Chapter 2321: Invincible Sword

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It didn’t take long before he was full of wounds and bloodstains ruining his robe. The majority were cut marks. There was no chance for him to win now once the crown prince joined in. It was too difficult to predict and react to the ambushing attacks so he was left with dozens of gashes.

“Whoosh!” Another successful ambush resulted in a deep wound on Conqueror’s legs. This slash nearly severed them. Nevertheless, Conqueror became fiercer like a desperate dog.

Explosions detonated. It didn’t take long before another severe injury - one slash nearly decapitated him, leaving a cut on his neck.

“Clank!” Next, Conqueror stopped Sword Sovereign’s thrust but the crown prince successfully pierced through him.

“Boom!” Coiling Dragon took advantage of this and made him go flying with battered flesh.

Conqueror took a long time before getting up. His wounds made it hard for him to stand, requiring using his Roaming Dragon as a prop.

The speechless crowd glanced at each other, realizing that he alone couldn’t handle the other three and would die here.

Alas, no one was willing to save him. Some knew him but they were strictly acquaintances. Plus, even his friends couldn’t save him from these three. No one else in the young generation was their match.

Furthermore, they represented three systems. Assisting now meant antagonizing these systems. Not even good friends would try to do something so foolish.

“He just lacks a strong backing.” An old master gently sighed. If Conqueror had the same background as the other three, his ancestors would have helped him right now. The fate of a lone wolf was unfortunate.

“Looks like Saber Devil Crown Prince is worthy of his reputation.” The bright smile didn’t disappear from Conqueror’s face.

“I also admire your courage, it’s a shame that the price was too high.” The crown prince uttered coldly.

“It’s fine, this isn’t decided just yet.” Conqueror - bloodied yet still leisure; struggling to stand yet still smiling in such a charismatic and charming manner.

“What’s unfortunate is that you don’t have all the merit laws and an ancestral treasure.” Coiling Dragon shook his head.

“Your plan is too obvious. I won’t let you have what you want.” Conqueror laughed and shook his head.

“Then I will send you off.” Coiling Dragon’s eyes flashed with murderous intent.

“Don’t worry, just one blade from me. It won’t be painful.” The crown prince added.

The trio circled around their prey with an ultimate move ready in order to kill him.

“I suppose having so many wanting to kill me is an honor of sorts.” Conqueror said.

“Clank!” The crown prince unsheathed and pointed his saber at Conqueror, no longer attacking from the shadows.

The atmosphere became tense since it could be Conqueror’s last moments.

“The party’s over.” Suddenly, a lazy voice broke the solemn air.

Everyone looked over and saw Li Qiye lying on a different peak. Ling Ximo had found a reclining chair since who knows when. He seemed to be sunbathing in that spot and didn’t even bother looking at the group while speaking, still half-asleep.

The trio froze for a bit before staring back at him. In the past, they wouldn’t give a damn but remember, he had just suppressed Windchaser Matron, an eighth-level True God. His words carried a lot of weight now.

Even if they went all out, they wouldn’t compare to her. This was an existence that could challenge a low-level True Emperor, and they weren’t at this level just yet.

“Brother Li, this is our personal feud. I hope you won’t interfere.” Coiling Dragon said with a serious glare.

Sword Sovereign couldn’t say anything either. His target, Ximo, was standing right there. She possessed the keys in finding the sword tomb but he pretended to not see her. After all, he wouldn’t dare to mess with Li Qiye before being absolutely confident in victory.

“So what? If I tell you to leave, do it.” Li Qiye replied.

The crowd smiled wryly at this domineering attitude. He seemed to be treating the trio as insignificant beings, not something many could do. Of course, this guy challenged the number one expert of Myriad. These three young nobles and sword-saber duo weren’t enough to deter him.

“Brother Li, aren’t you being too unreasonable?” Coiling Dragon became annoyed. Killing Conqueror now would let them rest easy.

“Indeed, that’s my style.” Li Qiye answered plainly.

The crown prince furiously responded: “You think you can handle antagonizing our three systems?!”

“Just three systems?” Li Qiye slowly turned his gaze towards the crown prince: “Intimidation is useless since I wouldn’t bat an eye going against all of Myriad.”

The speechless crowd didn’t find this too surprising since he had done so back in Insane Court as well. The alliance virtually represented all of Myriad.

“Brother Li, your interference in our business is truly…” Coiling Dragon blurted out.

In this blink of an eye, the glint of a sword flashed then came a clunking noise. Li Qiye casually unsheathed the iron sword on Ximo’s back, but with such speed that no one could see how he did it or what happened next.

In fact, the true order was actually a clank before the flash of the blade. His speed broke the order of time itself.

Upon seeing the flash, the trio became tense and wanted to retaliate. It was already too late. They felt pain on their shoulder. Blood oozed out of their wound and stained their robe red.

Li Qiye had cut them and returned the sword back to the sheath before they could even think about retaliating. He sat there, looking slothful as ever.

The trio was scared out of their mind and instinctively took several steps back, a useless action.

Once the outcome became clear, the spectators gasped in response while feeling tingling on their head.

Even the trio didn’t have a chance to defend themselves before Li Qiye. It had nothing to do with his cultivation and power; his speed was simply insurmountable.

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