Chapter 2728: Casual Suppression

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Expression changed around the room. This was the conference hall of Mountguard and every important member was present today including the school master.

To speak in such a disdainful manner was insulting, a blatant attack on their prestige.

All eyes turned towards the source of the voice - Li Qiye in his wheelchair. He has opened his eyes and lazily sat there, seemingly still drowsy.

“Don’t be insolent, mortal.” One elder had an aggressive glint in his eyes.

“You have something on your mind, friend?” On the other hand, Chen Weizheng remained calm while staring at Li Qiye.

“Push me forward.” Li Qiye told Jiahui.

She quietly pushed him towards the main position where Weizheng resides.

“I must get involved and preside over the matters today. Stand aside.” Li Qiye ordered Weizheng.

“You wish to take over?” The school master’s eyes turned cold but still managed to stay cool - a commendable display of patience.

“Take over what? This little authority is less significant than an ox’s hair in my eyes.” Li Qiye said: “It’s just that you fools have thrown away your progenitor’s reputation. Such a great lineage reduced to nothing from improper cultivation.”

The school master finally became offended since this wasn’t a personal matter any longer. Li Qiye had insulted their entire sect.

“Friend, watch your words. You’re in Mountguard right now.” Weizheng coldly uttered.

“Ignorant brat, you dare to run your mouth before us? Throw him down the mountain.” The furious elder prior shouted.

“Junior Sister, your friend is too unreasonable, are you taking him down or do I have to do it myself?” First Brother Li Jiankun stood up after receiving an order and spoke.

Jiahui hesitated and eventually shook her head, signaling Jiankun to not be reckless.

“If you won’t do it, excuse me then, I will have to throw him out myself!” Jiankun ignored this and roared.

Having said that, he reached for Li Qiye.

“Boom!” He instantly got blown away and crashed into the ground before touching Li Qiye.

“So you’re an expert, let’s see how tough you are!” The furious ancestor lunged for Li Qiye as well.

“Boom!” The result was exactly the same as before - him meeting the ground.

“Who are you?!” The other elders were astonished to see this because Li Qiye didn’t move a single finger.

“Not giving up? All come together, I’ll beat you into submission.” Li Qiye said flatly.

The hall leaders and elders were annoyed at his arrogant demeanor. Their sect has indeed fallen but to be looked down in this manner was too much to take, especially when it came from a cripple in a wheelchair. How could all of them not match up to a single mortal? 

“Fine, we’ll see if you can back it up!” All elders and hall leaders were in a blind rage and attacked at the same time.

They simply didn’t believe that he alone could be stronger than all of them together! They used their strongest techniques in order to press down to the ground.

“Boom!” Li Qiye retaliated with a finger flick.

The hall nearly exploded as all of the combatants were repelled and fell flat to the ground.

He then tapped the arm of his wheelchair ever so slightly before they got up, issuing loud bangs.

The ones trying to get up fell face-first to the ground again, smashing against the hard concrete so blood splattered everywhere.

The only person who didn’t take action was Chen Weizheng who stood there with his mouth agape in disbelief.

Jiahui wished to say something but this was a matter above her station. Meanwhile, Zhiting was shocked too despite being mentally prepared.

She knew that Li Qiye was unfathomable but not to this insane extent. In her mind, the elders here were powerful characters, the toughest members of Mountguard.

However, Li Qiye just needed to move his finger so slightly to suppress all of them without facing real resistance.

Li Jiankun became frozen as well. He thought that Li Qiye was only a crippled mortal the first time they met. He even wanted to kill the guy.

Now, he realized that Li Qiye wasn’t a mortal at all, just a master who couldn’t move for some reason. This made him drenched in cold sweat. If it wasn’t for the kind-hearted Jiahui, he would be one dying back in that forest, not Li Qiye.

“Senior... If our sect has offended you in any way, we sincerely apologize and accept any punishment…” Chen Weizheng trembled in fear and bowed his head. He’s very close to getting on his knees.

Personal honor didn’t matter to him. Protecting Mountguard and its members was more important. He didn’t mind prostrating in order to accomplish the goal.

These members were the pillars of his already-weakened sect. It would be helpless without them.

He knew that they have met a true master whose level far exceeded them. Even a True God like him couldn’t stop a single move from this man.

“I didn’t need to wait until now to destroy your sect if I wanted to. Just a casual wave would have been more than enough.” Li Qiye looked at the sect master and insipidly said.

Li Qiye tapped with one finger again and the pressure disappeared. The elders and hall leaders could finally get up and quickly retreated to the side. They shuddered while looking at Li Qiye now.

Even a fool could see his incredible abilities. Who knows if their sect could survive the disaster today?

“Inflexible fools.” Li Qiye said: “Longevity Forefather’s legacy is wasted on you all, reduced to a pile of dogshit.”

None of them dared to retort this time around.

“May I ask for your name, Senior? From which great land do you hail?” Weizheng tried to make peace.

“What great land? From now on, I am a disciple of Mountguard and will take charge of this place.” Li Qiye looked at him and coldly said.

Everyone was caught off guard by this development. Such a powerful cultivator joined their sect just like that?

A regular disciple that could easily suppress the elders and hall leaders?

Their sect was tiny but they had a process in accepting disciples. Everyone needed to pass an examination before joining. But now, Li Qiye’s claim to be a disciple left them speechless.

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