Chapter 1192: Bottomless Trench

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Chapter 1192: Bottomless Trench

According to legend, the Bottomless Trench was the deepest and longest trench in the Heaven Spirit World.

For many years, many people have explored this particular trench, but none were able to do so fully.

Someone once said that this trench was long enough to cross the entire Jade Sea. Its depths remained a mystery because no one had been able to reach the bottom.

It spanned further than the territory of the Void Imperfection Three Schools and brought about a different landscape to this region.

This was especially true when they were closer to the three schools. It had been said that this end of the trench near Shallow Beach was the most beautiful stretch.

When Li Qiye’s group got close, they saw a beautiful sight full of coral forests.

This coral field might span for thousands of miles along the two sides of the trench. Such a great field was truly spectacular, a sight only found at the Heaven Spirit World.

There were all kinds of colorful coral of varying shapes and sizes as far as the eye could see. Some were as large as trees that grew from the bottom of the sea all the way to the surface. Under these trees, groups of seaweed swayed about with happy fishes. There were also caves full of shrimps and crabs as well as large turtles lounging about…

Some grew in a criss-cross pattern and intertwined into a huge maze. If one entered this cave of coral, they would surely get lost.

All in all, this field was a dazzling spectacle of indescribable and unforgettable charm.

A depression could be found after crossing through this field completely. This was the renowned Bottomless Trench. It was broad to the point that it seemed to split the whole sea apart.

It was completely black; looking down into the trench was like looking into the gaping jaws of a monster that would devour anything that fell into it, a cause for fear and awe.

The group stopped inside the coral forest and didn’t proceed further. Here, Li Qiye meticulously examined a huge coral.

The two of them didn’t know what Li Qiye wanted to do. They stood behind him with bated breaths and didn’t dare to disturb him.

Next, Li Qiye moved as swift as lightning. His fingers swept forward with a speed beyond the two’s perception.

He then spread his palms before Teng Jiwen and Ye Tu to show an insect with fuzzy hair around the length of a finger. This insect was squirming on his palm and gave quite a creepy feeling. 1

“Okay, since the two of you are here, I’ll entrust this important matter to you both. Catch these insects for me, the more the better. Afterward, roast and grind them into a powder.” Li Qiye then threw the insect over to these two.

The two were quite perplexed and didn’t know the purpose of this bug catching session. Nevertheless, they followed his orders and searched through these coral reefs without saying anything.

These two both had great statuses. One was a supervisor of the Void Imperfection School while Teng Jiwen was even better off as the prestigious successor of the Heavenvine Citadel. However, they obediently acted as Li Qiye’s followers to find these insects.

After passing this menial matter over to the pair, Li Qiye immediately left for the surface of the sea and began to walk on the water.

After walking a bit while gazing at the sky, he plopped down and began to float with his face out of the water. He closed his eyes as if he was sleeping.

The sea was quiet and moved Li Qiye along. The entire process was without sound, as if Li Qiye was one with the sea.

He slept and let the sea take him wherever it wished. The day passed by just like this.

“Are you Young Noble Li?” Some time later, a sweet and clear voice came about as Li Qiye was drifting about.

Li Qiye opened his eyes to see a pretty fairy-like maid standing on the waves. It was a beautiful scene.

“Yes?” Li Qiye closed his eyes and lazily replied.

The pretty maid told Li Qiye: “Young Noble Li, my madam wishes to invite you. Will you please follow me?”

“I’m busy.” He replied in a carefree manner: “Tell her to come and see me.”

The pretty maid didn’t know what to say in response to this rudeness. After a while, she said: “Young Noble Li, my madam is the schoolmaster of the Sacred Spring—”

“This uncle is not free.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve and didn’t bother opening his eyes: “Even if it is the supreme ruler of the heavens, let him come if he wants to see me.”

The pretty maid turned red. She had never been in such a situation before with this type of arrogant and rude person.

She hesitated for a bit before silently floating away.

Li Qiye acted as if nothing happened and let the waves push him again as he immersed himself in the water.

More time passed and an extremely melodious voice came about: “I didn’t know Young Noble Li was busy. Please excuse my uninvited visit.”

This voice was very pleasant — sharp and clear yet silky soft. In the softness was a hint of allurement. In the allurement was a touch of elegance. Anyone would feel comfortable and relaxed after hearing this.

It was easy to imagine how elegant this woman was just from listening to her voice. She was mature and charming in a refined manner. This was a natural born empress.

Li Qiye opened his eyes again to see a woman standing on the sea. She wore a faint yellow dress with a simple white flower on the front. Her figure was graceful and ripe.

A quick first glance showed that she was nearly thirty with an exceptional aura full of grandeur. Her maturity made it seem like she was a married woman, yet within this sophisticated charm was the refreshing sensation of a young maiden.

These juxtaposing auras perfectly combined to provide an exquisite appeal.

She was not at the level of being peerless. Her appearance was not as incredible as Ming Yexue’s or Mei Suyao’s, and she was inferior compared to Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao as well.

However, her special charm of a new bride could truly pull on others’ heartstrings. Her dress didn’t wrap too tightly around her body, but her curves were apparent and attractive.

This charm resembled a grape ripe to perfection. She was neither overly mature nor completely innocent. Inside the purple skin was sweet flowing juice, anyone would want to pick this grape and have a taste of the flavor within.

“Not a bad job at cultivating the Sacred Spring Physique.” Li Qiye glanced at her and stated before closing his eyes again.

The girl shuddered after hearing this. Li Qiye could tell what she was cultivating from just a single glance. This type of perception was simply too frightening.

She bowed and said: “Thank you for your praise. My name is Zhuo Jianshi, currently in charge of the Sacred Spring School. Please excuse my lack of courtesy for the sudden visit.” 2

Li Qiye plainly spoke: “I know, to be able to cultivate the physique to this level, you can indeed handle the schoolmaster position.”

She was not offended by his rather rude and haughty attitude and sat down next to him on the water’s surface.

“We haven’t been able to show our hospitality to you ever since you arrived…” Her noble demeanor was also natural and quite approachable.

Li Qiye waved his hand and interrupted her: “Speak if you will and fart if you must, do not beat around the bush with me. I’m not in the mood to guess and waste time.”

Such an overbearing attitude made her secretly lament the situation. As one of the schoolmasters from Void Imperfection, she was quite an influential person. However, Li Qiye simply didn’t take her to heart.

Eventually, she took a deep breath and earnestly spoke: “I would like to invite you to my Sacred Spring School as a guest.”

“I see, so it is still the same. Everyone views me as the greatest stallion. No doubt, you want me to go there and find various ladies to get close to and take my seed.”

These words were too direct and sexual, leaving Zhuo Jianshi momentarily speechless.

An imperial bloodline like Li Qiye’s was too precious for the charming spirits. This was the same for their Sacred Spring School, so they wanted to recruit him.

1. Not sure what kind of insect this is since it isn’t clear. Not a clear word for worm, caterpillar, or something else, so keeping it as insect to play it safe.

2. She is very respectful this time, referring to herself as “little girl”. “This little girl is Zhuo Jianshi”.

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