Chapter 2237: Beloved First Brother

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“That’s a made-up creature, it doesn’t exist.” Quanwei wasn’t ready to lose the spotlight to Li Qiye.

“Don’t blame the books for being wrong out of your own ignorance.” Li Qiye glanced at him and retorted: “Just because you haven’t seen it before doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. The thing that doesn’t exist is your knowledge.”

“You!” Quanwei turned red with an ugly expression. He was complacent earlier but no more. The gap between the high and low vexed him.

“So what actually happened?” Miaozhen curiously asked.

“An Ice Ghost is similar to a specter in the sense that it is elusive, formless, and can kill without being detected. But the truth is that it isn’t formless, just another type of parasite on a poisonous creature.” He explained: “More often than not, the murderer is wrongfully blamed. Everyone would think that its host was the killer. The Devilclaw Louse that attacked Elder Yang was the host. Of course, its poison was very formidable and continued to fight against the Ice Ghost even after its death. What I mean is that the Ice Ghost was being restrained by the poison of the louse inside the elder’s body. Removing this poison resulted in the Ice Ghost going all out and invading the elder with its cold energy.”

He looked over at Quanwei after revealing the last part.

Quanwei’s complexion kept on changing color. Earlier, he was so confident in curing the elder but he ended up almost killing the guy.

He was the famous Poison King but he had lost to a nobody today. This was a great blow on his ego.

“It’s my fault for not being careful enough, ignoring your opinion. A great mistake.” Yalan sighed and said.

Li Qiye did warn them but she chose to trust Quanwei due to his reputation.

“Ah…” The elder woke up at this time. He got up in fear and cried out with a pale complexion: “Am I okay?!”

“Elder, you are no longer in danger.” Yalan consoled: “My Senior Brother had removed the cold poison in your body and killed the Ice Ghost. Everything in your system is gone so you’ll recover soon.”

The elder finally calmed down, vaguely recalling Li Qiye helping him before he blacked out.

“Thank you, Virtuous Nephew, for bringing me back from hell.” He said: “This old man has eyes but couldn’t see Mount Tai. How embarrassing.”

He chose to believe Quanwei and even reprimanded Li Qiye, his savior. Recalling this left him embarrassed.

“Just a trivial art, can’t reach the apex.” Li Qiye casually replied.

This response was a cruel slap on Quanwei’s face. Poison mastery represented everything to him. He was proud of being peerless in this art, allowing him to roam the world with a smug on his face.

But now, this art was considered trivial by Li Qiye? His face became even more unsightly from the verbal slap.

“Rest now.” Li Qiye told the elder before leaving.

“Wait for me, First Brother!” Miaozhen gave chase with a cheerful expression.

Quanwei wanted to show off before Yalan in order to earn her favor, not expecting to lose face because of Li Qiye. He didn’t wish to stay and immediately said goodbye then left Longevity Valley.

As the duo was leaving, Miaozhen happily held on to Li Qiye’s arm, looking quite intimate.

“You were amazing, definitely gave him a good beat down, we’ll see if he dares to come back here again.” She was looking quite cute: “Hehe, that guy gave up for sure, maybe you will be able to win our heart soon too.”

“Done with your test?” He directly asked.

Miaozhen was indeed crafty. Her other purpose was to test Li Qiye’s abilities, to see if her master chose the right person.

“I had complete confidence in you, Senior Brother. I knew you would stop Everlasting from being so arrogant and boost our morale, that’s all, no other intention.” She rolled her eyes, looking pitiful and wrongfully blamed.

Li Qiye was unmoved: “Don’t think I won’t strip you and throw you out of Hundred-flowers.”

“Senior Brother, alright, I was wrong, I shouldn’t have tried to test your abilities.” She hugged his arm tighter and admitted her mistake: “But you’re a benevolent and magnanimous person and will forgive me this time, right? I won’t dare to do it again. I’ll make it up to you by bringing you some tea and a meal.”

This girl was very adaptable and wily, someone that was both cute and frustrating to be around.

“Better brace yourself before trying again later.” He nonchalantly looked at her and stated.

“There will be no next time, I swear to the heaven.” She raised her hand and swore, taking it to heart.

Li Qiye only gave her a glance without responding.

“Hihi, I know you’re nice enough, I won’t do it again.” After seeing that he was fine, she grabbed his arm again and happily skipped forward.


Li Qiye enjoyed his time at Hundred-flowers. It was peaceful and quiet in the last two or three days. The little girl, Miaozhen, had run off somewhere and didn’t come to bother him.

On the other hand, Qin Shaoyao visited several times to ask for help with alchemy and plants. She was much more pleasant to be around due to her gentle nature, unlike the other scheming demoness.

He answered all of her questions so she left happily each time.

Alas, his peace was broken this morning. A group of girls surrounded his courtyard completely.

“Good morning, First Brother.” They greeted after seeing him.

“First Brother, Senior Sisters said that you are gifted in everything and will teach us in place of Master. I’m here today to respectfully ask for your guidance in pill-making.” One of them cheerfully requested.

Another one excitedly said: “First Sister said that your knowledge of plant is peerless, the three of us want to grow a rare one, please help us.”

“Before Master left, she was teaching us meditation laws. First Sister said that you know all of our merit laws, I’m not very good at cultivation, please correct…”

These girls outside of his door were chirping nonstop. Being wanted by so many beauties was a blessing but also a source of headache.

Li Qiye grimaced, realizing the culprit right away.

Suddenly, a cough interrupted the pretty voices. The girls looked back and saw a cold expression, as distant as an apricot in the middle of a snowfield. No one would dare to come close.

“Second Sister.” The girls quieted down right away.

This was naturally one of the Three Ladies, Mu Yalan. The disciples in Hundred-flowers were rather scared of her. They weren’t close to her like they were with Miaozhen.

“If you all want to ask Senior Brother for help, don’t do it like a bunch of bees. You need to organize a time with him first so that you don’t interrupt his cultivation.” She told the group.

“We’ll come back tomorrow then.” One of them smiled cutely.

Many set up an appointment with him before leaving. There was no doubt that Miaozhen got them to come.

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