Chapter 141 : Decapitate the Evil Typha Tree (1)

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Chapter 141 : Decapitate the Evil Typha Tree (1)

The heaven and earth became pale and the sun and moon lost their brilliance. Under this one move, countless existences were lying helplessly on the ground! A loud “crack” resonated, and the Emperor’s ring shattered, leaving behind only enough emperor’s power for Dao Child Sheng Tian and Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan.

“Xshhhh—- Xshhh”

Losing the protection of the emperor’s power, the other cultivators were suddenly attacked by the evil roots.


Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan had no time to attend to them. It took so much effort and killing to reach this point; he didn’t want to die in vain. He roared and held the broken ring in his palm and escaped the trap along with Dao Child Sheng Tian.

At this moment, he didn’t dare to hesitate. He dragged Dao Child Sheng Tian along and crossed the sky all the way to the entrance. In the instant when he rushed out of the stone door, he didn’t even look back and completely escaped from the Evil Infested Ridge.

With the Emperor’s ring not having that much power left, he didn’t want to use his life-protecting secret methods to save other people. Thus, he fled immediately.


Having lost the emperor’s protection, expert after expert screamed and fell to the ground. Next was an Enlightened Being that followed Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan. After the evil root’s massacre, barely any experts were left alive.

In this moment of life and death, Grandpa Guan crazily shouted and broke down his own seal. Suddenly, the aura of an Ancient Saint expanded to cover ten thousand miles. He was a powerful Ancient Saint and immediately maneuvered to slash the evil roots that were attacking him.


But when the old man wanted to escape from the net, there was a bolt of lightning that struck down from the sky, carrying the force of the rolling thunders.


The lightning came down upon his Ancient Saint body. He immediately froze and spurted out blood. His body fell and he was dead on the spot.

“Like I said, be careful of the Emperor’s punishment.”

Seeing this scene, Li Qiye slowly spoke:

“Did you truly think that the warning of Immortal Emperor Min Ren was just empty words? If the emperor’s suppression was simply empty words, then Immortal Emperors wouldn’t be so invincible.”

The Evil Infested Ridge — only martial artists below Ancient Saint could enter. This was not an ordinary warning! Someone who suppressed their own power to enter, when revealed, would be punished by the emperor’s power.


At this moment, the last cultivator standing finally perished to the evil roots. From start to finish, only Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan and Dao Child Sheng Tian managed to escape, the rest of the people who tried to rob the treasure suffered horrific deaths.

“Sigh, didn’t trust my words. I said whoever blocks my path be killed without mercy, ah.”

Li Qiye calmly said.

As for Li Shuangyan and Niu Fen, both of them were dead silent. They have seen the terrifying ways of Li Qiye before, and Chen Baojiao along with her old servant felt their blood run cold.

From the start to finish, Li Qiye basically did nothing, but in a short time, several tens of thousands of cultivators were killed. The most frightening part was that there were Royal Nobles and Enlightened Beings, and even a master Ancient Saint!

“The Evil Typha Tree is staring at us!”

Li Shuangyan whispered to Li Qiye.

At this time, the Evil Typha Tree was bigger than ever before, being — at the very least — double the size from before. As the tump became bigger, there were many more small roots and ancient roots with greater sizes materializing.

When it opened its dark eyes to look at Li Qiye’s group, countless tree roots started to fly towards them. Meanwhile, it was like a pillar of bones, sucking the evil energy nearby. It was making it even more powerful.

The Evil Typha Tree carried a appearance that reeks of death. It was covered by countless large roots, akin to a devil from the depths of hell. Anyone who saw its appearance would be shivering with uncontrollable shock.

When it looked at Li Qiye like a poisonous serpent stalking its prey in the darkness, it caused the others’ hair to stand on end.

“If you pledge allegiance to me now, you will have a path towards survival. Otherwise, you will become ashes and dust.”

Everyone was afraid of the Evil Typha Tree’s gaze, only Li Qiye remained calm. He slowly spoke to the tree with a smile.

At this time, not mentioning Chen Baojiao, even Niu Fen’s group was afraid. One has to know that this existence in front of them could even kill Ancient Saints, let alone them.


The Evil Typha Tree used the most direct method to answer Li Qiye. A plethora of roots rapidly speared forward, like arrows, with power frightening enough to be able to tear through the void, doubling its speed from before.

“It sucked a lot of blood. The more blood it consumes, the more powerful it becomes!”

Seeing the action of the Evil Typha Tree, Niu Fen said with a surprised expression.


But in the blink of an eye, an imprisonment iron chain appeared and all of the tree roots of the Evil Typha Tree were chained by a universal law. This law turned into numerous chains around the tree, not allowing it to move. It was impossible to break these godly chains!

All of the tree roots attacking Li Qiye were frozen as well. This left the Evil Typha Tree aghast. At this moment, it felt a terrifying pressure as well as the most instinctive of fear emanating from its soul.


Wave after wave of sound came out from the chains, shooting out endless lights. One magical rune flew out into the sky, turning into mysterious incantations that slowly morphed into a huge black hole. At this moment, this black hole could devour anything in its surroundings.

Being locked by the universal laws in the form of chains, as well as being surrounded by the black hole made from interwoven runes, these two things pulled the main root of the Evil Typha Tree inside. Once inside the black hole, it would instantly be crushed!

“What is that thing?”

Seeing the roots of the tree being suppressed, Chen Baojiao emotionally asked.

“The refined evil blood was not evil blood, but universal laws.”

Niu Fen saw the signs in this matter, and he movingly spoke:

“This entire dao platform was meant to catch it.”

Li Qiye, seeing the chains pulling the tree into the black hole, smilingly said:

“Did you really think this place had some ancestral blood to power your body? Unfortunately, you are not smart enough.”


At this moment, all of the roots of the tree crazily struggled in order to escape from the universal laws, but it was all in vain.

This was the preparation left behind by Immortal Emperor Xue Xi, and was strengthened by Immortal Emperor Min Ren later on. Once trapped inside, there was only death for the Evil Typha Tree.

When they killed the tree that year, Li Qiye — as the Dark Crow — knew very well that even with a few roots left, the tree would be able to revive. Thus, Xue Xi prepared the evil blood in order to slay it in the future.

They fused the blood together with universal laws. From then on, inside the dao platform was the most tempting thing for the Evil Typha Tree. It craved the ancestral evil blood the most.

So even after millions of years, it couldn’t fight its desire for the ancestral blood. It went closer and devoured the evil blood to strengthen itself, not knowing that it would be swallowed in the process.

The truth was, in the last hundred thousand years, many small roots were able to revive, but they weren’t able to suppress the desire for the evil blood. Eventually, this main root was formed with some consciousness and was able to fight its instinctual desire.

However, when Li Qiye unleashed all of the evil blood, this Evil Typha Tree was no longer able to suppress its temptation. It was no different from a fish taking the bait!


The tree roots were being pushed into the black hole where they will be devoured and crushed inside.

The Evil Typha Tree struggled to escape the universal laws.


It crazily dived into the ground, wanting to root itself within the earth to stop the force of the black hole, but it was to no avail. Even when the entire ground was overturned, crushing itself, it couldn’t resist the sucking power of the black hole.

“It’s no use. In the face of the blessings from two Immortal Emperors, unless you are as strong as before, it is meaningless.”

Li Qiye watched the struggle of the Evil Typha Tree and smiled.


The eyes of the Evil Typha Tree turned cold, and a section of the roots suddenly gave up to turn into countless arrows towards Li Qiye. It believed that Li Qiye was controlling the dao platform, so it wanted to kill Li Qiye in order to escape.


However, the black hole morphed into a giant mouth and instantly devoured every single root that was shooting at Li Qiye.

“Trying to kill me?”

Li Qiye burst in laughter, and he uttered:

“You are still too young. Compared to my methods, you are not a match.”

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