Chapter 2443: Zhang Jianchuan

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Wind God took another glance at this “useless king”. Why was he so interested in their ancient scrolls?

Of course, he didn’t bother pursuing this matter, having condemned Li Qiye to inadequacy. There was nothing this landless king could do right now. He had already carried out his part, paying back his debt to Lucidity by saving the guy.

“Keep reading then, I’ll send some disciples to take care of you.” He turned and left.

“Tell that girl to come and warm my bed already.” Li Qiye casually remarked.

Wind God froze in his tracks. This little bastard had no sense of propriety, still worrying about such nonsense. He snorted in response and continued leaving.

Li Qiye smiled and didn’t care too much whether that saintess would come or not. It was only a casual comment.

He strolled in the sea of books, only occasionally finding something interesting and taking them down for a look.

He didn’t care about the merit laws of Godstep Sect since he had no lack of them. The stories about Imperial, or Three Immortals, were much more interesting. These tales were precious and useful in his mind.

He picked multiple scrolls ranging on a wide variety of subjects before returning to his table to read.

Historical tales and mysteries were boring; not even the disciples of Godstep would read them. Alas, Li Qiye enjoyed his time since he could read between the lines. Others wouldn’t notice anything about these simple stories, but he could find great information from a few sentences and extract unimaginable content.

This was his reason for coming to Godstep; other items couldn’t get into his sight. For example, he didn’t pick anything out of War Saint Dynasty’s treasury.

No sun and moon were present in the depository so who knows how much time has passed? Li Qiye finally looked up and saw a youth standing next to him. 

He wore a robe made out of hemp and had a tall stature. It was difficult pointing out something special about him because he looked too ordinary. One would instantly forget about him after a glance. He was just another person in the crowd.

“Cough.” The youth nervously coughed after seeing Li Qiye looking at him.

He has been here for a long time but didn’t dare to disturb Li Qiye who was immersed in reading.

“Your, Your Majesty…” The youth hesitated for a moment but still decided to address him respectfully.

“This low, lowly one has received the orders of the ancestor to take care of your daily needs, Your majesty.” He cupped his fist and said.

He knew who Li Qiye was - the king of War Saint, albeit, one that has fallen out of grace.

He has heard of Li Qiye’s unsavory tales. In fact, the entire world knew about it. In the beginning, he assumed that Li Qiye would have a wretched and vulgar appearance. He found this to not be the case after meeting the king.

“Oh? The girl isn’t coming?” Li Qiye asked after taking a good look at the youth.

“Ahem, I don’t, don’t know who you are referring to, Your Majesty.” The youth played the fool.

“It’s that saintess of yours, Splendorous.” Li Qiye casually threw the scroll on the table.

“Umm…” The youth smiled wryly and had to respond: “Junior Sister Lu Bing is training outside and hasn’t returned, so the ancestor sent me here instead.”

“It’s not good to lie in front of me.” Li Qiye nonchalantly said: “Looks like the geezer doesn’t want her to be a maid. Very well, I’ve already given him the chance. It’s too late to beg for it later.”

The youth was speechless because of Li Qiye’s direct comment - demanding for their junior sister to be his maid.

He was aware of the marriage agreement between her and the king. However, that was in the past. He no longer had a kingdom.

Keep in mind that she was the jewel of the sect, the famous Splendorous Saintess, beloved and adored by the ancestors here. So many prodigies in Nine Secrets wished to propose.

Given their current status, the other ancestors in the sect would never agree even if she were to say yes.

“Your Majesty, I have prepared everything for you.” The youth changed the topic.

“What’s your name?” Li Qiye inquired with his usual calmness.

“This lowly one is called Zhang Jianchuan.” The youth honestly responded.

He was the Second Disciple of Godstep Sect Master; his cultivation was formidable.

Wind God was quite nice to send such a powerful disciple here to serve Li Qiye. This was for his protection.

In fact, a Second Disciple of the sect master obviously had a prestigious position. Moreover, his talents were amazing as well.

Anyone else would be annoyed to receive this order, becoming a dog for Li Qiye who was essentially a nobody at this point.

Jianchuan didn’t think so and sincerely obeyed Wind God. Since he was sent here as a servant, he acted like a servant and treated Li Qiye like a king. On the contrary, no one else would call Li Qiye, “Your Majesty”; they would look down on him instead.

“You must be an undercover specialist.” Li Qiye leisurely stated.

“Your Majesty?” The youth was startled because Li Qiye was spot on about his profession: “What, what brought this up, Your Majesty?” 

“As ordinary-looking as can be, the most suitable for undercover roles. A person like this is either a weakling, a great master, or someone undercover.” Li Qiye continued.

Jianchuan was shocked. He was a spy and the director of intelligence for the young generation of Godstep.

Very few disciples wanted to do this now; they rather just train in the sect or make something out of themselves in the outside world. Cultivation and aiming to grow stronger were the correct mindset for cultivators.

Because of this, Jianchuan was a unique disciple in Godstep. He was interested in researching and gathering intel at a young age. Interest turned into excellence, so the sect left him in charge of intelligence. Therefore, he was usually the first in Godstep to know of any news happening in Imperial.

This current Li Qiye was different from his imagination. The most prolific description of the new king was his debauchery. He mobilized the five legions against the Bingchi over a single woman.

Moreover, Jianchuan received news that he didn’t bother to fight back against the rebels so the kingdom fell just like that. It painted a picture of weakness and incompetence. The guy was clearly a useless young master.

As a spy, he could sense something different due to his perceptive instinct. Maybe he gathered the wrong information or there was more than meets the eye.

“You’re right, Your Majesty. I’m in awe of your vision.” He bowed again calming down.

“No need to flatter me.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve: “You seem smarter and more flexible than the old geezer.”

Jianchuan smiled wryly and didn’t dare to comment about the supreme ancestor. Wind God was the boss here, rarely seen by the juniors. Even ancestors needed to be reverent towards him. Only Li Qiye would dare to the supreme ancestor an old geezer here.

“Lead the way.” Li Qiye said.

The youth didn’t dare to show any slight and showed Li Qiye the way.

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