Chapter 3138: Heavenly Armadillo

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The messenger didn’t linger after speaking his part and returned to the beach fortress.

“Maintain your guard, men, be ready to fight.” Tai Yinxi gave the order afterward.

The soldiers received the order and let out an echoing battle chant. They unsheathed their weapons, ready for the battle.

“It’s happening.” The spectating ancestors knew that the storm was coming.

“We’re joining too when necessary to aid Sky Pass.” Some ancestors also prepared.

Numerous dao systems began mobilizing in order to help Sky Pass whenever necessary.

They have put aside personal interests by this point. Even a fool could see that the destruction of Sky Pass would leave Immortal Lineage vulnerable to the invaders.

Moreover, no systems had a better defensive line than Sky Pass. That’s why as long as Sky Pass was there, there was still hope for all of Immortal Lineage.

“Rumble!” The ships back at the shore began flying towards Sky Pass, blotting out the sky and intimidating the spectators.

The dark clouds of war have engulfed Immortal Lineage. Its inhabitants cowered in fear, not knowing how long it would last nor how it would end.

However, they knew that the wails of lamentation would echo across the land. Many sects and kingdoms would turn to ashes.

No one was lucky enough to avoid this disaster. The only path right now was to unite and fight.

As the ships approached, an austere air took over. They didn’t directly attack Sky Pass right away or try to catch it off guard. They simply declared war first before marching.

This clearly showed how confident they were in their own strength. It didn’t matter how powerful Immortal Lineage was, the same with its defenses.

Thousands of ships have arrived but this was less than half of their full force. The rest continued to stay at the fortress.

This perplexed many ancestors and Everlastings. Why did they only mobilize half of their troops? Were they confident in conquering Immortal Lineage without going all out?

If that’s the case, what’s the point of mobilizing so many troops in the first place? What were they meant for?

“Boom!” The warships have completely surrounded the airspace above Sky Pass in numerous layers.

Immortal Lineage suddenly turned into a chilling prison in hell. However, the massive and impregnable walls still gave everyone solace and hope.

“One last warning, surrender or you will be shown no mercy.” A powerful voice came from one of the ships.

Just his voice alone resembled millions of lightning bolts exploding, fully frightening the listeners. Everyone could tell that he was a progenitor.

“At least two progenitors.” One ancestor shuddered and said.

The messenger earlier was one, now another had shown up on that ship.

However, more than just two were returning. Everyone knew this much.

The soldiers of Sky Pass Legion gripped their weapon tightly while gazing at the battalions of ships.

Some started sweating but maintained their post. They knew that they were the first line of defense and also the most important one.

It would be a lie claiming to be fearless at this moment since they were about to face their forefathers and perhaps several progenitors.

Most knew that this would be their last battle. Alas, behind them was their home. Yielding was not an option. Tai Yinxi felt the same way and was prepared to die.

“We’ll never surrender regardless of how many waves of us fall down. Sky Pass will still stand strong after our death.” Tai Yinxi said with resolution.

“So be it.” The voice spoke again.

“Buzz.” One of the ships lit up and out came a monstrous creature.

This was a gigantic dragon that looked like a lizard with fleshy thorns protruding on its back. It had thick armor on top of possessing a hammer-like tail.

It was as tall as several dozen mountains stacked on top of each other. Its eyes looked like two suns brimming with lightning.

One could hear continuous crackles from the lightning bolts moving across its body. This lightning was comparable to that of a heavenly tribulation.

“This is a power at the progenitorial level.” Everyone became afraid.

“A lightlord dragon, a hybrid offspring of a true dragon and a thunder lizard in the primordial era, a true monster.” One Everlasting recognized it and took a deep breath.

“Boom!” The dragon swung its tail hammer on the wall with the force of three thousand worlds. Countless lightning currents came together to form a beam as well. These two separate attacks ravaged this particular section.

This magnificent scene intimidated all spectators; the explosions temporarily deafened them.

“Nooo!” So many cultivators fell to the ground since all of Immortal Lineage was shaking.

“Is it down?” They were scared out of their mind after witnessing this incredible power.

Once the dust settled, that lightning attack couldn’t break the barrier, only managing to disrupt the light ever so slightly.

“It’s fine…” They heaved a sigh of relief.

“The sky moat lives up to its fame.” Most were in awe after seeing the toughness of this defensive line.

“Boom!” Unfortunately, another monster teleported out of a ship - a massive armadillo, slightly smaller than the lightlord dragon.

It seemed to be wearing the sharpest armor. Its scales flashed with a frightening glint. Its head looked just like a large drill that could pierce through anything in existence.

The area became filled with the stench of blood. Its red eyes were nightmarish, to say the least. This creature must have killed numerous beings to have this aura.

“A heavenly armadillo, a legendary beast that can kill the gods and devils!” A knowledgeable ancestor shouted in horror.

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