Chapter 2319: Identity's Riddle

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“Of course not, just scratching the surface, but that’s more than enough to take on the two of you alone.” Conqueror smiled.

The other two naturally didn’t take this in stride. They were famous on the same level, and the strongest among them has yet to be known. But now, Conqueror wanted to fight alone on top of boasting like this, how could they take this sitting down?

A few spectators were shocked too. They thought that these three were evenly-matched, but this didn’t seem to be the case today. Was Conqueror really much stronger?

“I hope you have an ancestral treasure with you, or this place will be your grave.” Sword Sovereign’s eyes became as sharp as a divine sword, representing his fury.

“Clank!” He unsheathed his sword and illuminated the entire area, pouring all of his energy into it.

A majestic figure appeared behind him with rays of imperial power oozing out.

“A pseudo-emperor!” Everyone could sense this aura. 

At this moment, the sovereign didn’t hold back at all and revealed his true strength.

“I will overestimate myself and see what you can do then, Brother Conqueror.” Coiling Dragon Young Noble coldly said.

With that, he raised his eight arms as they became dazzling, seemingly capable of shouldering a falling sky.

Most importantly, each hand was performing a different seal before holding a weapon. These eight weapons were mighty - pagoda, spear, halberd, divine bell… They belonged to the imperial and eternal classification. The hands themselves poured out endless strength, resembling eight gigantic dragons with a terrifying presence.

“What about Conqueror?” Everyone looked over at Conqueror, wondering which race he was from. They speculated that he could be from the Eight-armed Tribe as well because their progenitor was also one. If he was a true descendant, he should be from this race.

He still only had two arms at this moment, but this didn’t mean that he wasn’t from this race. This particular physical characteristic wasn’t an absolute requirement.

This tribe had numerous cultivation methods. They could have eight arms at birth, but through training, a thousand or ten thousand arms would be possible, as well as just two. 

“Let’s go, we’ll see who will be the last man standing.” Conqueror also unsheathed his sword.

In the past, he only used his bamboo sword but no more. This showed how serious he was against these two.

A golden glow shimmered on the blade with a hint of rippling waves under the sunlight. It looked like a soaring dragon.

“Roaming Dragon!” Coiling Dragon blurted out in astonishment after seeing this sword.

“It really is Roaming Dragon!” A few ancestors took a careful look and confirmed it.

“That’s a divine sword from Coiling Dragon.” Another spectator revealed.

This wasn’t an ancestral treasure but it enjoyed plentiful fame. Later on, it disappeared along with the descendants of the progenitor.

This seemed to be proof of Conqueror’s identity. People didn’t find this particularly surprising due to the rumors.

Coiling Dragon Young Noble was affected the most for this was the last thing he wanted to see; his dynasty felt the same way. The consequence of this wouldn’t be pretty.

“Let’s go all out!” Conqueror roared.

“Ra!” A large dragon coiled around the youth, seemingly capable of tearing out the sky vault.

“Coiling Dragon Blessing…” Coiling Dragon Young Noble’s expression became unsightly. This was a top technique of the progenitor; they didn’t have this one either.

“He’s the real thing.” Someone murmured. Conqueror’s identity seemed to have been confirmed.

“Buzz.” Suddenly, the back of his neck exuded a Buddhist radiance and endless chanting.

“Impossible!” Numerous elders and ancestors couldn’t believe their eyes.

Even his two foes were caught by surprise and had a strange expression.

“Heavenly Buddha Tribe!” Just when people thought they have figured it out, Conqueror revealed his race!

Heavenly Buddha was also another big tribe in Myriad. Their members were born with a Buddhist light behind their head, showing that Conqueror was not an eight-armed member. He couldn’t be the descendant of Coiling Dragon Progenitor.

“Didn’t expect this, did you?” Conqueror smiled deviously, seemingly quite pleased with the reactions.

The crowd realized that Conqueror had just taken them for a ride since the beginning.

“Who cares if he’s a descendant or not, kill him!” Sword Sovereign unleashed a technique filled with sword intent.

“Eight-plains Sword God!” In the blink of an eye, he split into eight identical copies and slashed at the same time! Each slash could rend the world.

“A technique from Sword Saint.” A keen-eyed ancestor recognized the move.

Ling Ximo stared intensely at this move, a supreme art from her progenitor. She hasn’t trained it yet.

“Die!” Coiling Dragon attacked with his eight treasures, causing loud detonations as they flew towards Conqueror.

“Break!” Conqueror ordered. The coiling dragon became his line of defense versus the other young noble.

At the same time, his sword soared to the sky, full of spirituality. It dragged the spatial fabrics near it upward along with the eight Sword Sovereigns.

“Dragon roams the sky!” It successfully pulled and nullified the eight slashes.

“Wind of the depth!” Coiling Dragon Young Noble tried again with a roar. His eight hands formed the same seal. The eight treasures combined into an explosive palm, heading straight for Conqueror.

Sword Sovereign raised his sword and created a rain of divine blades; their only target was Conqueror.

Conqueror retaliated by swinging his Roaming Dragon in a circular pattern. Curtains of swords appeared to stop the incoming attacks.

“Rumble!” Though this particular stance was incredible, these barriers were collapsing one by one under the relentless onslaught. Sparks were beautiful just like fireworks in the night sky.

Despite his prowess, Conqueror was at a disadvantage against the two powerful foes. Nevertheless, he managed to hold on without losing just yet.

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