Chapter 2239: Marriage Proposal From Everlasting

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The silence in the valley was as unbearable as the mind of its disciples, jumping at the slightest noise. Their weapons were unsheathed as they waited for days to pass by.

They were ready to fight, unlike a certain someone who never left his room, simply focusing on cultivation.

Li Qiye meditated and was as still as a wooden statue.

“Buzz.” After a long time, green leaves suddenly came out first before the old tree fully manifested from the ground. Li Qiye had chosen to name this tree Longevity.

Its leaves were rustling, seemingly very excited.

Li Qiye chuckled and patted it with a profound glare: “Longevity Valley is indeed interesting with powerful ace cards. Quite unexpected.”

He naturally wasn’t here to be a First Disciple. His goal was something else and he simply played along with the others.

He recalled the old tree before returning to meditation. This peace was broke several days later with a visit from Miaozhen.

She wore a tight dress meant for battle; her mood completely different from before and was rather fierce. Nevertheless, she was still as charming and pretty as ever, causing eyes to bulge.

“A monarch from Everlasting is here.” She got straight to the point after seeing him.

Due to the sage’s injuries, the ancestors were preoccupied so many tasks in the valley fell to the young generation. This was a true test for them.

Miaozhen had a bigger role due to her status and personally presided over many matters. The current defensive plan was hers as well.

She lived up to the expectation and became a great commander despite her young age. There was no doubt that she had prepared for this day.

“And?” Li Qiye chuckled.

Her eyes narrowed, resulting in a serious expression: “He came bearing gifts for a marriage proposal.”

“Which one? Let me guess, Poison King Huang Quanwei and our doctor?” He guessed.

“Yes.” She nodded: “The monarch wishes to see Master and talk about the proposal.”

Li Qiye smiled, this perfect timing was quite a coincidence.

“You just need to tell the ancestors.” He said.

“The ancestors are either in isolated cultivation or empowering the ancestral cauldron to heal Master. The rest are on guard at the cave.” She revealed.

She made it quite clear that it was up to them to decide.

“You’re the First Sister. Go talk to Yalan and the others and decide for yourselves.” He answered.

“Yalan refused.” Miaozhen continued: “Plus, I might be the First Sister but you’re the First Brother. As the main disciple under the master, you should be in charge of this matter.”

This marriage proposal was no coincidence so how could they agree? Plus, Yalan had no feelings for the Poison King. This proposal had no chance of success.

“You’re already doing a great job. I trust that you can handle this matter.” He smiled.

“Nice try!” She glared at him: “Don’t think about running before the fight, it is time for you to bear the mantle. Fine, we can make the decision but you will need to be the one telling their monarch.”

“You want me to be the bad guy?” Li Qiye laughed: “That could result in war. They are certainly not friendly so once a fight starts, I’ll be in the very front.”

“So, are you afraid?” She tried to egg him on.

“Mindgame doesn’t work on me, little girl.” He shook his head and said.

“Don’t forget, you haven’t done anything yet as the First Disciple, don’t sit in the outhouse without taking a shit. Not telling you to join the battle is already treating you too nicely.” She angrily complained.

“Watch your image now, you’re the representative of our sect, how can you say such crude words? You’re ruining your image as a nice girl.” He teased.

“Stop blabbering, are you coming or not?” She revealed her true nature after a few sentences.

It looked as if she would give him a good beating if he were to refuse.

“Of course I am. I don’t dare to disobey the First Sister, the consequence of that would be so bad.” He smiled sarcastically.

She was furious and pinched his waist hard enough for him to open his mouth in pain. 

“I’ll tell you something.” She said during their walk.

“The Alchemy Conference is happening soon, it’s a day where the system worships the ancestors. Our valley has always been in charge of it.” She carefully said.

Li Qiye smirked: “Such good timing for someone to hurt the master just before this date. And now a marriage proposal too?”

“That’s why you know what needs to be done.” She looked at him and said.

“What if I go firm? Keep in mind that I do not concede, the enemy must either lick my shoes or be the bones beneath them. Little girl, you need to be ready for the aftermath for dragging me out here.” He said flatly: “Do you want to delay this or declare war? The former is better in my absence since I always go all out once I decide to do something.”

Miaozhen contemplated quietly before looking straight into his eyes, wishing to see into his soul while allowing him to do the same.

“I trust you.” She finally nodded: “Though I don’t know why Master picked you to be the First Disciple, I still trust you all the same. Since Master isn’t here, I will let you do as you please. Our three sisters have your back.”

“Little girl, you might just be handing Longevity Valley to a devil.” He laughed and touched her forehead before moving on.


The monarch of Everlasting was waiting in a palace chamber. This was a stalwart old man with sharp brows and cold eyes. He had the most influence and authority in Everlasting right now among the monarchs after many successful conquests.

Their emperor asked him to be in charge of this marriage proposal. He came quite prepared for this task.

However, he has been waiting for a long time. Not to mention an ancestor, not even an elder got here to see him. Nevertheless, he remained calm and sat there in silence.

He didn’t mind the deliberate slight because the valley wouldn’t be arrogant for long. Not long from now, the system would belong to Everlasting.

Why? Because their kingdom was the strongest right now, far exceeding Longevity Valley in terms of military prowess. Whether it be an ordinary disciple or the nobles in that kingdom, they all thought that Longevity Valley had declined, way inferior in comparison to them.

Furthermore, they have been in charge for long enough. It was time for someone else to take the reins.

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