Chapter 2639: Crazily Domineering

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“This has nothing to do with me? I actually want to ask the Mu Clan why they have sent Mu Shaochen to the lower world. I demand an explanation or this won’t end.” Jade-break True Emperor turned her pretty eyes towards Puresword True Emperor and uttered coldly.

A frightening light flashed from Puresword True Emperor’s eyes. One could see his fury and murderous intent now.

His mood was understandable. Jade-break True Emperor rampaged in their clan and demanded a handsome reparation amount on top of a promise to punish Mu Shaochen before finally leaving.

The Mu has tried to keep this a secret to no avail. This was a disgraceful event for all of their members so the emperor couldn’t contain his anger.

Moreover, Mu Shaochen was his little brother. The kid might have been wrong but Jade-break True Emperor went too far.

They had no choice but to secretly send Mu Shaochen to the lower world. This ended with his death. One could say that she was the reason why his little brother was killed. 

Forcing them to yield and being a contributor to Mu Shaochen’s death? The Mu hasn’t forgotten this debt.

Though the emperor kept his cool, he didn’t try to hide his intent to kill at all: “Jade-break True Emperor, we will settle our feud but not today. Name the time and place later, I, Mu Jian, will take you on!” [1]

As the emperor of the Mu, he must fight for his clan or they would have a hard time holding their head high later. 

“No need for that, we can do it now.” The empress was straightforward: “You have five palaces and I have six, I will just kill you today, no need to delay the date. You will only drag your clan down with you by doing so because it won’t be me alone, I will bring an army to your clan.” 

This ferocious empress immediately threatened with an all-out war. This decisiveness and brutality shouldn’t be coming from such a beautiful girl.

The crowd looked around at each other, pondering the situation.

“A mountain can’t have two tigers, this is inevitable.” One expert quietly said.

These two emperors had the best chance to become a progenitor so a battle was inevitable. Only the winner would continue onward triumphantly to reach this status.

“Jade-break True Emperor has never changed her aggressive tone before.” Someone smiled wryly.

Another young cultivator took a deep breath: “She has six palaces, that’s amazing. Should be stronger than Puresword True Emperor by quite a bit.”

People were focusing on the two emperors so unfortunately, Fiercest was completely forgotten.

They craved for a battle between the two genius emperors, the two famous rivals.

“Having one more palace isn’t the be-all end-all.” Puresword said, still as murderous as before despite having a disadvantage.

Keep in mind that at their level, possessing one more palace could allow its master to completely crush the opponent.

“It’s more than enough.” Jade-break strongly responded: “You are inferior, don’t bother thinking about getting external help. You have your Mu Clan, I have mine. You have no advantages compared to me! I will easily slay you and your five palaces.”

Her fierce style made people forget that she was a woman. They considered her a tyrant first and an empress second.

“You’re celebrating too early.” Puresword coldly said. He clearly still wanted to fight while having one fewer palace.

“What does he have up his sleeve? A heaven-defying treasure?” His confidence made the crowd wonder.

They knew the difference between having six versus five palaces - absolute suppression. A five-palace emperor would find it impossible to kill a six-palace emperor.

This might be possible if the six-palace emperor had an innate defect and the five-palace emperor was exceptional. 

For example, the five-palace emperor came from an invincible system while the six-palace emperor had a humble beginning. Perhaps the former would be able to put up a great fight or even win.

On the other hand, the two parties here were too similar. Their background was virtually the same. In fact, the Li might be stronger than the Mu.

Like the empress said, her clan also had whatever the Mu could muster up.

Say, if Puresword had an ancestral weapon, then she could also take one out. If the Mu had a heaven-defying art, so would the Li.

Thus, the reality was that Puresword, as he is right now, couldn’t handle Jade-break True Emperor.

That’s why everyone became so curious about his confidence and eagerness to fight.

“Very well, let’s see what you have hidden up your sleeve.” Jade-break wanted to fight.

“Ahem.” The deer merchant coughed and said: “Empress, we won’t stop you from settling your feud but we are actually occupied right now. Please pick another date.”

As one of the strongest Eternals in Imperial, the merchant’s words carried a lot of weight. He was a senior compared to the two young emperors.

She turned and looked straight at him, revealing a smile: “You all clearly can’t take him on one-on-one so you wish to have the number advantage. I know exactly what you’re up to, Venerable Deer Merchant.”

“Empress, don’t be unreasonable. I’m simply being polite out of respect for your skills. No one in your clan can match me, including you. Perhaps only Gu Yifei.” The merchant put on an aggressive expression.

He was no longer the friendly old man like before, more of a ruthless killer now with a proportional aura.

Not a single cultivator at the top was nice. Their hands were stained with blood by the time they got there. That’s why one shouldn’t be fooled by the merchant’s amicable appearance. He was a ruthless murderer.

Of course, he was qualified to make this particular statement since he could back it up.

The empress didn’t relent: “Very well, I’ve been wanting to have a top fight. I can’t take on Ancestor Gu, but I’m actually fifty-percent confident in beating you. Do you dare to accept my challenge?!”

The crowd glanced at each other. They have heard of her fierceness before but didn’t expect it to be at this level. She wasn’t afraid of challenging anyone and her relatively-high probability of victory surprised them too.

They suddenly saw a connection between her and Fiercest. These two were cast from the same mold.

“Empress, please calm down.” The Tree Observer instantly tried to smooth things over.

Having the deer merchant be occupied with the empress would be a great blow to their alliance - no point in even trying then.

“Yuzhen, stand aside for a bit.” Li Qiye waved his sleeve: “It won’t take that much time to deal with these ants, I’ll finish quickly and will invite you for a drink.”

1. Strange, he refers to himself as Mu Jian, which is Puresword. Maybe his name is his title?

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