Chapter 2438: Fallen Imperial City

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“Your Majesty, General Tang has defected, please escape!” Amidst the chaos, a fleeing old official saw that Li Qiye was still hanging around the palace and enjoying the paintings so he shouted.

Li Qiye noticed that the guy’s pouch on his back was full of treasures but didn’t say anything. He waved his hand and smiled: “Go, I know what I’m doing.”

“Take care, Your Majesty.” The official prostrated once before running for his life.

Though everyone said that this new king was perverted and lawless, the maids, servants, and officials in the palace didn’t think so.

On the contrary, he was very generous - allowing people to escape with the precious treasures without interfering.

That’s why many servants and officials stole items but no one tried to capture the king in order to earn a reward from the coalition army.

In their eyes, the king had treated them well enough. Capturing him for a reward would be ruthless and ungrateful - kicking a benefactor in the teeth.

This resulted in a very amusing scene. People ran for their lives while grabbing whatever treasures they could get their hands on. However, Li Qiye strode among the chaotic horde - nonchalant and relaxed as ever.

The strangest thing was that these looters would stop. Some even respectfully bowed to him and said, “Your Majesty”, before moving on with the items.

Such a scene felt so natural and friendly, devoid of contention.

“Creak…” The heavy gate started opening. The Imperial Guard opened it after hearing Tang Hexiang’s order, allowing the coalition armies to enter the city.

From this point on, Tang Hexiang, Eight Formation True Emperor, and the five commanders have reached an agreement to be on the same side.

A few people sighed. One sect master quietly said: “Looks like Tang Hexiang couldn’t maintain his stance.”

Among the legions, the Imperial Guard Legion was considered to be the dynasty’s own. Their generals were mostly from War Saint or even the royal clan. On the contrary, the other legions consisted of members from the other clans and sects of Nine Secrets.

Hexiang himself was also from the royal family so he should have fought for War Saint Dynasty. In the end, he decided against it, choosing to overthrow the new king.

“Can he be blamed for this? It’s really the immoral king’s fault for invoking everyone’s fury.” Someone else spoke on his behalf.

A few ancestors only smiled, not actually trusting this rhetoric about the king’s lack of characters.

As a king, being lecherous or taking girls? That’s no big deal and was quite common. Not to mention three or five girls, an authoritative tyrant would have a harem of tens of thousands. 

The king’s only mistake was his inability to grasp military authority. If he had enough power, he wouldn’t be considered a degenerate. Golden daughters like Bingchi Hanyu would find it an honor to be part of the harem.

During Lucidity’s era, these great powers desired to marry their daughters into the harem. Unfortunately, Lucidity refused.

Today, the new king only wanted Bingchi Hanyu, not to mention that the Bingchi has agreed to this with the late king; an official marriage contract was written down as well. They reneged on the deal because the new one was incapable.

Calling him a debaucherous despot was only a justification for the rebellion.

These ancestors naturally understood that this is a world of the strong. Because the new king was weak, his foes could accuse him of anything.

“Please abdicate for a virtuous ruler.” Tang Hexiang broke the silence as he approached the imperial palace with his legion.

People sighed and gasped at this sight. Just a few days ago, War Saint Dynasty was virtually untouchable. Today, its imperial palace has been surrounded by rebels.

Everyone knew that it was over for the king and War Saint Dynasty. He would die even after abdicating.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Eight Formation True Emperor and his men began sieging the palace.

Though there wasn’t a single guard present, barriers were still forming over the palace, virtually unbreakable like walls of steel.

They have been blessed by numerous True Emperors and Eternals of the dynasty, including Lucidity. Eight Formation True Emperor and his peers were powerful, but breaking it down would still take some time.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye continued his leisurely stroll with a smile despite the explosions. He made it to the golden hall and slowly sat down on the throne. He closed his eyes, seemingly asleep - the only person left in this gigantic palace.

The entire place was shaking due to the constant barrages. After a while, he opened his eyes and smiled: “It’s about time.”

“Boom!” A deafening blast came about. The group of masters has successfully broken the barriers with their mighty attacks.

Everything crumbled; numerous palaces shattered. Debris and dust scattered everywhere.

“It’s down!” The spectators became excited and shouted. So many eyes were intensely watching this scene.

“Still so patient when the kingdom is falling? Not bad, quite an interesting game. Very well, let’s see if my chess piece is usable or not.” Li Qiye smirked while sitting on the throne.

“Boom!” Eight Formation True Emperor unleashed a world-destroying palm strike.

The roof and walls of the golden hall collapsed, revealing Li Qiye before everyone.

“Your Majesty…” Some of the rebels quietly murmured; a few men even staggered backward after seeing him here. He didn’t escape, contrary to their expectations.

Regardless of his lack of abilities and moral character, he was still appointed by Lucidity. In other words, he was the rightful ruler - the orthodox branch.

Anyone who wanted the throne right now would be considered a rebel, a usurper. The authority of the orthodox branch remained so some rebels have a guilty conscience as they stared as their king.

“The new king…” The spectating ancestors were surprised to find Li Qiye sticking around.

“Does he want to die with the kingdom?” Someone else wondered.

After all, he had plenty of chances to run prior to the siege. But now, he was the only one left in this palace, sitting there proudly.

Some felt respect after seeing this - a weak junior daring to face the great coalition armies. Not everyone possessed this courage.

“The only crime of his is being born in a royal family.” A sect master gently sighed.

This new king has done nothing heinous compared to Lucidity’s previous conquests. The kid was innocent sheep while Lucidity’s hands were stained with blood.

Alas, he wouldn’t be able to escape death today.

Eight Formation True Emperor’s eyes flashed murderously after seeing Li Qiye on the throne.

He undoubtedly wished to be there instead. This new king was a piece of trash while he was a True Emperor. How could he not have the ambition to replace the guy? To take all the authority that comes with the throne?

“You’re the little brat in charge of Eight Formation Kingdom?” Li Qiye glanced at the emperor.

The emperor’s eyes became serious and bright like the stars: “I am Eight Formation True Emperor! The ruler of Myriad Formation Kingdom!”

Being called a little brat by this trash annoyed Eight Formation True Emperor in spite of his mental fortitude.


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