Chapter 2238: Trouble Approaches

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The girls hurriedly left with a smile on their face, looking quite cute and charming.

Only Li Qiye and Mu Yalan were left. He gave her a look and said: “Come inside.” 

After they entered the room, she cupped her fist: “I have eyes but couldn’t see Mount Tai, almost committing a grave mistake back then, please forgive me, Senior Brother.”

She has been thinking of him recently but due to the high number of patients, she couldn’t leave until today.

He waved his hand: “It’s no big deal, everyone will misjudge eventually.”

In fact, she was an excellent and responsible doctor. She wasn’t completely at fault during the mishap while curing Elder Yang.

“Senior Brother, your medicinal understanding is matchless, I have many things I wish to ask you.” She stared with a pair of eyes eager to learn despite her still-cold demeanor.

Her abilities in this aspect were worthy of her title as a “miracle doctor”. Even in Longevity Valley, her skills were on the same level as teachers from the last generation.

However, after seeing Li Qiye at work, she realized the considerable gap between them. Moreover, First Sister also said that he was skilled in other aspects as well, a master of everything.

Not to mention Myriad Lineage, a true master like that was a rare sight in all three worlds. Because of this, she humbly asked him for guidance.

“Go on.” He didn’t refuse her request.

Yalan was happy that he didn’t wish to hide his knowledge and quickly asked the questions that have been troubling her.

The issues brought up were quite profound. Even a true master of medicine might not be able to show her the way. She definitely found the right person. This was someone who had studied for eras across different realms. He not only could answer but also did it in an incredible manner.

She was immersed in this lesson. The snow around the apricot was melting away with excitement and her eyes lighting up. When it came to the good parts, she couldn’t help quietly gasping in awe.

In terms of talents among the Three Ladies, Fan Miaozhen was most likely the best. She wasn’t the First Sister for becoming a disciple the earliest under Longevity Sage. Her talents were indeed the best.

However, she was much more focused on cultivation compared to the other two. Mu Yalan was interested in medicine while Qin Shaoyao was all about plants and alchemy. The two of them were hellbent on their respective field, thus they were so accomplished at such a young age.

Miaozhen’s pill-making was not bad either. However, she carried a heavier burden as the First Sister and needed to work on the sect, unable to only focus on personal developments. This gave her a deeper understanding of the world compared to the other two.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye didn’t hide anything and did his best because he found the girls to be pure and willing to be the best at their domain. It was relaxing and rewarding to teach them, so he was more than happy to partake in this task.

“Clang, clang, clang…” Their time was interrupted by an urgent-sounding gong.

Yalan was shocked to hear it: “Something has happened to Master!”

She ignored everything else and left the room while the panicking noise continued.

Next, people saw the bloodied Longevity Sage being carried into the valley. Her wounds shocked the entire place because her cultivation was unfathomable. No one knew how strong she was exactly.

Thus, one could imagine the formidable strength of the culprit. Moreover, this person must have strong backing too. The sage was in charge of the system. Attacking her was the same as challenging the entire valley. 

The disciples assumed their post and became ready to fight. There were guards and sentries every five paces. A tense atmosphere pervaded the place.

The ancestors entered the hidden cave to help the wounded sage. The rest of the disciples didn’t know what was going on or who the enemy was.

“Boom!” A green light gushed out with increasing intensity, eventually ending as a vast expanse above.

“Clank.” A massive image of a cauldron appeared in this expanse. It flew towards the cave right away.

“The ancestral cauldron…” The elders worried even more at this sight.

“They need this cauldron…” All members didn’t expect the situation to be so dire.

This was the cauldron left behind by their progenitor, crafted from different materials all over the three worlds and capable of bringing someone back from death. Even under the most gruesome circumstances, the person only needed one strand of their soul in their body and this cauldron could save them.

Of course, the valley didn’t use it carelessly since it required a massive amount of materials and energy. The severity of the situation became obvious when so many ancestors and even the cauldron were assembled.

The enemy certainly wanted the sage dead. So many disciples gritted their teeth in anger at this thought and wanted revenge, especially if something were to happen to their sect master.

Besides the ancestors out of the sects or in crucial meditation, the other ones came to pour their power into the cauldron.

The situation was tense because the rest of the disciples wanted to prevent a potential ambush. They protected the cave and felt the heavy responsibility.

Nevertheless, there was a true sense of solidarity going on. All were ready to die protecting their sect master.

Fan Miaozhen was even more determined and became quite busy with the administration. She even patrolled herself, truly showing off her abilities.

With a full armor and weapon at the ready, she didn’t show any sign of immaturity at all. Her commands were on point and meticulously thought out. This was the style of a capable general.

Anyone who saw her right now would see a battle-hardened general, unable to see the resemblance between this and her demoness style.

On the contrary, the First Disciple was quite leisure. No one came to bother him at his little courtyard.

The dreadful atmosphere went on for a bit but fortunately enough, the enemy has yet to appear. This was a blessing of sorts because the valley was at its weakest. An assault might fail but would still leave severe damage right now.

It looked like the foe was wary of the valley’s power, not pursuing the sage to the very end. Of course, mounting a full-frontal assault against Longevity Valley required deliberation. It was still in charge of the system with unfathomable hidden powers. Taking it down wouldn’t be easy at all regardless of how strong one might be.

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