Chapter 2642: Darkness Comes

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Nausea struck as the spectators stared at the antlers. They also got goosebumps all over.

The merchant looked like an accomplished sage. He has always been famous as a top Eternal on top of living the longest in Imperial.

Many viewed him as a senior deserving of respect. Who would have thought that there were so much blood and depravity in his past?

“No wonder why the Trade Alliance didn’t mind refining those lives. This is a normal matter to him, it might not be his first time either.” A few experts shuddered after seeing this.

One ancestor chuckled: “A person’s life is limited, same for cultivators and powerful Eternals. When someone lives beyond the limit, hehe, they must have some secrets hidden from others in the form of extreme methods.”

Many nodded in agreement since death was inevitable even for the strongest beings.

One needed to bury themselves for hibernation but the deer merchant didn’t do so all the time. He probably had several sessions but he also spent too much time in the open. There was no avoiding the flow of his life. It was obvious that he had employed certain methods to live for this long.

At this time, the emperor had a sword slash at the ready; the Tree Observer was gigantic in form; the Esteemed King had one treasure activated; the deer merchant showed off his antler. The four have prepared enough to attack.

They clearly have come up with a good plan. At their level, they just needed a short time to do so.

Meanwhile, Jade-break True Emperor continued to observe, curious about how Li Qiye would deal with this situation. If she were in his shoes, she would definitely lose one against four.

“Looks like you four have carefully thought about it.” Li Qiye remained nonchalant after seeing the preparation of the enemies.

“Time to see what you can do, Sir.” The merchant remained courteous like a venerable senior. The ignorant would be tricked by his demeanor.

“Okay, I will end all of you. Maybe you will see my awesome metho the split second before death.” Li Qiye smiled.

The crowd didn’t know what to do. These four were virtually the strongest team in Imperial Lineage yet Li Qiye still had so much confidence in killing them. The four found it astonishing as well.

“Boom!” A loud explosion made the world tremble with debris flying everywhere.

“It’s starting at last!” Everyone turned towards the battlefield, thinking that the battle was beginning.

“No, not from there, underground!” People noticed that the five haven’t attacked yet.

“Boom!” Another deafening blast occurred and the ground shook again.

Mud finally went flying with a gigantic tentacle suddenly thrusting out. It looked like an octopus’ tentacle but was completely black, seemingly coming from the deeps below.

Everyone was caught off guard with its appearance.

“Ah!” It suddenly reached inside the city and wrapped around someone, pulling the person up.

The sucker on the tentacle began draining this person, leaving nothing behind but a dried corpse in the blink of an eye.

This happened too quickly and before people could reach, it threw the corpse down and attacked Mingluo City again.

“No!” The natives were scared out of their mind and started running for their lives.

“Die.” Li Qiye suddenly emerged inside the city.

“Pop!” He flicked his finger and turned the tentacle into a bloody mist with a dark shade.

“Rumble!” More explosions detonated right after this. The entire city was on the verge of collapsing. It was as if Li Qiye’s attack has enraged a very powerful being underground. That’s why it began to rampage down there.

“What is that?!” Cultivators saw the cracks on the ground and became startled. They flew up in the sky while looking at the fissures in horror.

“Up you go!” Li Qiye roared and made explosions of his own.

An incredible scene appeared before the crowd; they saw the city being lifted up by Li Qiye from the crowd, inch by inch.

“Rumble!” Finally, the speed increased and Mingluo was now floating among the clouds.

“So cool!” Someone exclaimed in astonishment.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!” Black rays suddenly pierced through the ground and aimed for Li Qiye. They were as fast as lightning so they looked like numerous black lightning bolts.

Upon closer inspection, they turned out to be the black tentacles coming for him like a flood - wishing to destroy both Li Qiye and the city.

“Watch out!” Another spectator shouted.

Li Qiye’s eyes turned cold and summoned a bronze sword.

“Clank!” He swung it forward.

This sword had massive weight and created a zone of primordial chaos with the slash, easily severing the incoming tentacles. These severed pieces started falling to the ground.

Boom!” This was only met with more thick tentacles flying out from the depths and blotting out the sky.

“What the hell are these things?” People were confused.

An endless amount of tentacles drilled out of the ground, squirming and twisting in the air. This was quite a frightening scene.

Li Qiye retaliated by stomping down, creating one massive pit after another. Thousands of miles of crumbled, resulting in a great abyss.

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