completion Immortal Physiques. This was a great achievement in all of the nine worlds, hence their reputation.

Shallow Beach belonged to the Void Imperfection School. Because of this, people built this great undersea city without seeing trouble or opposition.

In an inn down below, Li Qiye sat near a window to watch the street while drinking his wine.

This inn was quite interesting. It was built next to a mountain, and above it was a whirlpool that was used to brew the very famous wine they served.

He continued to drink while watching fishes swim right beside him. Occasionally, one or two naughty crabs would climb on his table and, to his amusement, raise their claws to intimidate him.

He was untouched by a single drop of water. It was no different than sitting in an inn on land.

After finishing another cup, he shouted: “Boss, another cup!”

“Coming!” The boss of this place answered right away. He was a sea demon with a muscular build. Perhaps his ancestor used to be a whale demon because there were still two clumps of flesh that resembled a beard on his chin — this was the most recognizable characteristic.

A tiny whirlpool split from the larger one at the top of the inn and streamed down into Li Qiye’s cup after the boss’ affirmation, instantly filling it to the brim.

Li Qiye smiled and continued to drink. Such an amazing scene could only happen at the Heaven Spirit World.

As a human, he was the most conspicuous in this inn. After all, humans were quite rare outside of Peacock Land and the Exquisite Valley. It wasn’t easy to spot them in other locations.

Of course, no one came to cause trouble either. The customers were only curious about a human, so they looked at him a few more times out of curiosity.

While Li Qiye was drinking, a luxurious boat docked outside of the inn. The entire hull was outlined with gold and decorated with an emblem reserved for royalty. It was both extravagant and imposing.

Such a big ship swimming in the sea seemed to become one with the ocean. However, it was also completely unstained by the water, which made it very obvious to others that it was an incredible treasure.

Someone noticed the royal emblem hanging on the ship and asked in astonishment: “A ship from the Profound Sea Dynasty, why is it here?”

Shortly afterward, a maiden walked down from the lavish boat. She was charmingly beautiful like an oriole. Her long dress dragging on the ground revealed a very noble aura.

There were several followers behind her, making her great status apparent.

Someone recognized her identity after she came inside the inn and whispered: “Gongsun Qianer, why is someone from the Profound Sea God-Monarch’s camp here at the Jade Sea?”

The girl went up to the inn and ordered some wine and dishes without saying anything else.

Li Qiye only looked at her once without paying too much attention. He finished his wine and called for the boss. After handing the money over, he asked: “Boss, have the doors to the Void Imperfection School opened yet?”

“Great immortal, this lowly one doesn’t know too well.” The boss rubbed his palms together and smiled awkwardly: “I am only a little merchant, so I don’t know anything about the world of immortals.”

Li Qiye couldn’t help but laugh then leisurely say: “Is that so? I was actually hoping to ask you more about the ancestral whale.”

“How could this lowly one know anything about such grand events? Immortal, you should ask the disciples from the Void Imperfection School about it.” The boss smiled wryly.

Not too many people cared when Li Qiye mentioned the ancestral whale because they didn’t know what it was. However, the girl who sat not too far from him furrowed her brows after hearing the words “ancestral whale”.

She came from a great background and had heard her master talk about it, so after Li Qiye brought it up, she looked at him and shouted: “Hey! You were asking about the ancestral whale of the Void Imperfection Three Schools?”

Li Qiye lazily glanced at her without responding. He looked back at the boss and said: “In that case, nevermind then.”

Gongsun Qianer was not happy about being ignored. Her expression sank as she coldly said: “Just a human yet you still dare to be pretentious?!”

She was used to being arrogant. Her boss was a concubine of the Profound Sea God-Monarch. As her master’s confidante, she could be said to be able to call for winds and rains back in the Profound Sea Dynasty. But now, a little human was ignoring her.

“Boy, are you listening? My master is talking to you.” Her follower immediately shouted at him.

Li Qiye didn’t bother with them and turned to leave. Her entourage couldn’t stand it any longer, so they slammed the table before standing up, wanting to stop him.

“Great immortals, great immortals, please don’t be angry.” The boss immediately tried to smooth things over: “Arguing here will disturb the peace of Shallow Beach, please take it easy on us.”

“Forget it, it’s only an ignorant junior.” Gongsun Qianer waved her sleeve in a cold fashion and snorted while looking at Li Qiye’s back.

She didn’t really care for a human brat like him, but this was the territory of the Void Imperfection School, so she didn’t want to cause trouble here.

After leaving the inn, Li Qiye headed south until he arrived in front of a huge trench.

With the sun shining down, this was a place full of green rocks and seagrass, giving people a very comfortable and peaceful feeling.

In the Heaven Spirit World, every single sea, even at their deepest depths, could enjoy sunlight.

Legend states that there were two suns in the Heaven Spirit World. One illuminated the sky and the continents while the other shone down on the bottom of the seas. Because of this, underwater creatures could bask in its gentle warmth as well.

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