Chapter 2790: Longevity Plate’s Attack

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The punch created an echoing blast and crushed everything into dust. Space, time, and grand dao turned into nothingness.

After a loud explosion, the thousands of swords, the monstrous bloody one, and the saber crumbled into golden powder and scattered downward.

One could hear the faint noises from them, something similar and pleasant like a rain of treasures. However, this result was anything but pleasant - only pure destruction in war. 

“Pluff!” The duo spat out blood all over the sky and eventually painted the ground red.

“Boom!” They smashed heavily into the ground like two meteors and left behind craters.

Once the dust settled, the frightened spectators could see terrible wounds with blood everywhere. The two have suffered grievous injuries.

Two Everlastings, or rather, two living legends have been defeated. Their invincible image in the eyes of the crowd has been shattered in a shocking manner.

For many people, becoming an Everlasting meant being untouchable. So many tried their entire lives and couldn’t become one.

However, two Everlastings today using their most powerful move have lost to Li Qiye who was only using one hand. This punch of his indirectly hit everyone’s chest and robbed their breath away.

“They’ve lost… two Everlastings lost to a single punch.” The ancestors present felt chills all over. Others’ legs trembled uncontrollably.

“Boom!”After a long while, rocks and mud were blown flying.

Zhang Cangsheng and Venerable Xian climbed out of the craters, completely bloodied at the moment.

The former had his chest caved in with all ribs broken. The latter’s ancestral armor didn’t save him. The impact crushed his bones beneath the armor so blood flowed out of the gaps.

“Oh? Everlastings aren’t too bad, capable of surviving one punch of mine.” Li Qiye chuckled, seemingly amused.

This appearance of his made people wonder if that attack earlier was his full force or was it just a casual punch? Their scalp tingled and their hair stood on ends as a result.

Staring at Li Qiye made the duo narrow their eyes, feeling trepidation. They were truly afraid of him right now!

At their level, they believed that even a progenitor couldn’t crush them with a single punch like this but Li Qiye did it. He still didn’t use any merit law or technique either!

They have overcome difficulties in the past but today, they knew that they wouldn’t be able to get through this trial. Fiercest would become their destroyer.

“Is this it?” One ancestor murmured.

“Buzz.” Just when everyone thought that the end drew near, the sky suddenly became blinding. This light illuminated the entire system.

A complete plate finally emerged, albeit not entirely lit up. Nevertheless, the light stemming from it was still enough to shine all of Immortal Demon.

Everything else seemed pale in comparison, even the stars up above.

All disciples in the system bathed in this supreme light. They felt protected by its wondrous power. Danger and darkness were instantly expelled.

The foundation and resources of the system were all awakened at the same time. The crowd could sense the dao source surging and erupting.

“Clank!” The noises of laws resonated as if a colossal giant was waking up - perhaps the progenitor himself.

“The plate is attacking.” Everyone became excited, especially the disciples from Eight Trigrams and Central Sacred Ground.

“It’s fully activated now!” They all sensed the supreme aura of this plate - the power of their progenitor - and felt nothing but respect and awe.

Alas, though it was activated, the plate had limited power because not all eighteen marks were active.

“Buzz.” The plate seemingly opened in order to release the oldest and most supreme light. This incoming ray came from the chaos and acted as the shaper of the heaven and earth.

“Now!” Zhang Cangsheng shouted while looking at Venerable Xian. The two of them instantly took action.

“Boom!” They performed an impressive technique but it wasn’t meant to kill Li Qiye.

They used a boundless force to refine the area and dao around Li Qiye, turning the place into an invisible cauldron to trap him inside.

This cauldron naturally couldn’t kill Li Qiye but because the affinities around him have been refined, his surroundings turned into an indiscernible quagmire.

Time slowed down so even if Li Qiye wanted to run, his speed would be extremely slow.

“Boom!” The ray from the plate finally shot down.

The duo was afraid of Li Qiye running away thus they needed to use this trapping technique first. He wouldn’t be able to escape or dodge the ray due to the current spatial stagnation.

The incoming ray actually betrayed everyone’s expectations. It didn’t look like an ultimate killing technique from their progenitor. It didn’t emit his invincible aura either.

The light simply became the only light in existence; everything else turned into darkness - even the brightest star. A holy saint would no longer have their bright glow either.

This ray seemed to be eternal, existing from the very start of time even before the formation of the heaven and earth. Perhaps it was the first light during the start of everything.

“What is that?” Many progenitors in Immortal Lineage took note of this event.

The fight between Li Qiye and the duo took place in Immortal Demon. Because of the system’s power covering the land, not many outsiders could sense the shockwaves within its territory.

However, progenitors everywhere else could sense the incoming ray because it felt as if the ray were also aimed at them. They couldn’t help but stand up in order to calculate the relevant karmic ties.

Back in Reincarnation Mountain, everyone was blinded by the attack. No one knew the result of the impact on Li Qiye.

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