Chapter 2791: Demise

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Silence and peace returned once the light dispersed. The Longevity Plate also disappeared from the sky.

One thing left behind was a terrible scar. The sky was divided into two halves. This scar could probably remain there for an eternity.

The ground had a terrible fissure as well as if the sharpest saber had just slashed through it. It was bottomless, also separating the system into two sides.

“Wow…” The crowd was horrified due to the destructive capability of the slashing ray. No one could have survived.

They realized why the plate hasn’t been activated in a long time. It had too much power and could probably slay a progenitor.

For some of the spectators, this was their first time witnessing this attack. Of course, they would never forget it either, forever traumatized by the experience.

“Incredible…” Zhang Cangsheng and Venerable Xian shuddered like the rest with goosebumps all over.

They were the ones who activated the plate but they haven’t seen its power before. This was the most terrifying ray they have ever seen. They knew that they wouldn’t have been able to survive it either.

“Is he dead?” People stared at the great fissure and saw no signs of Li Qiye.

The ray earlier was too bright so no one got a good look at the result. They carefully searched for him to no avail. It seemed that he had turned to ashes, gone from this world forever.

“I’m sure he’s dead.” This thought became commonplace among the spectators.

“He’s dead, absolutely dead.” Venerable Xian took a deep breath and finally smiled.

“Yes.” Zhang Cangsheng said coldly: “No one can survive the wrath of the progenitor. He can’t challenge the progenitor’s prestige in this system!”

Zhang Cangsheng was trying to build confidence and assure himself because if this move couldn’t kill Li Qiye, they couldn’t imagine something else capable of doing so.

That’s why they made these statements as if Li Qiye’s death was a foregone conclusion. Otherwise, what else were they going to do?

“Okay, there’s no way he’s still alive.” The crowd thought the same way while looking at the massive scars. 

“Boom!” The fissure slightly loosened as a figure leaped out causing debris to splash everywhere.

“Fiercest!” Someone shrilly screamed.

“Fiercest!” Others shouted as well.

To be perfectly frank, some might have soiled their pants after seeing him again.

He hovered in the sky, covered in dirt and seemed to be in a sorry state. His sleeves were bloody too but the person itself was still as spirited as ever - no signs of major wounds.

‘Not bad, old man.’ Li Qiye stared at the great statue before the ancestral shrine and smiled: ‘That primordial light is almost a perfect imitation. Unfortunately, it’s still just an imitation, not the real thing or it might have been able to slay me. You couldn’t obtain this item but it is in my possession now.’

The Longevity Plate unleashed a power named primordial light. Of course, it wasn’t the real thing. Everlasting Forefather simply used a brilliant method to imitate it.

The real light was powerful beyond imagination. Few have actually seen it in person; Li Qiye was one of them.

It’s a shame that the plate didn’t possess the actual light. Otherwise, Everlasting Forefather might not have lost in the past.

“Impossible, impossible…” The duo was overwhelmed with fear.

They staggered backward and trembled from top to bottom. The only reason why they were still standing was due to their high cultivation.

As Everlastings, they knew just how horrifying that light was earlier. Thus, Li Qiye’s survival carried great significance and implication.

“How can someone like this exist?” The masters among the crowd were intimidated, no longer daring to look at Li Qiye since being the object of his gaze would be too much to take.

“He’s invincible.” One old ancestor finally concluded.

“Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to kill me. It wasn’t bad, just lacking a little bit.” Li Qiye stared at the duo and smiled.

A real primordial light could have killed Li Qiye or anyone else in existence, unlike this imitation.

“Who, who are you?” Zhang Cangsheng tumbled backward. Immortal Demon System shouldn’t have someone of this level.

Right now, he would gauge Li Qiye around the same level as Everlasting Jiang. However, a second Everlasting Jiang should be very famous, not an unknown character like Li Qiye.

“Li Qiye, Fiercest.” Li Qiye revealed a soft smile.

“Fiercest…” This title became carved in everyone’s mind, not just the duo.

“Alright, time to end this. My turn.” Li Qiye concluded and punched again.

“Boom!” The punch was as simple as ever but it instantly crushed everything in an unstoppable manner.

Zhang Cangsheng and Venerable Xian knew that they had no chance of stopping this punch.

Nevertheless, survival instincts made them take out multiple treasures and activate boundless grand dao in a final desperate attempt.

“Boom!” The punch still pierced through everything.

The duo was pushed deep into the ground, seemingly carved down in there like two works of art. Blood slowly seeped into the ground.

People could see that their chest has been penetrated completely. The punch also destroyed their true fate, resulting in a swift death.

The corpses embedded in the ground still had their eyes wide open, filled with despair and unwillingness. They were respected conquerors for a lifetime but today, they met their end at the hands of a junior.

Their most powerful treasures and profound laws were useless against his one punch. Resistance was completely futile.

The crowd stared at the corpses, utterly spooked out of their mind.

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