Chapter 3042: The Bull Taking Charge

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“That sounds perfect. If the lady has no objection, take it.” Li Qiye nodded approvingly at the bull’s interference with a smile.

Her face became redder as a result.

“Well, well...” The one hesitating and overwhelmed with embarrassment was actually the prodigy, not the emperor.

His face was also red as he stared at her while holding the lingzhi. He didn’t know what to do, completely stricken with nervousness.

She was actually far more composed compared to the foolish prodigy.

“I…” He couldn’t form one coherent sentence.

“I… my ass.” The bull couldn’t watch any longer and scolded: “Is it that hard to ask the one you’re fond of for her hand in marriage? Aren’t you a peerless genius?”

He became more anxious after the word “marriage” was brought up and started stammering: “I, I, I…”

By this point, even a fool could tell that he liked her, the fiancee of Metalkin War God. This made things very interesting.

Of course, this type of matter happened all over the world but it was special this time around. The three involved were famous cultivators with great power.

To a certain extent, their marriage was not just a personal issue. It also pertained to the benefits of their systems.

The prime minister naturally didn’t like this development. He had already taken care of the marriage agreement back then. It looked quite unfavorable for both Metalkin Divine Court and Garden of God.

He raised his hand and ordered his troops to surround Three-eyed Prodigy.

“Clank!” They unsheathed their weapons, resulting in blinding reflections everywhere.

“Prime Minister, what are you doing?” Spiritheart Emperor’s eyes became serious.

“Your Highness, I’m under the master’s command to get this lingzhi. I must bring it back.” He bowed towards her.

“Haha, sore losers. You want to use force now?” The prodigy laughed while looking at the troops around him. He was completely different than earlier as if they weren’t the same person.

“Your Highness, Master also wishes for you to come to join him.” The prime minister bowed towards the emperor again.

“No one can interfere with my business. Leave.” The emperor’s eyes turned cold.

“Your Highness, please think of the overarching situation and the marriage pact.” The prime minister repeated.

“You can go talk to the elders about the marriage pact.” Her expression remained fierce, still as authoritative despite being weaker than the prime minister.

Her cultivation wasn’t as strong as some Everlastings right now but she would certainly surpass them soon enough. That’s why she could act like this against the prime minister.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t force her to do anything since she has yet to marry into their system. She wasn’t one of them yet and plus, he didn’t want to completely get on her bad side.

The listeners nearby took note of her attitude.

“Did you hear that? A storm is coming.” One ancestor said.

Many have heard about the marriage pact back then. Spiritheart wasn’t an emperor at the time, only a regular disciple without authority.

She might not have wanted this marriage even though Metalkin War God was an exceptional man. After all, she was brilliant herself.

Now, they realized that perhaps she didn’t like this marriage alliance at all.

“Hahaha!” The prodigy suddenly laughed, extremely pleased with her response so far.

He became spirited and looked around in a haughty manner: “I’ve heard of Unrestrained Legion long ago, that it is capable of killing emperors. But from what I’m seeing right now, only a bunch of dogs and cats.”

“Attack!” The prime minister uttered.

“Boom!” The legion activated their formation.

Vitality and energy rushed to the sky. Bolts immediately descended and turned into an ocean of lightning.

“Rumble!” A figure took form in this ocean.

“What’s that?!” Someone shouted in astonishment.

“Colossus Formation, the legion’s best.” A knowledgeable ancestor revealed.

“Boom!” The colossus immediately attacked with a palm strike. Lightning bolts poured down like a waterfall towards the prodigy.

“No big deal.” The prodigy guffawed and leaped to the sky.

His arrogance erupted in full force as he became shrouded in flames, turning into a mighty god. The aura of an Everlasting billowed and struck all the spectators.

Let’s not forget that he was a half-step Everlasting despite his age and truly deserved his fame.

“Boom!” He retaliated with a crimson palm strike and nullified the lightning bolts.

“Watch!” Next, the spirited youth gathered the momentum of heaven and earth.

He raised his hands and the celestials answered the summoning. Each step of his created another grand dao. This profound movement technique allowed him to infiltrate the grand formation of Unrestrained Legion.

“Rumble!” He killed his way through the formation, causing one section to collapse after another.

It didn’t take long before he made it to the core and crushed it all together.

“Boom!” The formation collapsed so the lightning colossus fell down. The troops appeared again.

This formation was certainly impressive but the prodigy’s golden eye could see through everything with precise calculation.

The mysteries of the arrays were instantly solved with a single glance, so taking it down only took a few moments.

“Die!” He raised his palm and gathered the lightning energy from the formation before throwing it back at the troops.

“Ah!” Screams echoed through the area. Many soldiers got penetrated by the bolts and fell down in their own puddle of blood.

“Stop!” The prime minister summoned a gigantic shield to stop the lightning waves in order to save the lucky survivor.

“You might survive today but not forever.” The prodigy sneered after seeing this.

“I’m afraid you won’t have a future past today.” The prime minister revealed a sinister smile.

“Who’s going to stop me, you? You can’t kill me while I have a seventy percent chance to kill you.” The prodigy let out an egoistic laugh.

“And if I join in?” A calm voice answered as three figures walked out of the pond - Semi-sword God, Shen Guzhan, and Flying Sword Marvel.

The sword god had aided the duo, allowing them to escape from the lava spring.

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