Chapter 2386: Time Devourer

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No one could stay cool while looking at Shihua’s face. Nevertheless, he didn’t care at all.

At his power level, he could easily change his face but chose against doing so, seemingly content with it. Perhaps their reaction justified his title of Heavenrend Viper.

“I’ll have to display my slight skill then.” Shihua looked at Li Qiye and said.

He wore a solemn expression, clearly needing to use his ultimate move. Of course, the price of using a move like this would be substantial.

“Boom!” Black smoke oozed from him and shrouded the sky. Anything touched by this smoke would decay instantly. It seemed to be a powerful poison that came and went quickly, revealing Shihua’s true form. The earlier appearance was still his humanoid shape.

A large head the size of a mountain appeared in the sky, a stark contrast to his tiny body. Upon careful inspection, it was the same proportion as a tadpole, just countless times more terrifying.

The head had three long black horns, fully covered with red scales. The rows of teeth grew much longer, no different from swords emitting their sharp glint.

“Buzz.” He spewed out a terrible light. Each strand was full of death and nothing could escape. They would slowly disperse into nothingness.

“Old Wang, Iet me help you!” Mu Shaochen shouted and instantly jumped on Wang Shihua’s head. The two resembled a whale and a sharksucker.

“Boom!” Mu Shaochen became radiant and sent down laws. Everyone felt him absorbing the power of the world.

As he continued this absorption process, he channeled the power to Wang Shihua. Shaochen acted as a bridge for Shihua and the world. Through him, Shihua was able to grasp this power.

“They’re borrowing the power of Vermillion.” People were rightfully startled with their eyes wide open, watching Shaochen’s incredible feat.

Not to mention outsiders, even the disciples of a system couldn’t borrow or control this power. Only those who have a deep understanding of their progenitor’s dao could do so.

However, Shaochen was certainly an outsider and he hasn’t been here that long. Nevertheless, he was proving everyone wrong with his amazing comprehension.

“Just a tiny part of this power, but his talent is peerless.” Even the ancestors from Vermillion were amazed.

Shaochen actually had a better understanding of this grand dao than these ancestors. All other geniuses couldn’t reach the apex compared to him.

Though this was only a small portion, just imagine how large Vermillion was. It was a leading power of Myriad, so this vast land contained a massive amount of energy just like an ocean.

“Boom!” Shihua was strong enough but with Shaochen’s help, his might soared to a different level.

It only took a flash before divine rings rotated around Shihua with a metallic shade, acting as independent worlds. Just like that, they possessed an endless weight, capable of crushing the firmaments and gods.

“Get ready, here is my ultimate move!” He roared and opened his mouth, seemingly opening a floodgate with a loud bang.

The world turned dark but not completely swallowed in darkness. Nothing was blotting out the sky, but Shihua was crazily devouring the temporal affinity of this area.

All of the light in the world seemed to be heading for his bloody mouth. Escaping was impossible. A bright radiance gathered inside, seemingly made of numerous stars - the light of time.

Not even a single strand could escape from the tight clutch of Shihua. They turned bright and blinding only to be useless, unable to reflect their brightness on something else.

Shihua sucked in and even targeted some of the experts nearby. Their light itself was taken so they turned to dust and scattered away with the wind, issuing sad rustles. These victims surely died with grudges, not knowing that their lives would come to an end in this manner.

“He devours time, and the future too.” An ancestor from another system shouted in astonishment.

So what he was absorbing wasn’t light itself, but rather the time in everyone’s body. To put it simply, their lifespan. The absorption process would turn the victims bereft of lifespan into specks of dust.

Everyone trembled and quickly ran away from the battlefield, lest they want to be dragged down to this mess. 

“Fellow Daoist Wang, be mindful of our disciples.” Dracoform spoke after seeing the casualties, some from his own system.

“It was a mistake, my apology.” Shihua said before turning towards Li Qiye: “Get ready!”

“Hssst!” Shihua’s bloody mouth aimed straight at Li Qiye and began to inhale. The celestials in the sky couldn’t withstand this terrible sucking power and turned to fragments instantly.

Space and time were pulled over. Everything around Li Qiye became dust right away. His body began to deteriorate as if it was made of mud. His muscles and tendons slowly disappeared. Keep in mind that even time couldn’t run away from this gaping jaw, let alone a living being.

When Shihua used this technique, he could rob someone of their time and turn them into nothingness.

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