Chapter 2640: Contempt

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Jade-break True Emperor bowed and cupped her fist after hearing this: “I’ll listen, Brother Li. Let’s have our fill of alcohol after this is over.”

Having said that, she turned towards the other group: “You’re lucky today that my clan won’t interfere with this, but also very unlucky since it’ll be your last day alive.”

The group scoffed unhappily in response but didn’t say anything. This was exactly what they want - her lack of involvement.

The crowd took note of something else. The fierce empress declared her intention of killing Puresword True Emperor. Furthermore, she even wanted to fight the deer merchant. She clearly didn’t care about these two too much, daring to fight either one to the very end.

However, someone with this personality still listened to everything Fiercest said in such a respectful manner. It showed that in her eyes, Fiercest’s status far exceeded the deer merchant’s group. Perhaps she viewed him as being far stronger than them too.

“It’s scary how highly she views Fiercest.” Some were shaken by this conclusion.

“She has never been this polite to anyone since her dao debut. This is quite unexpected.” Even the ancestors became wary.

They exchanged glances and started to think. A domineering character like the empress would only obey someone far stronger.

“Just how strong is Fiercest, really?” Even an ancient ancestor shuddered.

“I can’t believe Jade-break True Emperor is submitting to him. No one else can do this… is he on the level of a progenitor?” A youth turned pale.

To have an obedient emperor wasn’t easy. All emperors were proud and unyielding, let alone one as tyrannical as Jade-break True Emperor. One could only imagine the power and terror behind Fiercest after seeing this.

“He’s at least an Everlasting if not a progenitor, or not far off from one either. Plus, he’s still so young. He’ll definitely become a progenitor in the future.” The crowd speculated Li Qiye’s potential.

The young geniuses didn’t know what to feel because they have placed Jade-break True Emperor on a pedestal. Seeing her acting in this manner was too surprising so they stared at Li Qiye with both envy and jealousy.

While everyone was frightened, Li Qiye came forward and looked quite relaxed. He faced the enemies and said: “Come together because in a one-on-one situation, each of you alone wouldn’t be able to stop three moves from me, and that’s when I’m playing around. When I’m serious, it would be one move, or two, at best.”

Any member of this group could make the world tremble with a single stomp. This was their first time being treated with such contempt. This fueled their anger and murderous intent.

“I won’t deny that you’re stronger than me, but to say that you can beat us within three moves, that’s pushing it.” The emperor’s voice resembled a sword leaving its sheath - ready to taste blood.

He believed that Li Qiye is stronger than him or even the deer merchant, but the guy couldn’t beat them within three moves.

“You’ll find out soon enough, but it’ll be too late to regret then. There’s no medicine to cure that.” Li Qiye shrugged and said flatly.

“The young ones are so exceptional now.” The deer merchant sighed in response and nodded: “Our old bones are only getting worse with age. We’re not your match indeed in a one-on-one scenario, so we’ll shamelessly team up to see your supreme moves.”

He admitted his inferiority as well to the astonishment of the crowd.

Though most had a pretty good idea, they weren’t completely sure. Now, Fiercest was indeed stronger than Venerable Deer Merchant. This reality felt like a tug at the heart, especially for the young cultivators.

In their eyes, Puresword True Emperor was exceptional enough. As for the deer merchant, this was someone standing at the apex of Imperial.

But now, someone as young as Fiercest was even stronger than the deer merchant? They would never be able to catch up despite a lifetime of hard work.

This reality was too cruel, a brutal blow to their confidence. Some have always been proud and confident of their abilities but all of this seemed meaningless when compared to Li Qiye. Only despair was left.

Comparison is the root of unhappiness. Unfortunately, it was too late for the young spectators here.

Li Qiye smiled at the merchant: “Don’t worry, I welcome all of you coming together. I’m a very generous person. If you have any hidden move that requires teamwork, go ahead and take some time to get ready. It will be too late once I attack.” 

This decision surprised the crowd. It was best to attack and catch the enemies unprepared, especially in a one-versus-many situation. Delaying an offense would only increase the disadvantage.

But now, Fiercest actually gave permission for the group to come up with a team attack. This generosity required absolute confidence.

“Can he really stop the four of them?” People didn’t know what to think while looking at him.

Fiercest was certainly stronger, but a good move from these four together would have unimaginable power.

“We thank you for your generosity, but a discussion is unnecessary since we have already reached an agreement.” The deer merchant courteously nodded and said.

The merchant wasn’t trying to boast. It looked like the group had a plan in place already.

“Good. Go for it then.” Li Qiye lazily stretched his waist and said.

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