Chapter 140 : Evil Typha Drinking Blood (2)

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Chapter 140 : Evil Typha Drinking Blood (2)

Chen Baojiao didn’t know what was going on, but Li Shuangyan and Niu Fen understood, so they both stepped back and dragged Chen Baojiao, who was standing in the middle, to the back as well.

“Good, let us start. Pretty Boy Sheng Tian, Little Bastard Qing Xuan, go, this big uncle will slaughter all of you!”

Li Qiye laughed. At this moment, he activated the runes on the dao platform.

As the Demon Monarchs of the Flying Dragon Lake in the faraway common area and the other cultivators witnessed this scene in the Heavenly Mirror, they felt that he was defying all common sense. A Demon Monarch murmured:

“Has this brat gone crazy? Does he want to slaughter everyone? He went insane!”

“A mere firefly that still dares to compete with the brilliance of the moon!”

Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan’s azure and mysterious eyes, that were capable of seeing through everything, unleashed a sword made from the aura to cut Li Qiye.

Dao Child Sheng Tian, with a cruel glimmer in his eyes, also snorted and took out a True Treasure to slash at Li Qiye.

“Kill! Slaughter this brat!”

Suddenly, all of the cultivators from behind also rushed forward. They not only intended to kill Li Qiye, but also to seize the treasure.


However, at this very moment, the dao platform underneath Li Qiye, that resembled a precious treasure case, suddenly staggered and horrifying bloody rays rushed out in the blink of an eye!


Carrying immense power, the rays threw out all of the people with an impact that knocked on all of them, including Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan, Grandpa Guan, and Dao Child Sheng Tian. They were all sent flying away the moment the rays pierced the sky. Everyone who took action, regardless of whether they were Royal Nobles or Enlightened Beings, were all swept flying like falling leaves.

At this moment, the center of the dao platform completely opened. A stream of actual blood that was different from the former bloody rays gushed out. This stream of blood dispersed an iron-like bloody stench that filled the air of the entire area.

This fresh blood was extremely beautiful — demonically beautiful! It soared up to the sky and encompassed the group of Li Qiye. Subsequently, it rushed straight down and turned into thousands of blood arrows that headed straight at Li Qiye’s group.

“Haha, you dare to even mess with me! Do you not remember the lesson?”

Li Qiye smiled and gently blew some lotus ashes that he carried in his palm. The lotus ashes immediately hovered around Li Qiye’s body and, at the same time, Li Shuangyan and Niu Fen also spilled some lotus ashes that disappeared in the surroundings.

The blood arrows ‘felt’ the dread of the lotus ashes and instantly melted into one. It hovered in the sky as if it was staring carefully at Li Qiye.

“Plooofff… Plooooff…”

Suddenly, this bloody amalgamation turned into countless strands of blood, and they all shot out with an extreme speed that was impossible for the eyes to discern.


Seeing the strands of blood flying forward, the cultivators who were knocked away earlier summoned their Life Treasures!


But even when they used Life Treasures, they couldn’t cut through these strands of blood. In an instant, blood spurted out as cultivator after cultivator was impaled by the bloody lines.


Screams rang out. While the pierced wounds of the blood strands themselves weren’t fatal, when these strands of blood went through the body, they started to suck the cultivator’s blood at a shocking rate and immediately grew in size.


In a flash, pitiful bellows resounded in the air. A few hundred cultivators’ blood was sucked dry, and they fell down from the sky.


Seeing the indestructible strings of blood, they were terrified. One yelled loudly and turned around to run.

“Bang… Bang… Bang…”

However, at this moment, many large roots rushed out from the ground like octopus tentacles, but they were far more terrifying than ordinary tentacles.


This person running away was pierced by the root and had his blood sucked dry as he wrinkled up and ended up as a dry, empty husk.


Amidst this chaos, countless large evil roots rushed towards all of the cultivators with extreme velocity. They interweaved into an inescapable net that surrounded the group of Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan.


The group of Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan ferociously roared and activated their techniques with flying Life Treasures thundering in the air, slashing away at the inescapable net made from the tree roots.

However, the evil roots were far more terrifying than their imagination. As the sounds of “Xshhhh, Xshhh, Xshhhh” reverberated, the strings of blood from the dao platform were absorbed by the evil roots and suddenly, a terrifying evil aura appeared as countless more roots came into being like endless needles.

At this time, behind the endless tree roots was a broken stump. It wasn’t high — only around three feet — but it seemed like a horrifying demon lord where all of the evil roots came from its body. The most frightening thing was that it had a pair of black eyes on its body.

When this wooden stump appeared, its terror didn’t stop there. It suddenly emitted an endless evil presence that soared through the sky.


At this time, the evil presence was absorbed by the wooden stump and turned into even more strings made out of the black aura. They merged with the evil roots and turned into the most terrifying of weapons that slashed constantly and sucked people’s blood dry when they wrapped onto someone.

“It finally came out even stronger than my expectations. On top of that, it became a whole stump and not just a main root.”

Li Qiye looked at the wooden stump around three feet long and murmured.

“The wooden stump of the Evil Typha Tree?”

Li Shuangyan was creeped out after seeing the wooden stump with the two black eyes. At this time, she understood why Li Qiye called it a ghastly being.

Meanwhile, a section of the evil roots was trapping and killing all of the cultivators while the other roots were frantically devouring the strings of blood from the dao platform.

“What, what are these things? Why are these evil things crazily sucking blood?”

The dao platform was still shooting out numerous strings of blood that not only pierced the cultivators’ bodies, but they also launched into the evil roots and got absorbed by them. Seeing this scene, Chen Baojiao was creeped out. It was as if the blood was evil.

“You guessed it, this is indeed evil blood.”

Li Qiye cheerfully smiled:

“The peerless, valuable blood of the Evil Typha Tree is shockingly scarce. This evil blood is the biggest temptation to the living tree roots and evil plants.”

“This is not a treasure of the gods, this is a trap!”

Chen Baojiao exclaimed with an astonished expression. She was not dumb and immediately understood the reasoning behind it.

Li Qiye glanced over at her and said:

“You aren’t too stupid. Who said there was a treasure of the gods here? This is a dao platform that is used to bait the surviving evil roots.”


At this point, when the horrifying screech resonated, one cultivator after another died horrifically under the assault of the Evil Typha Root. It knew that Li Qiye was a powerful enemy, so it didn’t target him and only killed the other cultivators.

Having absorbed the precious evil blood along with the evil aura, the stump of the Evil Typha Tree was further strengthened! At this point, not to mention the other cultivators, but even Royal Nobles would be easily slaughtered.

“Mother, what kind of devil is this…”

The Flying Dragon Lake’s Demon Monarchs, along with other cultivators at the common area, saw this scene and were shivering with chills.

“Ah, this is the Evil Typha Tree in the legends. When it matures completely, all of us will die in this place without a doubt!”

The Turtle Monarch’s face became pale and he turned tail to run.

Seeing his escape, other cultivators immediately followed suit.


Enlightened Being Si Tu screamed as an evil root pierced his chest and drained his blood dry in a flash. Even as he was dying, his eyes were wide open. He was unwilling to believe that this would be his end.

As for the group of Dao Child Sheng Tian and Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan, they were flabbergasted. Despite Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan’s peerless Emperor Merit Laws and with the help of Dao Child Sheng Tian and Grandpa Guan, they couldn’t escape the net woven by the evil roots.

As the roots of the Evil Typha Tree absorbed more energy, it became even stronger. A few times, Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan’s group almost made it through, but they were forced back at the very last moment.

As his Royal Noble and Enlightened Being numbers decreased, Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan’s face became extremely ugly. He made his decision, then he roared and shouted:

“Kill… ”

In the blink of an eye, he summoned an item that was floating on top of his head.


Amidst the fire and thunder, when this item came out, the invincible Emperor aura turned into an Emperor light that swept through everything, slashing the countless evil roots from the sky and protecting the group of Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan as they rushed out of the net.

“An Emperor’s Possession…”

Seeing the invincible aura of an Emperor, the group of Chen Baojiao lost their colors.

Yes, the item that Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan summoned was an Emperor’s Possession in the form of a ring. Even though its power was limited in usage, it could protect them as they made their way out of the entrapment without an issues.

“You want to escape? It won’t be that easy.”

Li Qiye smiled with the Invisible Dual Blades in his hands.


Suddenly, the two blades shattered as Li Qiye uttered a roar. The shattered blades spewed out Emperor power that suddenly aggregated into two large blades.


Li Qiye howled, and the Emperor blades cut through the sky straight towards the Emperor’s ring that was protecting the group of Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan.

Li Qiye destroyed his Invisible Dual Blades and unleashed the remaining Emperor’s power into his strike that was capable of cutting down even the sun and the moon!

The Emperor’s ring felt threatened so it unleashed an invincible power to face the Emperor’s blades.

Under the presence of the Emperor’s powers, the entire Evil Infested Ridge trembled. The power of two Immortal Emperors colliding would have an unthinkable consequence.


A loud explosion reverberated throughout the entire ridge. All existences including, Heavenly Beasts and Longevity Spirits, shook in fear!

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