Chapter 2490: Senior Brother

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The saber saint saved the atmosphere at Nine-linked Mountains by arriving. The suffocation became slightly tolerable.

His massive saber intent spanning for thousands of miles left others in great admiration. Though he still had a way to go before being on the same level as the top Eternals, it was only a matter of time.

The saint continued southward until he made it to Great Desolate Mountain. The crowd naturally took an interest in this because they immediately thought about Princess Liu Chuqing.

“Am I looking at this right? Waterfront Pavilion wants to support the king?” One speculator mused after seeing the saint’s first destination in Nine-linked.

After all, Waterfront was the only one among the five that kept the promise pact. Their princess has been following and willing to marry the king. Perhaps it has always been siding with him.

“I’m not sure.” An ancestor with a good information network gently shook his head: “The princess herself wanted to keep the promise and met heavy resistance from some of the ancestors. Saber saint dotes on her a lot, maybe that’s why he’s coming to visit her.”

“That makes sense.” His old friend nodded: “Because if Waterfront was siding with the king from the start, they would have mobilized to help him during the rebellion instead of waiting till he had lost everything with no value to speak of.”

“If he dotes on her like the rumor, would he let her marry someone like the king or would he give him a slash?” Someone else wondered.

This made people glance at each other. Of course, some wanted nothing more than for this to happen.

“The saint is invincible among the young generation, I don’t think the king can escape death regardless of his abilities.” A young genius bitterly said.

The bitterness was justifiable because of the humiliation he suffered back in the stone forest. How could they not have enmity towards the king?

The saint climbed up the peak and stood outside the palace made out of stones and rocks. He didn’t bother knocking and pushed his way through, strutting inside without a care in the world as if this was his place.

The spectators held their breath, waiting for a fight to break out between him and the king. All eyes were on the door now.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye leisurely sat inside and didn’t have a big reaction to the sudden intruder. Chuqing was meticulously boiling tea for him like a virtuous wife.

“Senior Brother!” She looked up with slight excitement and surprise.

“Master said you are here so I’ve come to take a look.” He revealed a doting smile after seeing her.

Ever since their youth, he treated her as a real sister and has always taken care of her.

“When did you return?” She happily asked.

“A while ago, only to find our treasure Junior Sister is not in the same, so I’ve come to look for you.” He smiled.

“I’m doing very well right now, you don’t need to worry, Senior Brother.” She had a bashful smile.

The saber saint gently sighed - what more could he say? After the signing of the marriage pact, he vehemently refused it and had a fight with their supreme ancestor. Unfortunately, the sect didn’t have a choice under the circumstances. Who would dare to go against Lucidity King? 

His eyes fell on Li Qiye and became as bright as two divine lamps.

People could finally feel his terrifying abilities at this point, like a saber leaving its sheath - capable of killing everything in its path. Such a sharp gaze was the origin of fear.

Alas, Li Qiye sat there, completely unaffected.

“You’re very lucky to marry my Junior Sister.” His eyes could tear apart the world and bring about the primordial chaos once more.

“I know.” Li Qiye sipped his tea and chuckled.

“She is the jewel of Waterfront Pavilion, so we will respect her decision.” The saint said coldly: “But if she were to experience any grievance or slight, even the smallest one, I don’t care if you are the king or the heaven’s favorite, I will be the first to interfere and you will need to answer to my blade!”

He tapped on his saber and unleashed a ferocious saber intent. This majestic murderous energy was shudder-inducing.

“Quite sharp.” Li Qiye smiled and praised: “However, the women who stay by my side are lucky, I always spoil them.”

“Hmph!” The saint didn’t approve of this response.

Chuqing started pouting after seeing the potential conflict: “Senior Brother, His Majesty has been treating me very, very, very well.”

She blushed after finishing and lowered her head.

The saint glanced at his Junior Sister then at the nonchalant Li Qiye. He sighed again and forced a smile: “You’re already siding with him before marriage, I can’t imagine what you will be like after.”

“Senior Brother, tease me again and I’ll start ignoring you.” The shy girl said.

He shook his head before giving Li Qiye a cold stare: “She is the best girl in the world, you better treat her well or I will take you dog life!”

“You don’t need to tell me twice.” Li Qiye casually responded.

The saint looked at Chuqing whom he has always viewed as a real little sister: “I’m here mainly to see how you’re doing and if anyone is picking on you. Just let me know if anyone dares to and I will have your back.”

“I know.” She nodded, happy at the familial bond.

The saint left right away without saying goodbye to Li Qiye. Chuqing turned towards him and was worried about Li Qiye being annoyed: “Your Majesty, my Senior Brother bears no ill-will. He’s been like that since we were young, very protective of me.”

“Right.” Li Qiye gently stroked her hair with adoration.


All the spectators have been eagerly waiting outside. After the saint came in, he released his saber intent. Each strand was chilling and ladened with murderous energy, causing the crowd to shudder.

“Is he about to attack?” Everyone’s heart skipped a beat. The youths shamed by Li Qiye were quietly celebrating.

“He’ll definitely shock the world.” One youth couldn’t wait to see the saint taking down the king and delivering them from this indignation.

However, the saber intent came and left quickly, disappearing without a trace.

“Looks like he didn’t do anything, it might just be a warning since he loves the Waterfront Princess.” An experienced master read the situation perfectly.

Sure enough, the saint came out of the hall with a natural look, bereft of bloodlust. People could see that he didn’t attack.

The youths were disappointed and sighed, thinking that the king got lucky this time.

“Hmm, looks like Waterfront Pavilion isn’t supporting the king, but they won’t be opposing him either.” An old man murmured.

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