Chapter 2439: Broken Kingdom; Shattered Lands

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Li Qiye sat there calmly and even conversed with Eight Formation True Emperor. This act made people glance at each other.

In the eyes of the masters, Li Qiye was only a spring chicken, a new cultivator. However, he remained calm against the great armies and a True Emperor. This courage was rare and commendable.

“That’s a descendant of Lucidity King’s for you, he’s not shaming his lineage.” An ancestor praised.

Even till now, many believed that he was an illegitimate son of Lucidity, hence why he was given the throne.

The emperor had flashes of bloodthirst in his eyes - a truly frightening spectacle due to his power level. Each strand resembled a divine sword, more than enough to make others tremble.

“Are you finished now?” The emperor uttered coldly.

Li Qiye waved his hand and casually said: “When is your kingdom bringing your princess over? I need a maid for bed warming and feet washing.”

Everyone took a deep breath and glanced at each other.

“He’s a madman.” Many shared this thought.

There was no saving this guy. He was the only one left in the palace yet he still dared to talk in this manner. The guy was insane indeed or he wouldn’t have ordered an attack on the Bingchi over one woman.

“Ignorant fool!” The emperor raised his hand and crushed the void with an explosive sound. He then lunged for Li Qiye.

“It’s over.” Everyone knew the outcome without looking.

The new king’s cultivation was pitiful to the point of being negligible. Just one finger from the emperor could turn him to ashes, let alone a full attack.

A buzzing noise happened before any physical contact; very few could actually hear this faint sound - the rippling of space. Li Qiye suddenly disappeared from the throne.

“Boom!” The palm strike crushed the throne but Li Qiye was nowhere to be found.

“Where is he?!” The spectators were confused. The guy seemed to have vanished into thin air. 

“Wait, is he crushed into a pulp or a mist of blood, evaporating into nothingness?” Some speculated.

“No, someone saved him.” A powerful ancestor said with a serious expression.

“What?” The crowd was shocked. The one who saved him was simply too fast, beyond visual discernment.

Moreover, the guy did it before Eight Formation True Emperor. This being must be extremely powerful or the emperor would have stopped him.

“Who did it?” This question popped up in everyone’s mind. Sun Lengying? Or someone else? 

Thinking about Sun Lengying made people shudder. The shadows of his terror still remained above Nine Secrets.

True Formation was startled since someone capable of this task was obviously stronger than him - capable of moving freely in an untraceable manner.

The six commanders felt the same way and started to analyze the surroundings. Unfortunately, they didn’t notice anything.

“Go, search everywhere!” The group ordered the armies to begin the search for Li Qiye.

People started pondering about the outcome. Though this was a successful siege of the imperial palace, the new king was still taken away by someone.

The coalition armies naturally didn’t like this, especially Tang Hexiang’s group. As long as the new king was still alive, they wouldn’t be able to have a good night’s sleep. He was a problem that needs to be dealt with.

It didn’t matter who would take over the throne, but as long as Li Qiye was alive, his position would be questioned, just a usurper.

Moreover, Li Qiye could even become someone else’s card. They might fight using his name and take over in the same manner.

“At the very least, it is over for War Saint, the end of their golden age.” An ancestor said after seeing the mess at the palace.

He recalled when Lucidity used to order the world in an imperious manner. No one dared to disobey his royal decrees. But now, his authority was gone in the wind, just like him.

Even if War Saint Dynasty could continue, it would no longer be as strong as before.

“The fall of War Saint allows for the rise of others, this is only the beginning, not the end.” Someone else sentimentally said.

Lucidity was unique. In the present, anyone dared to take his position would have trouble subduing the people.

The Bingchi and Myriad Formation Kingdom together weren’t enough to force the other three great powers to submit. If Eight Formation True Emperor were to ascend, they would definitely refute his coronation. Their excuse would be that Li Qiye, the rightful king, was still around.

Thus, Eight Formation and the others knew that it was impossible to seize the throne until Li Qiye is dead. Not only would the other three powers not recognize the new ruler’s legitimacy, but the other sects and clans might also resist as well.

Thus, Li Qiye’s survival became quite a headache.

“Looks like war is inevitable in the future.” One ancestor was pessimistic about the current developments.


Li Qiye had no intention of retaliating against the palm strike but someone else saved him in that split second.

When the light returned, the scene was completely different. What he saw was no longer the palace but rather, an open ocean of clouds.

He stood on top of a solitary peak as the clouds floated below his feet. His robes fluttered with the wind.

There was an old man standing next to him - his savior.

“Old geezer Wind? Why did you save me? I was waiting for a fun show.” Li Qiye glanced at the old man and said. 

He was one of the five supreme ancestors, the Wind God from Godstep Sect.

He stared at Li Qiye with his old eyes, surprised that this brat didn’t show any gratitude. Worst of all, the kid still acted like a king and didn’t show any respect.

Remember, there were only five supreme ancestors in all of Nine Secrets. They were the strongest ancestor in their sects, virtually invincible as Eternals.

However, Li Qiye didn’t give a damn and treated him like a subject just like Lucidity used to.

People called him Wind God because he was just like the wind - essentially omnipresent.

“Brat, be more respectful, you would be a dead man right now if it wasn’t for me.” He gave Li Qiye the side-eye.

Li Qiye sat down on the cliff and swung his legs back and forth before smiling: “As if. Someone else would save me if not you, having a puppet king is enough to control the world.”

“You’re not stupid, brat.” Wind God was impressed and took another look at the youth. He thought the kid was only a useless, prodigal son.

“Even an idiot can see this.” Li Qiye smiled: “I’m sure the other great powers were waiting too.”

“Hmph. Unfortunately, I didn’t save you for this reason. I saved you out of consideration for the late king!” Wind God snorted.

Unlike the other supreme ancestors, Wind God was quite close to Lucidity. The latter had guided him in the past. That’s why he was the first to agree to the marriage agreement.

Because of this, he saved Li Qiye so that Lucidity’s lineage would continue on.

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