Chapter 2442: Godstep Sect

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The vexed god couldn’t do anything when Li Qiye didn’t wish to back off the marriage matter. Though he could make Li Qiye hand over the marriage pact by force, he was still a man of principle and refused to renege.

“Let’s go.” He grabbed Li Qiye before disappearing into nothingness.

When they emerged again, the clouds were still their companions, only with mountains and hills added as decoration for the sky canvas this time around. Wind God was actually crossing from one dimension to another. 

Because he trained with the word, Xing, movement was his expertise. Not only was his speed matchless, but he could also cross through any dimension and realm. This earned him his title of Wind God.

Of course, an Eternal already had ample movement abilities. After training in this word, he became even more exceptional.

In terms of speed and spatial mastery, he was the best among the five supreme ancestors. Lucidity himself was inferior in this aspect. If Wind God wished to flee, no one in Imperial could stop him.

Their final destination was the magical and awe-inspiring Godstep Sect, one of the five great powers of Nine Secrets.

This was a rather mysterious power in the system. No one knew where its ancestral ground was located, not even some of their disciples.

It was still a scene of clouds as far as the eye can see. At the very end of this cloudy ocean were rolling mountains and hills. Some peaks were large enough to form their own inhabitable areas spanning for thousands of miles. Being shrouded by the clouds only amplified the mysteriousness of these mountains. Waterfalls surged down some of the tall peaks. This looked magnificent just like a river running down from the nine firmaments.

Upon closer inspection, one would find that among this mountain range were several peaks tightly packed together. They were the tallest ones too, seemingly the centerpieces of this area.

This was the central area of Godstep, containing its treasures and resources accumulated across the generations. Only prestigious ancestors had permission for entry.

Godstep had the word, Xing. Obtaining one of these words meant being blessed by the high heavens. Their main legacies and merit laws would be decided as well.

For example, Myriad Formation Kingdom had the word, Zhen, so they became the best lineage at formations and arrays in the system, both in terms of knowledge and power.

As for the Bingchi, they had the word, Bing. Therefore, they were the best blacksmiths available. It was common knowledge in Imperial that the best weapons normally came from the Bingchi, and this was indeed the truth.

Back to Godstep, most of their merit laws and techniques were derived from their secret word.

If there was a marathon contest in Nine Systems, Godstep Sect would surely take the number one spot. They had incredible movement and stepping techniques, granting them peerless speed.

Their disciples enjoyed safety compared to other cultivators since escaping would never be an issue.

Due to these advantages, Godstep could transmit information at an incredible rate in the past. They had the most comprehensive intelligence network.

In the beginning, many sects paid Godstep high fees in order to buy necessary information and intelligence.

Later on, as Godstep grew in power and had more resources, they slowly stopped participating in this line of business and focused on politics and power-gathering instead until they became one of the five behemoths.

Two people flashed into existence. Wind God had brought Li Qiye onto the highest peak of Godstep. The place was highly guarded. Each inch of mud here was glowing; they have been blessed by powerful augmentation.

There existed a building made out of stone with a wooden plaque carved with two words, Secret Depository. It served as the sect’s most secretive and largest library, containing numerous merit laws and scrolls.

Of course, it also had plenty of ancestral books, mysterious tales, etc…

Outsiders weren’t allowed to enter under normal circumstances, not even the disciples here without permission from the ancestors.

“Creak.” The heavy doors opened, allowing the two of them to enter.

Though Li Qiye was an outsider, Wind God was a supreme existence in this sect so he could go wherever he wanted.

The building didn’t look large from the outside, but after entering, one would find this place massive - akin to entering a different dimension.

The smell of books assaulted the nostrils - indicative of the great number of books found here.

This collection was comparable to the stars in the sky. Towering bookshelves everywhere with countless books. They contained intelligence and information on top of regular texts gathered across the years by the disciples of Godstep. 

Unlike other lineages and due to their background, the disciples here loved collecting books. It didn’t matter whether the books were useful and precious or not, they still contained information and should be collected.

The scrolls here have also undergone a strict filtering process. Some contained pieces of history and secrets and mysteries of various sects that were figured out by the disciples and recorded in their diaries or notebooks.

All in all, this depository contained the most trustworthy and varied information about Imperial. 

For example, when and how a certain progenitor overcame his inner demon during a dao enlightenment session…

Or just gossip - how many wives did one progenitor have, how many lovers… Secrets were no longer secrets here.

Wind God brought him to the section containing ancient recordings and said: “Everything in this depository is open to you, with the exception of the merit law and technique sections. You can read anything else.”

Wind God was being very generous, letting an outsider into their best library on top of letting him read virtually everything else. One couldn’t ask for more.

Li Qiye smiled and went to the corner furnished with a table and chair made out of stone. On the table were one lamp, an inkstone, inkstick, and ink brush. It was obvious that people used to record mysteries down in this place.

However, that was all in the past. There was a layer of dust on the table now.

Li Qiye casually took out a scroll made of deerskin from a bamboo cylinder. He opened it and found that it was an incomplete map. A casual glance left a smile on his face.

“Looks like your sect hasn’t partaken in recording history and rumors for a long time now.” Li Qiye said.

Wind God didn’t answer since it was true. As the sect grew stronger, fewer and fewer disciples were willing to play the roles of historians and intel-gatherers, let alone doing something as dry and dull as recording them down.

In the present, a few still enjoyed finding information, but anecdotes and information recorders have been gone for several generations.

In fact, Li Qiye was the first person in a very long time who was interested in the texts here. Godstep disciples only wanted to cultivate and chase after power. They coveted mighty merit laws and treasures, not boring history.

Wind God became surprised to see Li Qiye focusing and enjoying the map.

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